Deep-Seated Shame Neuro Rewiring Workshop

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It is uncanny how many people walk around with a deep-seated conviction that who we really are is not acceptable.

We learn to fit in and we don't easily trust people with our true selves. We lose who we actually are in the process and identify with our act.
The person we have adapted to be then becomes such a habit that it start to feels like who we are and who we should be.
The problem is that the little soft part inside is oversensitive and very reactive and causes unnecessary drama, heartache and lack of confidence, connection and support for us.
Yes true, some people may become all about achieving and people pleasing and rescuing others - and feel good about that - but the signs will still be in the reactions or withdrawals and the people we keep losing in our lives.
We all have different ways to react that our circumstances but fortunately the way out of the maze of self-protection is clear, and with this workshop you get to transform your hidden inside world in a safe, guided and step-by-step way.
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