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Coaching/Counselling Sessions

One on One Sessions

The structure and direction of counselling sessions are determined by your needs.

We start off by getting a good idea of what your biggest problems are and by determining what you would like to achieve in a session.

I like to get as much as possible background information, and in order to save a bit of your precious time, it will help if you download and complete the form below.

Counselling is completely confidential and non-judgmental.

I find a two hour session for the first appointment to be of the most value, and therefore I offer a first appointment special of R1000/ 2 hour.

All sessions: R700/55 minutes

Couples Counselling

Most couples only seek counselling once there are already serious differences of opinion and big hurt experienced in the relationship. 

This is where a skilled counsellor comes in handy. A relationship in distress often needs an impartial but mutually supportive person who can help both parties to feel heard. A better understanding of the inter-couple dynamics is helpful, and negative habits which impact on the relationship can be addressed.

Couples counselling is not about one person being right and the other wrong. It is about two people who have decided that they have a relationship worth working on.

First appointment special:  R1200/ 2 hour.

All sessions: R900/50 minute

Premium Packages

3 month weekly one on one/couples Session

Commitment to the counselling process results in a strong growth curve. In order to assist you in your growth process, try out this offer as an incentive for investing in yourself:

plus Bonuses:

First Session Free Extra Hour

Free E-book

Communication Cards

Weekly bonus e mail session

Personalized action points

Workbook and exercises


 *** 3 easy monthly payments available through Paypal


Payment options includes Paypal.

Online via Skype or Phone available

Workplace Workshop



“What contributes to Staff Engagement, Happiness and Productivity?”

There are 4 specific areas that teams, managers & leaders must master to optimize performance & results that actually have REAL impact.

We assist people and teams to understand and use this vital information to achieve outstanding results…Rapidly.

Get the workshop flyer here

Weekend Retreats



In the space of just one weekend your entire life can change!

We learn to identify our most debilitating beliefs and then how to structure a healthy belief system and better coping skills in it’s place.

All this while relaxing in a peaceful setting with likeminded people!

For more information about upcoming weekend retreats in the beautiful country side

Creative Workshops

Stress Relief through Art

1 Day Workshop

A daylong  art experience – a gift to yourself!

Experience the restorative power of art through painting and pottery.

No art experience or artistic talent needed.For complete beginners or artists

All materials supplied

Presented by two skilled and emphatic therapeutic art practitioners.

Therapeutic Art

3 Day Workshop

Three days of making art, healing, exploring!

Through the mediums of paint, clay and mixed media mosaics a safe space is created for growth and re-alignment.

One on one session included.

All art materialls supplied.

Presented by two skilled and emphatic threareutic art practitioners.

Therapeutic Pottery Session

2 Hours

Book for a private pottery session with Louise – a potter with 30 years experience, but also a skilled and insightful counselor.

“Clay is a healing medium. It relaxes one and transports one back to seven years old: the magical age. Clay does not lie. It is the ideal media for those who are hesitant about counselling, who may find it hard to open up.”

Cost R850/hour. All materials and 2 firings included.

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