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Mark your calendar for 17 July 2023!

Anyone living with ADD or ADHD will know how much strain it puts on a partner and this one is specifically aimed at the partner. If you do have ADD or ADHD it is not going to be bad for you to listen and to understand how the other side feels, but this is really mainly aimed at people that have to live with it. I have been living with someone with ADD for a very long time and a very big part of the problem is that a lot of the behavior is unexplainable to us if it is undiagnosed. But there are other things that present themselves as ADD or ADHD in the end it doesn’t matter what the other things are. The same set of behaviors is what confuses us and disappoints us and makes us feel completely and utterly powerless. If this sounds like you please make sure that you dial into the next masterclass.

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