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Far too many of us give up on our relationships.
There really is more, there is better...
And it starts with you!
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4 Powerful Days...

... to help you feel confident about having Best Relationship in 2021

We all carry our stories with us - our history, our hurts, our inherited outlooks.
These all hold us back and dim our vision for what we can have, who we can be, what we can overcome, and where we can go.

Our speakers have all overcome, transformed and reframed challenges into learning moments, tools and shining examples of what you too can achieve.

16 Experts share their stories, their strategies and best tools to help you identify relationship hurdles, give you real-life actionable tools and fast outlook upgrades and practical examples. They will help you believe in what is possible in your relationship, and help you shape your personal heroes journey.

  • Stop feeling ‘not heard’
  • Feel like your contribution matter
  • Improve how you feel about yourself
  • Understand relationships so much better
  • Be empowered by what you can take action on
  • Overcome resistance to what you don’t understand or had an example for
  • Be the solution!

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16 Leading Experts to Inspire You

Doug Miller

Dr. Doug Miller

Licensed Clinical And Transpersonal Psychologist, Clinical Director Core Emotional Healing

We talked about:

  • We discussed circumcision and the fallout from it.
  • Carrying shame, betrayal and trauma in our bodies and feeling unsafe
  • We are all just people protecting ourselves 
  • How abandonment led to anger, fear and jealousy in relationship.
  • Triggers and blind spots.
Tony J Selimi

Tony J. Selimi

Life Strategist & Business Consultant Specialising in Human Behaviour, Emotional Intelligence and Maximising Human Potential

We talked about:

  • The influence on Tony from living in a war-torn, discriminatory communist country.
  • How his positive family values shaped his ability to overcome challenges.
  • Shame, authenticity and taking back control and owning your power is vital.
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Alan Cox

Alan Cox

Interpersonal Communication Specialist

We talked about:

  • We talked about the day he determinedly shut down his feelings in his relationship, the results of that, and the solution.
  • You can’t solve your problems by distracting yourself. 
  • When you lock your emotions away, you are powerless. 
  • How and why of being emotionally available
  • Communication skills

Jan Robberts

Global Influencer, Speaker and Intentional Leadership Coach

We talked about:

  • From how bullying turned him into damaged goods, to growing out of it, but still keeping it inside.
  • Being married to someone who wants to change you.
  • What low self-esteem cause 
  • How his daughter was affected.
  • People drift apart when one takes relationships for granted.
  • How to be in a relationship with a powerful woman.
Justin Black

Justin Black

Redefining Normal

We talked about:

  • How everyone has the responsibility, ability and opportunity to examine their beliefs and values, especially if you are from a family with many mental health issues.
  • How the foster system influenced him, and what saved him.
  • The values needed, and the importance of self-awareness.
Jeff Stitely

Jeff Stitely

Men’s Life and Relationship Coach

We talked about:

  • We asked what if you are married to someone who cannot be wrong or with a partner who does not want counseling?
  • Our defenses and being defensive.
  • Suddenly being a single parent 
  • Conflict resolution, going for clarity and listening
  • And we had a great, open conversation about sex.
Alain Dumonceaux

Alain Dumonceaux

The Awakened Man – Life Transformation (Men)tor

We talked about:

  • What does it take for a man to become awakened if he doesn’t even know he is not – a great starting point for a conversation about being disconnected from one’s relationship.
  • Do we put enough in?
  • What about feeling neglected once the children arrived?
  • What do we do with the growing resentment?
Jude Sandvall

Jude Sandvall

The Divorced Dadvocate

We talked about:

  • We talked about how divorce is an opportunity to become broken open, co-parenting, codependency, being the caregiver and about controlling.  
  • The importance and why of breaking generational trauma.
  • When we only receive conditional love, it changes how we see ourselves. 
  • Fathers abdicating responsibilities.
Tim Horn

Tim Horn

Board Certified Hypnotist/Instructor

We talked about:

  • The way the mind works is important.
  • Parents create a context for a feeling within a child. Everything that happens affects you positively or negatively.
  • Pleasing our parents, abandonment fears, and self-judgement can make you jail yourself.
  • People audition to be in a relationship with you.
John A Hardy

