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Karen Casey

My journey into recovery from addiction began in 1974 when I attended my first Al-Anon meeting to address my severe codependency. However, alcohol was the undying condition so more sustained recovery actually began on May 24, 1976, when I went to my first AA meeting. My life has been on an uphill trajectory ever since. I wouldn’t say I lived in the pocket of peace and hope all of these 45 years but I have lived sober and learned very quickly that serenity in the rooms of recovery was enhanced by staying involved with others who shared the same path. My writing was the impetus for connecting more securely to the God of my understanding which then opened the door to the many books I have written throughout my recovering journey. My first book: Each Day A New Beginning, in fact was written as a desperate attempt to find a secure link to God, who had always been very elusive throughout my life. Because writing brought me peace of mind and a sense of the closeness of God, I have continued to author multiple books to this day. My first book will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year and has sold more than 3 million copies. Along with writing as a focus for my life, I have been offering workshops and lectures for more than 30 years. I have spoken throughout the US in Canada and Europe too. Speaking, like writing, feels like a conversation with God. I’m quite convinced that I am fulfilling my purpose in life through both of these avenues. On a more personal note, I have been married to a man in recovery for the last 44 years. I was never able to have children but am quite convinced that God always had another plan for me so I have felt quite content to think of all 31 books to date as children I gave birth to.The love of our lives is Nellie, our six year old yellow lab. We live in Naples, Florida for most of the year but retreat to Minnesota for the hot summer months. My days of riding my Harley have come to an end but life is still full of adventure and I truly am convinced that making up my mind to live a peaceful life is the greatest adventure of them all.

Other books you may know includes Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow and Codependence and the Power of Detachment: How to Set Boundaries and Make Your Life Your Own.

Tashni Nayager

Dr Tashni Nayager is a holistic medical practitioner, Reiki practitioner and spiritual truth seeker. For so many years I experienced life as a daily struggle. I was mentally and physically fatigued, hopeless, and helpless. I had reached a new rock bottom, numb and hardened to life, I was unable to appreciate or experience joy. Following the diagnosis of Bipolar mood disorder in 2012, my life spiraled into despair. Of course, the world saw ‘perfect’ Tashni, as I attempted to keep up the façade. Suffering ongoing chronic illnesses culminating in severe post-partum depression in 2018 I knew something had to change, my life depended on it. Finding the right help and tools I needed transformed my life. I am now creating the life I truly deserve.

Janine Naus

Janine Naus is an internationally recognized Grief and Trauma Relief Specialist, Certified Life, Spiritual and Energetic Coach; a Certified Calm, Accepting, Resilient & Empathetic (CARE) Trauma Practitioner and a multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author. She works with women who are suffering and stuck in grief due to trauma and supports them on their journey to a fulfilling and joyful life.
She is a featured expert in overcoming trauma in the #1 International Best-Selling book: “The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know.” She is the author of the Creating Heaven Wherever I Am® book series which focuses on self-help topics.

In addition to offering one-on-one coaching and online group programs, she is the founder of the Breaking the Silence Summit: Healing Childhood Sexual Trauma.

What Matters Most: Building a Fulfilling Life on the Foundation of Your Values

A free call for you for this summit. The call will take place after the summit and that free call is 30 minutes and valued at $497! Janine will use the call to talk about your NUMBER ONE CHALLENGE and you will leave with a tool, a tip or a strategy that will help you get some relief.

Elicia Millar

Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift AND What is Blocking You From Healing

Elicia Miller, Founder of Core Emotional Healing® (CEH) and Candida Expert
As the culmination of 10 years of intensive healing with Experiential Therapy training and empathic psychological and intuitive gifts, Elicia created the CEH process to heal the wounded inner child, addressing the emotional root cause of Candida, autoimmune, disordered eating, perfectionism, codependency, and many other symptoms and problematic relationship patterns.

“During this 2+ hour video lesson, I share the key questions to ask yourself to stay empowered with your healing, the reason your body manifests symptoms, how to form a supportive relationship with your body, the top blocks to healing, how resolving the emotional root cause can eliminate all your symptoms, and so much more!

Including bonus content: What is Blocking You From Healing.

You’ll get access to the 2+ hour video and audio recordings.

PLUS: As an extra bonus, you’ll also get access to a recorded masterclass with Anna Bazarnaya, Intuitive Healer and Plant Communicator.”

Kim Quick

I was 40 years old… I’d never been married and had been single for over 15 years. I was trapped in a cycle of dating the wrong men, and afraid I’d be alone for the rest of my life. I knew I deserved a wonderful man, and I wanted it all… The chemistry, the commitment, and lasting love I’d always dreamed of. I knew I couldn’t give up hope, was determined to break this pattern, and discovered there were a few key reasons I wasn’t dating the right men, and hadn’t found my true love YET. I took action on what I found, and found my amazing true love, a man who adores me and loves me for me and we are have been married for over three years now.

To help other women trapped in the same disappointing cycle, I became a certified Dating and Relationship Coach, and launched Forever Love Formula, a proven system to find lasting love. Over the last 6 years I’ve worked with over 1000’s of women and helped them find their true love, too

“In this Free Masterclass you will learn the exact 6 Steps that I teach my clients on how to be in a healthy love relationship with the right one including 1) Raise your sense of self-worth, so you attract and choose high-quality men 2) Show up in the right ways that have men see you as the high-value woman they want to commit to 3) Date discerningly, smartly, and wisely, so you stop wasting time on wrong men 4) Ask for what you need in ways that inspire men to give you what you want

6 Steps to a Healthy Love Relationship

Meet the One Online. This 5-Module Home Study Course will allow you to discover exactly how to find and date high-quality men using online dating platforms… at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. You’ll receive a series of videos showing you step-by-step to take charge of your dating life… plus exercises like worksheets to help you as you take charge and find your dream man!

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