Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who feels trapped, powerless, lonely, without love, without connection and who feels rejected and abaondoned.
  • Anyone who thinks life is too hard.
  • Anyone who is willing to read all the material, do the self-evaluations honestly and try the exercises.

 Will this course help me?

  • This course can be helpful to any individual, as even the healthiest of us can always improve our communication, our relationships and learn to better understand our triggers and reactions. I am going to trust that individuals who had an affirming upbringing and a secure childhood or who have done a lot of self-improvement work may not necessarily click “enrol”. That will be up to you to establish. If you are happy and content every day, you have plenty of love and connection in your life and if you truly like, respect and accept yourself you most likely will not be reading this right now.

How do I ask questions if I need help with course content like videos or PDF’s?

  • Each course is accompanied by a forum where students can discuss problems and ask questions.
  • We use well recognised and compatible formats but should you have any problems we will assist you with issues related to our material

How do I ask questions if I need help with emotional problems uncovered by the course?

  • You can ask questions at the end of every module by using the space provided for it.
  • You can also post questions online in the closed Facebook group.
  • Or you can upgrade anytime to the VIP package if you feel you need individualized support.
  • (Enquire about special packages for course owners)

Do I get free lifetime access to the course material?

  • Absolutely! For as long as the internet exists!
  • All videos are at your fingertips to watch anytime & anywhere
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always free

 Do I have to join the WhatsApp group?

  • Yes, but of course you can hang back and observe.  
  • Participating in the group is highly recommended. Even little bits of interaction will make you so brave!
  • I am an introvert myself but have learned to love group work as part of the haling process. In groups you see that you are not “the only one”
  • You get support from others going through the same thing as you
  • You learn to be better in group situations as you get to practice in a safe place with no judgment but only complete acceptance.  

Will I be able to get my money back if I do not like the course?

  • You have an unconditional money-back guarantee if you cancel 7 days before the first week’s content is delivered. After that the money-back guarantee does not apply. I only want to work with people who are 100% in, over trying solutions that do not bring permanent and fast changes, and ready to commit to show up and participate. Don’t sign up if that is not you!

Is there a transcript of this course? I am hard of hearing.

  • All the lectures are already in Pdf format or Word for the Self-Assessments.
  • The videos are very short and the topic is generally better suited to the video format, but you are welcome to ask me for written explanation should you have problems with the videos. I can deliver transcripts if needed.

 Will I have Lifetime Access to the WhatsApp group?

  • The Whatsapp group is guaranteed for the first year. Should WhatsApp cease to exist I will find an alternative forum platform, as I so much believe in the restorative value of community.

Will I have Lifetime Access to the one-on-one sessions offered as bonuses?

  • The bonuses are only valid for the time specified in your “special offer”.

Feel free to email me any other questions