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Let me show you the keys to build powerful habits that will increase your productivity while enjoying your life. Test your productivity and work-life balance skills and Download my free eBook SUCCESSFUL AND RELAXED and learn how to create success while loving your life!

Angela Santi

Angela Santi is a Business & Lifestyle Coach for rebellious and ambitious entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders in their industry who want to be successful while loving their life. Being a high achiever, for years I showed up as a perfectionist and workaholic, always spinning my wheels and sacrificing my personal time, energy, health. Then I understood that it wasn't worth sacrificing my life for success. I totally changed my approach business and life, putting time for myself and joy in my daily routine. This increases my success and overall life quality. I did it. You can do it too!

Janelle Anderson

Janelle Anderson is a Confidence Coach for women, business owners and leaders. She enables women to know their immense value so they can show up, stand up, and speak up in fearless confidence. With her powerful confidence-building formula, women are able to conquer the impostor within and unchain their hidden unlimited potential. Empowered by newfound confidence, action-oriented strategies, and tools, they are able to build, grow, and scale a thriving business and make an incredible impact on the world. Janelle works with clients one-on-one, in her signature course, Fearless Confidence Formula, and her mastermind, The Year of You.

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Did you know that four out of five women struggle with self-confidence? Women are amazing, smart, talented, and so valuable to this world. Every woman has unique gifts that this world needs and it is my mission and my passion to do all I can to empower women to be fearlessly confident, to love who they are and what they do, and to walk out on the center stage of their lives as the star of their own story!

Self-Confidence Mini Course

This powerful mini-course is designed to start you on your journey to living your life with a peaceful, authentic and powerful confidence in who you truly are.  Know who you are, embrace who you are, and express who you are

Stand in Your Power Package – Includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment plus a debrief coaching session to help you look closely at where and how you’re investing your energy. You’ll gain awareness and insight into how you typically show up in life and how you handle stress. You walk away with strategies and a powerful tool to shift your energy and mindset in the moment when you most need it. This puts you in the driver’s seat of your life and enables you to stand in your power.

Motivate Your Loved Ones

No matter who you are talking to the 7 secrets can help.

Liz Barnett

Dr. Liz Barnett is the creator of the U-Motivate system that helps people become more effective at motivating their loved ones using an evidence-based practice called Motivational Interviewing. In 2005, she began training and coaching helping professionals to use these skills at work; and then in 2017, when she built an on-line platform to help them practice, she started to hear their stories about practicing at home with their kids, spouses, siblings, and parents. And that’s when she really started adapting the skills for home-use. She has multiple peer-reviewed journal articles published on this topic.

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The 7 Secrets will give you some concrete things you can say and do that will set your conversation up for success, whether you are talking to your teen about cleaning their room; your spouse about finishing a project; or your parent about giving up the car keys.

Jacqui Penn

Jacqui Penn grew up on the coast of Kent, the garden of England. She attributes her positivity and happiness to being by the sea and letting the waves clear the cobwebs. These days, her life is shared with rescued dogs and cats, oh, and a tolerant husband, on a mountain in Spain. She’ll chat, laugh, and share her thoughts, with anyone who’d like to listen, from her years as a teacher and therapist. After training in behavioural therapy and working with a number of spiritual gurus, author Jacqui Penn learned how to find the strength and determination to overcome life's challenges. Now she's going to share her expertise and inspiration with you.

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Do you want peace of mind and contentment? Is your happiness important to you? Do you have a vision for your life, but feel uncertain how to make your vision a reality?
Among the many empowering strategies, you will learn how to:
Be happy and proud of who you are
Make choices that will enrich your life
Let go of what holds you back
Be positive and wipe out negativity
Gain the confidence to walk tall into the life you desire

People say:
´You’ve put an amazing tool out there in the world for those of us that choose to use it.´
´Lovely easy to follow steps and the journal is a fantastic bonus´
´Just like sitting down for a chat over coffee. Loved the ideas.´
´Read it through and now going to go back and put it into practice.´
´Just what I needed to get me going.´
´Didn’t think I needed to change anything when I got a copy of this book, but I’m certainly going to change a few things now.´

It's your life: Choose how to live it!

