New Adult Child 2022

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The Workshop Summit For People Who Want To Come Home to Who They Yearn To Be.
Join us for our 8 Expert Conversations, for stories of real life people who transformed their lives, including 4 live Discussions, Demos and Workshops.

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When we bring what we learned during our early formative years with us into the adult world, we carry an invisible burden that holds us back in many ways, yet we're not able to see it, as big parts of it are buried inside our subconscious.

These include limiting belief systems, survival tactics, habits aimed at self-preservation, inherited outlooks and buried fear reactions.

These are deeply ingrained and mostly invisible to ourselves, as we have a deep attachment to our belief-system, and will find ways of distracting ourselves from our invisible traumas

  • We may even look like we have picture perfect lives, because we carefully crafted a life that makes us feel acceptable or ‘as good as’.
  • We can be perfectionists, or revel in our rebel behaviors.
  • We can be over-achievers, or be too intimidated to shine.
  • We could even have ‘normalized’ our chaotic childhood and only remember the good times.
  • We may only notice it in our relationships, which very often are not emotionally satisfactory.
  • We may find it difficult to get support, accept help and praise and let others into our lives without careful scrutiny first.
  • We may have used our traumas to be our fuel for success, but we may also have crippling anxiety and be diagnosed with depression.


If any of these feel like you, I encourage you to sign up right now. This Workshop Summit will open new levels of awareness for you, it will bring you more self-empowerment and self-awareness and you will walk away with life skills and tools, some of which you did not realise you were missing!

70 – 80 % of the World Population are subconsciously trapped in Adult Children Pattern. Who knew! What if this valuable knowledge is your missing link?

This is for you if you want:

  • To step from feeling powerless to being effective and heard
  • Tools for self-empowerment, self-actualization and self-directedness
  • Understanding yourself and your place in the world
  • Deep joy and peace in ways not imagined possible
  • Improved relationships
  • Stability & hope

Leading Experts to Guide You

Learn from renowned authors, scientists, habit change specialists, mindset and success coaches, and real people who have become experts through changing their own lives, became self-empowered and self-directed

Practical Skills and Practices You Can Do Now

Find out that you are not the only one and be amazed at the level of support you can get. Discover that YOU have the power to dramatically change your life for the better. Learn and implement powerful, practical tools to eliminate old limiting and self-defeating habits & clarify your life vision.

Free Access to Each Session for 24 Hours

You can enjoy each day’s presentations any time of day or night for 24 hours. Watch all 20 sessions from your computer, phone or tablet. Bring ‘Don’t Talk, Don’t Feel, Don’t Trust’ AC Summit with you anywhere. Share, because you know of friends and family who need this. Heal!

22 January 2022 One-Day-Immersion

Dr Laurie Weiss

Dr Laurie Weiss

Dr. Laurie Weiss, psychotherapist, coach and author has helped more than 60,000 individuals reclaim life energy and find joy in life for more than five decades. She has taught professionals in 13 countries and authored 13 books that make complex information accessible to anyone.


  • Trained to be codependent
  • Learn to trust
  • Making agreements & keeping them
  • Learn to say ‘No’
  • Barriers/Frozen energy
  • Logo Synthesis
Karen Pratt

Karen Pratt

Karen has 20 years of deep immersion in Transactional Analysis (TA). As a personal coach, she offers present centred, developmental work. TA tools can empower you to reclaim the fullness of who you already are, understand yourself better and have more options in your life and relationships.

Live Session:

  • Transactional Analysis 
  • Stop the games!
  • Drama triangle roles
  • The Winner Circle framework 
  • The OK-OK Communication model
  • New Take on  Parent, Adult, Child model (ego states)
Richard Morden

Richard Morden

Are you aware of Self-Sabotage, is life a constant up and down cycle no matter how hard you try? Richard helps you discover these unacknowledged emotions of Rage, Disgust, Betrayal & Disappointment and guide you to create from a safe place peace and love.

Live Session:

  • Quickly and easily clear emotional blockages
  • Stop unhealthy cycle of suffering.
  • Almost immediate results. 
  • Increased sense of calm, clarity, and well-being.
  • Relief at how easily issues dissolve
  • Improvements in relationships, health, and ability to deal with stress
Kerry Rudman

Kerry Rudman

Kerry Rudman is the owner of Brain Harmonics, offering neurofeedback to combat imbalances in the brain naturally. Her focus is on PTSD and traumas that cause us to live in imbalances that don’t serve us. Some of the Neurofeedback uses are for sleep, depression, anxiety, focus & concentration, and migraines.

Live Session Demo:

  • Traumas – especially childhood traumas – can throw your brain into coping strategies to help you survive. 
  • You don’t implement ideas that you have or don’t stand up for yourself
  • You are too reactionary and overstep other’s boundaries.
  • Your brain’s protection mechanism keeps recreating the problem
Loretta Ferrucci

Loretta Ferrucci

Loretta’s mission is to awaken and connect people to their magnificence so that they can create optimal health, high vitality and live lives of inspiration and purpose. 

