Shame Masterclass

A 3 Part Series to help us get out from under the burden of shame.

Do only one Masterclass or do them all - you choose!

Each with its own worksheet to help you find the hidden triggers and its appropriate healing mechanisms.


Are you kept prisoner by shame?
Are you feeling helpless and frustrated?
do you wonder if there is even a way out?

Let me assure you, there is a way out.
First, we start with understanding. Then we pinpoint the exact origins. And you may be surprised, because it is not about all the times you messed up.
Then we find solutions!


Tuesday, 8th June

shame webinar 1

Demystifying the Origins and Anatomy of Shame for Emotional Freedom

  • Our bodies are biologically wired to express shame
  • There is a reason why shame is important
  • But there is a kind of shame that our bodies are not designed for


Wednesday, 9th June

shame day 2

Define Your Shame or be Defined by Shame

  • Unfinished business stays stuck in us
  • It has severely negative effects on our bodies
  • It keeps us from opportunities and cause oner-reactions
  • We can change that!


Thursday, 10th June

Overcome & Thrive!

  • There are safe ways to work through shame
  • Shame can be your history, not who you are today
  • Shame can be our biggest catalyst

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Tuesday 8th June Shame – Demistifying the origins and anatomy of shame for emotional freedom

Wednesday 9th June Shame – Define your shame or be defined by shame

Thursday 10th June – Shame: Overcome and thrive.

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Much love


Louise VN Liebenberg