Containing inspirational quotes, thought-provoking questions, and an entire book to keep you on track and motivated

Get Neal's 4 Steps Small Actions Workbook!

This workbook is for people who are just not moving forward with any velocity or determination in living the lives they want.

Neal Abramson

I am a personal development coach, a speaker, and the author of the #1 best-selling Amazon book, You Can Choose Your Life: A Guide to Experiencing More Peace, Freedom, and Happiness Right Now. I’ve learned from personal experience how important it is to have a second chance. I turned my life around from being a high school drop-out, a juvenile delinquent, and an angry kid to becoming a responsible adult, who has three degrees and a calm and caring demeanor. I focus on helping people get out of their own way, so they can choose their lives.

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The 4 Steps to Stop Holding Yourself Back workbook walks readers through the 4 steps to help them get clear about what they really want and then recognize how they may be holding themselves back without even knowing it. Once that is clear, readers will be encouraged to take the next steps, which involve taking small actions that make a difference.

Norma Reid

Norma Reid is a Lover or Life who has been coaching and teaching since obtaining her Executive Coach designation in 2004. Now enjoying "Refirement", she's about to publish her first book, "Happy, Healthy, Worthy Wealthy Woman, How to Thrive a Relationship Breakdown". The book is a guide filled with tools she's used personally and professionally to help women create the life of their dreams. She lives in beautiful Victoria BC, and invites you to join her in making the most of this one precious life!

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Want to create a happier, healthier, worthier wealthier life? A great tool to help you is journaling! Yes, journaling!!! Come join me in this free life-changing workshop to learn how you can change your life in as little as ten minutes a day!

Get Norma's 10 Minutes a Day Gift!

If you've always wondered how to journal and didn't know how, this is for you! Come, let's have some fun!!!

Get Access to Eva's Meditation Gift!

This guided meditation puts you in the driver's seat to learn how to silence the Inner Critic and embrace more positive inner dialogue, helping you clear away anything that blocks the path to a life you've dreamed of. Release your Inner Critic and let your spirit soar.

Eva Goulette

Eva is the founder of Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp, a summer program filled with self-help tools for children that help them connect to their inner world. Using teachings from many alternative and holistic healing modalities, Eva created a child-friendly curriculum that teaches spiritual concepts in a fun, entertaining, and educational way. Recently, she expanded her programs and is now teaching other adults how to provide children with these valuable tools in the Spirit Camp Teacher Training program. She has shared her work at education symposiums, summits, and professional development conferences for teachers.

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 If you have an Inner Critic that is constantly undermining your progress, no matter how hard you work, the results won’t change until you have learned to SILENCE THE INNER CRITIC! The “Meeting Your Inner Critic Guided Meditation” is designed to help you identify thought patterns that are blocking your progress. When we realize we have the ability to change the inner dialogue, we become empowered to create the life we want. We’ve all heard the saying, “Your thoughts create your reality”.

This 60-minute session will provide you with three simple tools you can use to access your inner wisdom when you feel stuck and need help making decisions. Start building your Wisdom Toolbox by learning these three simple tools so you can move forward with confidence that you have made the right decision. Your inner wisdom always knows what is in your highest interest. We’ll show you how to access it!

Lisa Fourre

The 7 Secrets will give you some concrete things you can say and do that will set your conversation up for success, whether you are talking to your teen about cleaning their room; your spouse about finishing a project; or your parent about giving up the car keys. She has coached women in all phases of their personal lives to accept what wasn’t working, decide what is best for them and take steps to achieve it. Lisa has spent 20+ years confronting mental and emotional abuse from different people in her life including parents and an alcoholic ex-husband. She used this time to study their behaviors, understand their logic and learn how to help others overcome the toxic cycles abusers exhibit and draw us into.

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Emotions get in the way of honesty, especially honesty with ourselves.
It’s those emotions and feelings that stop us from living our best life and coming to the best outcomes for ourselves.
In this toolkit, I help you work through all of that with journal prompts, infographics, a worksheet and check-ins, all to help you on your way to thinking logically instead of emotionally for life’s important decisions.

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Are you ready to have a tool in your toolkit that you know will never let you down and will never be far away?