Integrating 25 years of experience as a homeopath with energy techniques and mind-body tools, she teaches people to create the lives they love.


  • I whitewashed my childhood.
  • Tough it out
  • Relentlessly happy. I’m not allowed to have a problem.
  • My identity ties up in my job
  • Brain exhaustion
  • Coping strategies get validated
  • “It would have killed you in the happening”
Otakara Klettke

Otakara Klettke

Otakara Klettke is The Body Whisperer. She helps people to restore vitality, health, and body-mind-spirit connection. 

Otakara rehabilitates the body and trains the mind. With her unique method and approach, she reignites the body’s existing self-healing mechanism.


  • The body fixes the mind
  • Mind hijacks the body
  • We blame the body
  • We can learn to access the body
  • Too often we are ‘soldiering’ the body
  • We carry unhappiness from childhood
  • The ‘being sick’ scale
Mandy Herold

Mandy Herold

Mandy brings a contagious energy to everything she does. She is a dynamic presenter and is passionate about the development of Social Emotional Skills. She specializes in a Strengths-based approach focusing on Parent Education & Coaching, Teacher Training & Coaching, School Leadership & Management Teams. She prioritizes connection and empathy in all her engagements.


  • Self Love and Connection
  • Children act out what they see, not what you tell them
  • Press Pause – Emotional Regulation
  • Growth Mindset
  • Adults don’t know how to sit with discomfort
  • Heal through conscious language
  • Relationships are governed by connection
Louise VN Liebenberg

Louise VN Liebenberg

Louise’s passion is to help people create fast, effective solutions for the many confusing subconscious and habitual blocks to establishing lasting joy, peace and connection. As your Fearless Magnificence Coachelor she specializes in Self-Empowerment, Inner Child Healing, Self-Esteem Establishment, Relationship Re-Connection and Group Facilitation.

Live Session:

  • Did you have to grow up too young?
  • Do you work very hard at looking OK?
  • Do you have very strong opinions, and have a deep-seated belief that these keep you safe?
  • Do you scan a room before you enter?
  • Are you overly conscientous, or quite responsibility-avoidant?
  • Is successful relationships a bit of a mystery for you? Or are you very happy to be enmeshed with your partner?

One Day Immersion SCHEDULE

Friday 21 January

Live Session

Adult Child Pattern with Louise VN Liebenberg

Are you unknowingly living your life, trapped in the Adult Child Pattern? Go from Survival Patterns to Thriving Skills!

Saturday 22 January

Real Conversations, Real Solutions

  • Inner Child Healing with Dr Laurie Weiss
  • Integrating Physical Health and Mental Awareness with Loretta Ferrucci
  • Start a Transformative Relationship with Your Body; recover from life-long low-grade PTSD and other debilitating circumstances with Otakara Klettke
  • Conscious Parenting, Self-Love & Connection  with Mandy Herold

Saturday Live Sessions

Saturday 22 January

Live Session

Brain Training: NeuroFeedback with Kerry Rudman

No more being held back in the world: traumas – especially childhood traumas, can throw your brain into certain survival  coping strategies 

Saturday 22 January

Live Session

Transactional Analysis with Karen Pratt

Stop the games!

Drama triangle roles – the Winner Circle framework – the OK-OK Communication model – New Take on  Parent, Adult, Child model (ego states)

Saturday 22 January

Live Session

EFT with Richard Morden

Easily clear the emotional blockages that keep you stuck in an unhealthy cycle of suffering.

Sunday 23 January 2022

20 Powerful Conversations – available one more day only

Karen Casey * Som Bathla * Sandy Geyer * Richard Morden * Elicia Millar * Lisa King * Judith Quin * Lynn Erasmus * Bruce Anderson * Tashni Nayager * Renee Lighton * Stephanie Duffey * Chris Moss * Sherry Brier * Janine Naus * Angela Legh * Kim Quick * Paul M * Tammy Banks * Norma Hollis

Gifts from our generous experts

  • Stop Self Sabotage with LifeMapping – Online Workshop
  • Reduce Worry Starting Now – Program: 7 Email Series
  • A Free 101 Breakthrough Session! – A one on one zoom breakthrough coaching session.
  • Strengths Coaching Session – Top 5 Strengths Clifton Strengths Assessment and follow up 1 hour online Coaching Session.
  • Introduction to EFT – PDF with Tapping Scripts.
  • Free NeuroFeedback Assessment or De-Stress – Session. (South Africa only)

All gifts and resources available only on the day the Summit Conversations are live.

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20 Leading Experts to Guide You - One more Chance!

Karen Casey

From teaching elementary school  to graduating with a Ph.D. in 1979 to publishing her first book, EACH DAY A NEW BEGINNING: DAILY MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN with Hazelden Publishing in 1982, to inspiring millions with titles such as “Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow” and “Codependence And The Power Of Detachment”


Bestselling author of numerous books. Millions of fans around the world spend moments of quiet contemplation with Karen’s daily meditations and Hazelden’s daily inspirations. She is a 12-step recovery facilitator and brings hope for recovery from codependence, addiction, and not living your best life.

