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You love your family. You want the best for your family…

but you know it can be better, and you hope it can be easier…

And we are here to help you achieve just that. 

All it takes are a few small tweaks, outlook adjustments, a handful of big Aha moments, and experienced support, and you will be empowered to make the needed adjustments so that your life works for you, and your family grow up to be emotionally well adjusted, able to communicate effectively and with strong, healthy bonds.

This is for you if you want…

  • A deeper relationship with your partner
  • More support and feeling heard
  • Family harmony
  • Better coping tools
  • To eliminating inherited trauma for future generations
  • Kickass parenting techniques
Join The C-Team, your experts Louise VN Liebenberg and Mandy Herold to help you in a fun, informative but deeply healing way to shape your future family life:

What would your ideal home life look like?

  • Everyone feels supported and heard

  • We are providing our children with a solid foundation by being their best example of effective communication

  • Our children are able to speak to us about hard topics

  • I feel empowered, even in the face of adversity

  • We give our children a feeling of safety in the world by having a solid relationship

  • Feelings are expressed openly in our home, without judgment or rejection

If this is what you want… join this retreat now!

• Get life-changing skills and outlooks that will take you and your family from merely looking OK to experiencing everyday happiness and peace
• Empower yourselves with unstoppable self-awareness and the ability to create deep connection
• Be provided specific tools to achieve inner healing and to provide stellar guidance and support.
• Acquire effective communication techniques
• Find the power of being vulnerable, authentic & self-loving
• Greatly improve all your relationships, personal and professional, not only inside your family
• Move on from “I just cannot do this anymore” to empowered living

This is for you if…

  • What you have been trying is not working
  • You are tired and just want it to be easier
  • You know there are invisible barriers that are keeping you stuck
  • You ran into a wall and know something needs to change and you want more peace and more connection and support.

Your Presenters

full body cropped

Louise VN Liebenberg
Your Fearless Magnificence Coach

Her experience in helping relationships-in-distress move to flourishing through applying inner child healing, growing improved self-esteem and improving communication skills, will be invaluable at this immersive weekend retreat.

As the author of International Bestseller Hamster Wheel Relationships Louise aims to get you off the Hamster Wheel, get unstoppable self-awareness and learn great real-life tools & rewired coping skills… everything to make sure that you walk out after two days with hope, a way forward and an empowered outlook!

Louise lives in the KZN Midlands, loves long road trips without destination, and rescue stray cats when she is not writing a new book or conducting healing online challenges.

Mandy Herold
School Leader / Parent Coach / Strengths Coach

Mandy has been the Headmistress at The Ridge School, a leading independent boys’ school in Johannesburg for over a decade. She is Mum to two beautiful children, Robyn (13) and Ryan (15) and a proud wife to Garreth. Mandy has been working in independent Schools, both pre-primary and foundation phase with children aged 3-9 for 20 years. 

Mandy is an International Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and sits on the Board at a Parkview Pre-Primary School. She is a Gallup Global Strengths Coach and a child whisperer. She is a dynamic presenter and thought leader, specialising in the development of Self-Regulation, Empathy, Authenticity and Connection.

What people say

Arthie Moore Robberts

I have personally experienced the powerful intuition and guidance from Bestselling Author, Louise VN Liebenberg Author. I am thrilled that she is launching a Retreat for Men & Women that is guaranteed to change lives.

Antoinette McInnes

Louise shows one how to be responsible for one’s own situations and unhappinesses. She reveals one’s magnificence and provides specific tools to achieve love, connection and support. The end result is a more authentic, self loving person, who is able to set boundaries with consequences, thereby greatly improving all relationships, especially with oneself.

