Below you can watch the super valuable masterclass sessions for Day 3 featuring

Sandy Geyer, Richard Morden, Lisa King, Judith Quin and Lynn Erasmus



Richard Morden

Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (Tapping) Practitioner Certified Emotional Success Coach. Body Talk Access.
By using EFT (Tapping) guided sessions to bring healing to clients from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, anger, self-sabotage and other deep-rooted issues that often-traditional therapy cannot resolve. I provide a practice of safe progress with a tender approach to remove the barriers and heaviness that surround personal trauma. I understand the complicated emotions of a breakthrough; the new breath that comes with new life, as well as the tension to hold onto pieces of the past. Helping help clients walk through the process of looking at the hard facts surrounding their experiences while acknowledging the feelings attached. And though virtual or in-person sessions I teach the tools to provide self-care to empower clients in daily life.

Introduction to EFT

"Quantum Approach helps you discover and empower who you are within your journey. I do this by guiding you in clearing and releasing your past, to allow room for self acceptance. I work to improve communications where they’re lacking, teaching my clients how to be self-full (as opposed to self-less), and helping you clear energy so that others can see the new you"

So your having a bad day Tapping Session

We have so much unacknowledged emotions and energy trapped in our bodies it’s a wonder we don’t explode. Our bodies are the holder of our emotions and over time it begins to wear us down or in many cases we lose control at the wrong time, which can damage relationships or things get broken. With the tapping and “NO FILTER RANT we can release this energy in a very safe manner.

Lisa King

Lisa King is a transformational speaker, leader, international best selling author, TEDx speaker, mentor and trainer who has a gift for guiding others to find their solutions in the most challenging of circumstances.

Her fun, love for life attitude combined with her unstoppable leadership, drive and passion to help others has seen Lisa create multiple businesses and brands that have created a huge ripple effect for so many.

Choosing to reconnect with the Lisa under the masks she had worn throughout her life to cope with childhood traumas has changed everything, her journey of self love and self discovery has led to Lisa speaking in schools, running bespoke events, doing a TEDx and creating and co-authoring a series of books to help others.

Judith Quin

Liberate Your Voice to Liberate Your Life.

Your voice is a reflection of every emotion or experience you have ever had. Those experiences create restrictions in your subconscious brain and body’s cell memory, as well as communication challenges in your personal and professional lives.

Judith combines her experience as a voice vibration sound healer, qualified coach and classically trained actor to transform lives by liberating voices.

Reconnect to the pure essence of who you are, recognise and release your physical, mental, emotional and energetic restrictions to express yourself with more clarity, confidence and conviction, no matter the situation.

Judith is an international public speaker, author, oracle card deck creator, and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You.

Global Sound Circle Experience

"Explore your energy and self-awareness, release stress and tensions, feel lighter and stronger through voice-vibration sounding as you join the Global Sound Circle Heart Set as a member free for a month. This gives you access to 6 x 30 minute live sonic meditation sessions, the Theme of The Month meditation to download, a 45minute live online Theme of The Month healing sounds session, and a 75 minutes live online Expansion Session. Membership to the Heart Set also entitles you to a 45minute 1-2-1 session with Judith for just £88 (approx $125USD) usual price £125/$177"

Lynn Erasmus

Lynn Erasmus is a vibrant, serial entrepreneur and an authority on culture, resilience, and mindset change. From being a waitress to a multi-award-winning entrepreneur & journalist, to publisher, coach, author, and speaker.
She has designed, worn, and burned most of the t-shirts, but she says you don’t need to.
Lynn is energetic, engaging, and intertwining humour and wit throughout her talk – underscoring her ethos of the importance of having; “More Fun and Less Glum” throughout.

My ebook - Break Those Damn Rules

"“What if I told you that rules were designed to keep you small and insignificant? Now, what if I told you that you can break the rules that you and society have placed upon you. It is a choice you have to make. Do you stay a prisoner, or do you step into your truth; the magnificent, powerful you?” Break Those Damn Rules takes you on the intimate journey of the authors’ life, leading you on a path of self-discovery and ultimately forgiveness. It includes 40 life lessons learned, 21-day transformational workshop and tips on Entrepreneurship. "

One on one coaching session with me  

A life changing coaching session with me, where we will unpack all your strengths, weaknesses and challenges and opportunities and make your unstoppable.

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