Couples Bill of Rights

Transform how we interact with each other and create a lasting, deeper, stronger, more loving relationship. The information is organized to make it easy for you to discuss having a “bill or rights” with your beloved and to get started.

Brenda Dow

Brenda Dow helps individuals and couples to have lasting, deeper, stronger relationships, so they can be loved for their authentic selves WITHOUT sacrificing who they are. She has worked with hundreds of couples in some of the most successful premarital, marriage-help, and relationship-building programs in North America. Brenda and her husband saved her own marriage from the brink of divorce and pivoted their business to help others deepen the connection with their beloved. Brenda does this through coaching, programs, and online workshops.

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Do you both agree on how you’ll treat each other?
 What about the ways in which you’ll demonstrate respect and seek understanding
Are you operating under unexpressed or unrealistic standards?
Might expectations exist that could eventually become resentments if not met by each other?

“I share the “bill of rights” that my spouse and I have used to transform how we interact with each other and that has led to our lasting, deeper, stronger, more loving relationship.”

*** You can adapt this version or another that’s also included, or write your own customized “couple’s bill of rights” using these examples as your guide.

Elsa Mendoza

Elsa Mendoza

Elsa Mendoza is an award-winning author, poet, and a certified life coach. Elsa has written and self-published non-fiction and best-selling books in quotes, poetry, and self-help. She writes to inspire, uplift, encourage, and empower people to help them realize their true potential as human beings. She shares her life story, insights, lessons, and wisdom from her spiritual journey, personal challenges, and breakthroughs. Her books are short reads but provide practical tools for healing and empowerment, and offer fresh perspectives about life so people can also approach life with a new mindset, can find new meaning in their experiences as they create anew themselves and can live the lives they desire. Elsa helps people to realize their true essence and remember their inherent power as human beings. Her motivation in doing these passionately is her life challenging experiences, where she survived a harsh environment from childhood to early 20s and a life-threatening illness in her late 30s. She transformed her life and used her challenges as motivations and teachers to know herself more and her purpose of existence. Elsa is fond of travelling. She lived and worked with diverse nationalities from different countries. She's exposed to various lifestyles, cultures, religions, and a firm believer in the power of humanity, which is her big inspiration for life coaching and writing. Elsa loves dancing, listening to jazz, relaxing to soulful music and watching live concerts. She's invigorated by nature and her midday naps. She's fond of her cat George and enjoys a hot, dirty chai latte with oat milk.

Come Back to Love

as Elsa shares understanding and reflections on Self-Love. Her wisdom & insights will help you find your inner peaceful centre

This book changes the way one thinks of oneself, others, and life. It provides a fresh perspective that one can start redesigning and creating the life one so deserves. This book provides answers to some of life’s big questions. It addresses the source of one’s life challenges and helps you realize, discover, and activate your powers that you are unaware of to live your life to your fullest potential as human beings.

Email Elsa using the link below:

Be inspired to change your aging trajectory

Don't let age influence your energy and vitality .

Dr Gillian Lockitch MBChB, MD, FRCPC

After retiring from her 25 year medical practice as a dual-certified specialist in Paediatrics and Medical Biochemistry, Dr. Gillian Lockitch found herself a patient instead of practitioner, when a catastrophic back injury ended with lifesaving emergency spinal surgery. Her book, Growing Older, Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully and the Art of Retiring Comfortably reveals the 7 pillars of the roadmap that changed her aging trajectory at the cellular level and can change yours.

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The mission of the Growing Older Living Younger (GOLY) Project is to help you and your personal roadmap to change your aging at the cellular level by unleashing your innate epigenetic power to alter gene expression.

Elicia Miller

Elicia created the Core Emotional Healing® process as the culmination of 10 years of intensive trauma and experiential training, personal healing, and empathic intuitive psychological gifts. Based on her personal and professional experience, she developed a guided step-by-step process to heal the wounded inner child, which addresses the emotional root cause of Candida, autoimmune, disordered eating, perfectionism, codependency, and many other symptoms and problematic relationship patterns. She is the author of the ebook Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift… And The Emotional Root Cause
Most people are treating symptoms, and even thoughts and behaviors, but not getting to the core. Because of this, they continue to suffer and feel victimized by their symptoms and life. If you’ve tried treating with supplements, diet, energy healing, therapy, and everything in between, but still find yourself experiencing symptoms and stuck in unwanted patterns, this is for you!