Testimonials for Mandy

“Mandy has been an inspiration, she is pure in her intent to share, teach and support. She helps us reflect and shared her own challenges so we can make connections. She has knowledge, insight and foresight. An expert in her field with a heart of gold.” - Sophie Seeballuck “This is obviously a passion for Mandy, with information and concepts you truly believe in, and you have a skill of breaking things down in different ways so the concepts can be understood by those who are new, and expanded on for those who are continuing their journey.” - Debbie Mondale

Testimonials for Mandy

“It has been amazing how, in such a short amount of time, our house is more peaceful and we feel more empowered to manage the situations that arise.” - Kristy & Shaun Jackson “Mandy was extremely supportive throughout the entire process. She allowed everyone to be heard, acknowledged when someone was trying to speak, honoured everyone's experience and may be one of the most compassionate humans I've met. She did an incredible job facilitating, keeping the group moving and addressing questions when needed.” - Emily Schweppe

‘Conscious Parents, Connected Pareting’ Retreat is aimed at those who are seeking clarity, conscious living and daily joy and peace through:

  • Reaching our family’s true potential by eliminating what does not work
  • Improving communication and listening skills for enhanced relationships.
  • Learning techniques and practices to live fully empowered and present
  • Understanding our triggers, limiting beliefs and self-defeating outlooks and changing our family ife by taking it out of our present life.
  • Effectively removing generational trauma  so that the next generation will experience better interpersonal relationships, diminished stress and achieve inner harmony, good health and inner peace
  • Fully grasping the inter-connectedness of family outlooks and coping tools and the role that transforming negative feelings plays in living a balanced and fulfilled life

This Three Day Retreat lets you step away from the rigours of modern living to focus solely on aligning yourself to Create Your Best Family Life. 

Hosted at Pecan Manor, nestled in the middle of a Pecan Nut Forest, in the foothills of the Magaliesberg Mountains. 

A fascinating array of bird life and a variety of game such as Giraffe, Sable and Nyala make Pecan Manor a unique experience in a tranquil setting. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Pecan Manor is the ideal venue for hosting conferences and special functions and is a comfortable 45 minute drive from Pretoria, Johannesburg and Rustenburg. The tranquility of the setting promotes reflection and inner harmony, allowing you to create a viewpoint from outside your habitual automated thinking and return with fresh perspectives to restore balance and peace in your life.

You will experience:

  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Guided exercises
  • Relaxation and reflection
  • Tranquility and walks
  • Superb dining. Delicious food, freshly prepared and very well presented.
  • Friendly and competent staff

Our Desired Outcomes

We all have good intentions…

We do the best we know how…

But there are more than one person involved in parenting and in family dynamics.

And sometimes it feels as if something invisible is keeping us from harmony.

Sometimes we actually know that we have fallen into harmful patterns.

The C-Team (Consciousness-and-Connection Team!) of Louise & Mandy is here to help you find those invisible barriers and support you through putting in place the structures and understanding that make family life harmonious and able to carry us through challenging times. 

We have social brains that learn through making connections. Connections and Relationships govern behaviour. When we truly connected to ourselves, we can connect to the world around us, our partners and peers, both personally and professionally. This was largely not taught to us growing up or role modelled from our parents and because we parent as we were parented, we have to learn new skills and upgrade our tool boxes in order to have fulfilled and successful relationships.

These sessions will be a blend of theory and practice, combining brain-based and research-backed models into your lived experiences.  

Your Retreat Program

Registration Friday 12 to 2pm

Friday pm 2 to 5 – first session

Saturday 8 am Morning activity

9 – 12 Morning session with tea time

12 to 1 Lunch

2 – 5 Afternoon Session

Sunday 8 am Morning activity

9 – 11 Morning Session


11 to 1 Final Session


Need to Know:

Once your retreat is booked and paid for, the competent and friendly Pecanwood staff will help you choose your accommodation on a first-come first-choice basis.

What would your investment be?


Your Value Investment of R9870.00 per person includes DOUBLE accommodation, 1 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners, teas and coffees, Walking Meditation, Free-movement Class and In-depth Group Workshop Sessions. Questionnaires, Worksheets and Notes.

Each couple also receives a 45 minute wrap up session after the retreat, either in person or on Skype/phone, from both Mandy & Louise!

The rate excludes any additional food, beverages, spirits, and laundry.

Early Bird Special for first 10 couples only: R9000!



  • Payments by EFT, Credit Card or Payfast
  • Early Bird Discount for payment in full by 15 April 2022
  • OR secure your booking NOW with 3 easy payments
  • Email if you have queries

Send me an email to NOW and I will send you a Paypal link for easy payment or EFT details. Request applicable discount!



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