John A. Hardy

Director / Founder

We talked about:

  • How growing up in a very angry home is taken it into your marriage.
  • We talked about blockages, manly pride, and living up to the examples the media have set for us.
  • The willingness to admit we have weaknesses, the opportunity to be really strong.
  • From a fix-it mentality to being teachable
  • Learning soft skills is transformational 
Chuck Groot

Chuck Groot

Chuck Groot Financial and Business consulting

We talked about:

  • Being married to an alcoholic..
  • How we model ourselves on our fathers and follow stereotypes. Mother and charge of house, father in business.
  • The values a man needs for a successful relationship and a successful life and the need to be in control of our own mind and beliefs.
  • Two people going the same direction, at the same time..
Mahesh Grossman

Mahesh Grossman

Somatic Hypnotherapist

We talked about:

  • Mahesh shares great visualization techniques that you can apply right there, during our conversation.
  • The trauma that toxic parental outlooks and behaviours bring, and how our unconscious belief system carry it all the years with us..
  • How not to be pissed off in your relationship. 
  • Unconditional love.
  • RefIll yourself with joy and inner peace.
James Stephenson

James Stephenson

Author and Coach

We talked about:

  • What “Man up” does to us.
  • Crushing your emotions sets you up for deeper failure, deeper hurt. You are less capable of being a successful man and capable man and husband and father.
  • It’s okay to cry.
  • What to do when you do not have an example of how to be a good father.
  • I didn’t even know how much I questioned my own capabilities. 
  • What is conditional worth?
Larry McInnes

Larry McInnes

Happiness and Abundance Coach

We talked about:

  • We talk about infidelity, the losses, the reasons, the ‘how not to’, the why, the recovery process, 
  • How one settle for a general or overall level of unhappiness… but you get used to stuff like that.
  • He did not see any affair on the horizon.
  • This is what affairs do: you are living two lives and comparing two lives.
  • I can’t fix past but I can address the present
Yonason Goldson

Yonason Goldson

Director of Ethical Imperatives, LLC

We talked about:

  • A very interesting conversation when a rabbi shows up for straight talk about the lessons he learned, and adding the scripture lessons into it. 
  • The standards we need for a happy, successful life
  • What is real strength?
  • How men will compensate by putting on a show.
  • Where happiness comes from .
  • When to be more assertive, when to be passive.
Louise VN Liebenberg

Louise VN Liebenberg

The Female Perspective. 

We talked about:

  • As an Unresolved Trauma Expert, Relationship Counselor and Confidence Coach, Louise shares her own life transformation through not only a traumatic childhood, but also a traumatic marriage.
  • From her perspective on where she is now, and through her experience as Group Coaching Facilitator, she shares her experience by being part of these open conversations, but also by highlighting the similarities and differences between men and women
  • She wants you to know that you can change everything that is holding you back.  
  • Learn through the Stories and Examples of powerful yet accessible example setters
  • Clarify your hidden blocks and get tips, tools and examples of relationships created with  awareness
  • Transform the quality of all your relationships, and live in more harmony with those around you by applying these lessons everywhere.
  • Use the latest science to create new habits, and end habits that are getting in your way
  • Optimize your emotional life and live with more vitality and grace
  • Cultivate the resilience and courage you need to challenge yourself and follow through on your goals
  • Make friends with your feelings for more meaning and joy
  • Reframe your outlooks to design the life you want, and create daily practices that will support your relationship into being supportive, caring and mutually respectful

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Leave Your History and Triggers Behind

Tony Jeton Selimi  *  Alain Dumonceaux  *  Alan Cox  *  Tim Horn


Mindful Awareness in Relationships

Chuck Groot  *  Mahesh Grossman  * Justin Black  *  Jeff Stitely


Feelings and Fear of Commitment

Doug Miller  *  John A Hardy  *  James Stephenson  * Yonason Goldson


Building and Repairing

Jan Robberts  *  Jude Sandvall  *  Larry McInnes  * Louise VN Liebenberg

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