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Louise VN Liebenberg

 founder I-nfinitePotential

Rosie Aiello

With her Freedom Fulfillment Pillars system, Rosie helps women, who have emerged from narcissistic, controlling and abusive relationships, to finally reclaim their voice, worth, confidence, and courage so that they can rebuild and create a joyful, productive, and prosperous life that they deserve. And, she guides women, like she has, to find the KIND love of their life. She is on a global movement to inspire and impact 100 million +women and their children to release the shacklesthe mental abuse, and guide them to believe that they deserve to be treated with kindness, which is the foundation for their empowerment. She co-founded National Love is Kind Day, which is July 27th to celebrate that real love is kind not abusive; it’s not cruel, it’s caring, it’s not threatening, it’s safe. And to help continue the mission that by creating kinder relationships we create kinder families, communities and world. It’s a win- win-win.Rosie is a frequent guest on live stages, podcasts and radio shows. She holds certifications in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Timeline Dynamics as well as holding an MBA in finance. She enjoys biking, boogie boarding, standup paddle boarding, dancing, cooking, baking Christmas cookies and building gingerbread creations for Christmas. She got her first wetsuit at 65 and now loves to boogie board. And, she loves hugs (virtual or otherwise)!

Reclaim Your Voice, Value, Confidence and Courage

In this easy-to-follow Freedom Fulfillment Pillars guide, you'll learn how to: * End the doubt and confusion. * Discover your real priorities. * Stop the "I'm not enough or smart enough" thinking. * Realize that it's not you, it never was you. * Be able to trust your decisions. * Discover how to get on the right path now. * Learn a key technique to calm your fears.. * Discover how to find the KIND love of your life. This guide changed my life and my clients' lives so that you can believe in and create the life you deserve and long for. I created a new life after my international escape from a 25 year abusive relationship. I can show you, too.

Raffle Gift

How often do you tell yourself that you’re not good enough?
Do you believe that you’ll never find someone who’ll love you?
Are you ready to move forward in your life to create a productive and joyful life that you desire, but “something”…is holding you back?

If you answered YES to any of these, then I hope you win the raffle because in 30 minutes your life will be changed. 100%.

I was in an abusive relationship for 25 years until I engineered an international escape. I created a new life and found the love of my life. And you can, too. What’s great about this session? You don’t have to prepare or think of anything in advance. You can, but it’s not necessary because I’ll guide you. It’s easy, fun and amazing how quickly you will see a change in yourself.

Jenetta Barry

Jenetta began understanding and expanding The Epiphany Process after the death of her daughter Jenny to suicide in 2005. Best known for her work as a depression, grief and trauma specialist, author, speaker, and mentor Jenetta Barry has helped people from around the world transcend the most horrific challenges (terrorism, self-harm, life-threatening illnesses … ). She also certifies life coaches and healers in her signature process for achieving emotional resilience and mastering the art of inner harmony.

While Jenetta has been associated with several headline cases – counselling the mother of a highly-publicized teenage cyber-bullying suicide and flying to the scene of the Westgate terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya – she is also inspired to help people process their day-to-day challenges.

She operates online as well as from her rooms in Harley Street, London. She is a published author featured alongside Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Michael Beckwith (The Secret), Dr. John Demartini and Dr. Alveda King (Martin Luther King’s niece). Jenetta is also author of Handbook – “A Handful of Keys for Grief Relief” – and “Full-Circle Rainbow”.

Happiness Quota Quiz

Happiness Quota Quiz ... gives you an insight into which areas of your life are being challenged and which areas are supporting you right now.

An opportunity to personally plan and expand your light-bulb moment with Jenetta

Francesca Fondse

National Champion for Woman appointed to the Department of Justice &
Constitutional Development, SA & National Champion for Women South Africa. Her convictions of non-racialism and equality that made her an anti- apartheid activist was ended in the death of her partner. Having been married to an economic activistand Black-business frontman, she suffered rejection, non-recognition, loss assets and of belongingness because of her beliefs, which also resulted in the end of her second abusive marriage.  
Today, she is a  survivor of life; with interests in biopharma, real estate, green technologies, hospitality, conservation, tourism, green agro and communications. Francesca is also an eternal scholar of mysticism.. She is a professional entrepreneur, an impact project specialist and politician.
She is also an accomplished author with already 4 US-published books on her name. 
As the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development Champion for Women, she found the WIIN National Outreach programme, empowering women, especially those affected by violence and living in rural communities.

The Value of Forgiveness

Get your gift : an E-Copy of my book: Etude d’ Elude

A 2h session exploring
1) Fate vs destiny
2) The gifts within
3) Finding your soul purpose
4) Taking action
5) A personal journey

Sara Gibbons

Since finding the sunshine again after her own life-changing and painful divorce, Dr Sara Gibbons has successfully helped hundreds of clients move on and realise for themselves life doesn’t have to come to a halt when drama strikes but can be the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

With a passion for getting to the root cause of any issues, Sara seeks to share how people can avoid spending months or even years in unnecessary emotional turmoil. Creating a fresh and blossoming chapter in life is at your fingertips. You just need to know-how.