Video lesson!

During this 2+ hour video lesson, I share the key questions to ask yourself to stay empowered with your healing, the reason your body manifests symptoms, how to form a supportive relationship with your body, the top blocks to healing, how resolving the emotional root cause can resolve the issue.

Arty, fun, inspiring

6 illustrations, 3 art journaling exercises, and 12 pages of fascinating insights, statistics, and true stories.

Evie Lennon

Evie Lennon started "drawing" comfort after losing many family members. Her love affair with healing creatively continued as an art teacher and hospital chaplain. Evie's empowering approach to adversity garnered a National Art Education Association award open to all art teachers in the United States. However, it is when she left teaching due to a serious illness while raising a wheelchair basketball champion that she emerged as an expert on the losses people with chronic conditions face and the culture-wide reasons behind the traumatizing lack of support. She wrote "DRAWING Comfort for Chronic Conditions" to deliver the overdue emotional relief.

Choose between:

  • “Renewing Your Spirit with Chronic Conditions”
  • “Reclaiming Your Dignity with Chronic Conditions”
  • “Restoring Your Sanity with Chronic Conditions”

Email Evie from the link below, and tell her which is your raffle gift choice

Claire Hallinan

Claire E. Hallinan, MAEd, was born in Japan, currently in Washington, has a passion for making sense of the world, building relationships, and inspiring people to find happiness in themselves.
She is an author, entrepreneur, a Mindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Instructor, and teacher.

Claire's books include her memoir, Gift of Gratitude: Lessons from the Classroom, and  I Notice: Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Student Potential Through Building Intentional Relationships. She co-authored with her daughter The Championslip: A Young Gymnast's Guide to Become a Fearless Champion on Her Own Terms. Her children's books are award-winning finalists in the Children's Mind/Body/Spirit category of the 2019 International Book Awards.

Self Care Treat

Free Skin Consultation with Mini Facial

With its sister book, My Breath Loves Me, Where My Breath Loves Me teaches young children how to appreciate each moment of their lives by getting along with a life-long best friend: the breath.

Learn how to Integrate Your Own Gifts

This guided meditation helps bring you back to center, to connect anew or again with your Spirit Guide, and for you to get answers as well.

Jan Revell

When she was young, Jan resented when things didn’t go “her way” and that the only time things happened easily was when she ‘went with the flow.’ Grrr! Eventually she got tired of fighting, made the decision to “give in,” to surrender to Spirit, and life began to flow more smoothly. Her gifts quickly manifested which felt overwhelming! Until she learned how to bring her gifts into alignment with each other and was able to integrate them. Today, Jan teaches healers how to integrate their gifts so they feel encouraged and empowered, and are better able to serve their clients.

Learn more about her gift

Life gets busy and we can get distracted. When that happens, it’s just too easy to move away from what we know, what our Spirit knows is why we are here, and what we are here to do. 

You can use this visualization over and over again – to reconnect with “a” Spirit Guide, or to connect with several Spirit Guides. So rather than trying too hard, use this as a tool of connection and peace.


Sometimes we just need someone outside of ourselves to help us find, identify and use our own gifts to the fullest

Use the link below, email Jan and tell her why you need this!

Louise VN Liebenberg

Louise VN Liebenberg is an international bestselling author and transformational coach and counselor who specializes in Adult Child Syndrome, Self Esteem Development and Transforming Unresolved Grief. She loves taking long road trips with her husband, exploring new places on her motorbike. At home she likes nothing better than writing her next book with three cats curled up on her legs. She gets her creative outlet in doing stained glass and ceramics. As your “Fearless Magnificence Coachelor” she believes in your ability to shine, overcome and transform your life and relationships, and she has gathered some of her most inspring friends to help you redesign and realign your life for maximum growth and healing.

Your Emotional Maturity Quiz

Take this assessment and learn so many things that will boost your Emotional Intelligence, Improve your Relationships and help you achieve your dreams

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