In this interview Sara will outline why we get undermined when drama hits, how you can put in place a powerful foundation for your own life, including building a firm sense of self-worth, as well as some of the key steps you need to know to enable consistency in moving forward.

Author of ‘Rise Again After Divorce’ and qualified in many aspects of counselling, nutrition and personal development, Sara is also a health and lifestyle coach. She runs courses and programmes to support clients to find liberation from the past, discover their innate ability to live freely in the now and create a life aligned with their true limitless selves.

A webinar ‘Divorce Be Gone!

which highlights the 5 essential things you need to know to ensure you can move on from divorce and relationship breakup as quickly and painlessly as possible Once registered with their email they can watch the video using the password myfreewebinar1

With this audiobook, Rise Again After Divorce you will discover how to climb out of that pit of emotional pain and get back on track fast for a life filled with peace of mind, optimism and purpose.

When you know both what to do and how to see it through in an effective and powerful way, you will find that your whole life will change for the better. You will feel more confident and have hope for your future.

Rise Again After Divorce is for you whether you’re feeling helpless and hopeless about your divorce, simply want some tips to help understand more and make further improvements in your life or are most definitely ready to leave the past firmly where it belongs and move on in style.


Tobey Geise

When I was 9 years old, I went to the doctor for my regular check-up and the doctor labeled me as fat. That moment defined me for the next 27 years of my life. I took on that label and made it my reality. I became obsessed with being skinny – tracking my calories, over- exercising, and I began practicing bulimia at age 12. I did a lot of other cruel things to my body in an attempt to gain love and self-acceptance. This journey brought me to personal growth work. In my mid-twenties, I went to my first transformational retreat and my life changed overnight.

After more than a decade of personal development, I was finally ready to face my eating disorder. My recovery is where my true spiritual path began. While OA helped curb my cravings and control binges, my body image issues persisted. It wasn’t until I had a powerful spiritual awakening that I was able to heal the root cause, and I opened my heart to embrace my reflection.

With my newfound awakening, I immersed myself in Reiki and Pranayama (breathwork). I eventually found NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which helped me directly connect to the unconscious mind to release baggage and heal trauma. My passion and my life purpose is to help others wake up and heal. I have healed addiction within myself and it is my social and spiritual responsibility to share what I have learned with others to assist them in finding their own healing within.

Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Process

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness process. "Ho'o" means "to make". "Pono" means "right". Ho'oponopono means to make right with oneself, with others, and with God. It means to restore spiritual alignment or harmony. This process does not need to be done with another person. Achieving forgiveness and releasing the emotional charge only needs to be done within oneself and does not require the acceptance or response of another person. This guided meditation is a powerful healing process that can be done daily as emotional and spiritual hygiene.

Breathwork is a Western term that originates from the 5,000 year-old practice of Pranayama, from the Eastern Yogic tradition. Pranayama means “the expansion of life force energy”.
Breathwork has vast benefits for all four bodies – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual:
• Relieve stress and anxiety
• Ease physical pain
• Improve sleep and rejuvenate energy
• Improve digestion
• Clear trapped energy and emotions
• Help to release limiting beliefs and negative thoughts
• Calm the monkey mind and increase focus
• Provide clarity and awareness
• Aid in finding solutions to life’s challenges
• Help to heal trauma, addiction, and PTSD
• Provide peace and harmony


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Our relationships with our fathers will have a significant influence on how we see men. It will determine whether we think they are trustworthy. It will influence whether we will be fearful of being abandoned by men. Through our father’s eyes we look at ourselves – this is how we imagine men will see us. Do we measure up? Or are we always going to over-compensate to make up for us not feeling worthy. And how much bad treatment will we take simply because we fear being abandoned?

If we are lucky enough to be treated by our dads like Princess Cheesecake, the One and Only, but with respect for our separateness, our entire view of ourselves changes. We expect more for ourselves, and we are faster to dismiss relationships that are toxic for us.

Wanting our father’s approval is a very normal desire for a little girl of any age. I remember how my father ridiculed people with normal fear, so at the age of six I decided I was not scared of his pack of ferocious Alsations. They did not eat me, so there must be some truth to the notion that dogs smell fear and will attack. But that experience of trying to impress my father meant that I could not connect to feeling fear. I did not know that I had fear of abandonment triggers, as I simply could not connect to any feelings of fear!

Leoni decided that she would have to be her two sisters’ caretaker. Her dad told her as the oldest they were her responsibility to make sure they were not bullied. So she built herself a bulletproof, tough attitude. ”It was very hard to make friends, as I did not let anyone see the real me. I was longing for a relationship in which I was accepted. I did not realise that my relationships kept failing because my bulletproof attitude meant I was pushing them out of my life. I had to learn all over how to let people see the real, soft me inside.”

Sandra’s dad died when she was very young. He was her hero. They had fun. He was one hundred percent on her side. She tried to recreate that relationship all her life. Problem was that …







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