Som Bathla

Som Bathla believes in the vastness of human potential and is dedicated help people overcome self-doubt and fears, unleash their true potential and thus enable one to take massive action to lead a fulfilling life. He has written 20+ bestseller books on the above topics covering principles backed by psychological research and scientific evidence.


From the corporate world to researching the best ways to Build Happy Brains, trigger High Performance, Think Inteligently, Make Smart Choices, Make Ove Your Mindset, Focus and grow Self-Discipline. Using research into how the brain works and neuropsychology to present effective, fast acting tools.

Bruce Anderson

Bruce guides people past emotional blocks that keep them from the mindset, motivation and beliefs that they need to move forward in their lives.


Bruce is telling us more about using Hypnosis to help us skillfully and in a pleasurable way to neutralize our fears, triggers, childhood belief systems and help us achieve a life that is More than Good Enough. 

He shares, tips, insights and a deeper understanding of obe of the fastes acting ways for us to move forward in our lives.

Sandy Geyer

Sandy works with business leaders, academic leaders and future business
leaders in Australlia, New Zealand and South Africa to develop what she
terms their Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ), and Leadership Literacy for
Life with her specialist training practice.


Sandy’s research led her to the Trauma Informed Model, while she was conducting a questionnaire on how entrepreneurs navigated covid.

Join us as her surprise findings joins the dots to the core strengths and values of Adult Child Pattern.

Sherry Brier

Sherry Brier is Founder/Director of, the largest online video library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and motivate women to reach their highest potential. She is Creator/Director of Inner Rhythm Movement Arts Institute and a No.1 best selling author of DARING, DAZZLING, DIVINE: Secrets to Rock Your Life.

Elicia Millar

Founder of Core Emotional Healing® (CEH) & Candida Expert. After 10 years of intensive healing with Experiential Therapy training and empathic psychological & intuitive gifts, she created the CEH process to heal the wounded inner child, and emotional root of Candida, autoimmune, disordered eating, perfectionism, codependency, & other symptoms & problematic relationships

Janine Naus

Janine Naus is a Grief and Trauma Relief Specialist, a multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author, and founder of the Breaking the Silence SummitShe works with women who are suffering and stuck in grief due to trauma and supports them on their journey to a fulfilling and joyful life.

Angela Legh

Angela Legh survived a terrible wildfire, which turned out to transform her life. When her world shrunk to the relationship she was in, she made the choice to leave her toxic marriage. She has grown tremendously and now seeks to help others to transform.

Christopher Moss

Christopher Moss is a 6-time bestselling author and mentor. He is passionate about helping others find what their calling is and become successful.

His first book was Hope Over Anxiety, followed by Freedom over Anxiety. He made pivotal changes to his life after a life-threatening experience.

Stephanie Duffey

Stephanie’s ability to cut through the illusions that hold people back from reaching their potential & her laser approach can quickly shift a person’s mindset to bring clarity, thereby allowing growth. She identifies your unique gifts and challenge you to claim your worth. She has successfully coached people from diverse backgrounds to embrace their authentic selves.

Kim Quick

She is a Dating & Relationships Coach who supports people in high level breakthrough results in love and relationships by uncovering their hidden blocks, connect their highest and true self, and experience the love they desire.

Paul M

Born into a staunch Greek family, us kids were merely a reflection of our parents: “What will the people say” was our terrifying yardstick. We suffered all manner of encouragements, beatings, challenges etc. in our adrenaline-filled world of great achievements & near misses which were met with derision and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological retribution.

Lynn Erasmus

Lynn has been telling herself little lies since she was 5-years old: “Not good, pretty or worthy enough” – trying to deal with her mother’s suicide. But once she started loving herself completely – she became unstoppable. She is here to rekindle your enthusiasm and lust for life and will show you, that you too can become unstoppable – by starting to break all those rules that kept you small.


Tashni Nayager

Dr Tashni Nayager is a holistic medical practitioner and Reiki practitioner. “My life was a daily struggle, I felt hopeless and helpless. The world saw ‘perfect’ Tashni while my inner world was crumbling. Finding the help and tools I needed transformed my life. It takes commitment and courage to create the life you truly deserve.”


Judith Quin

Judith combines Voice-Vibration Sound and Chakra Healing and Vocal Confidence Coaching. So that you can:

1) Live your life without the emotional and energetic baggage of your past holding you back.

2) Speak with confidence, clarity and conviction – no matter the situation.

Lisa King

Lisa King is a  TEDx Speaker, International Bestselling Author, ‘Selfloveologist’ and Mentor.  Lisa is an intuitive and unconventional maverick who gifts others the belief to package who they are, with what they know; to go out and impact the world with their life changing GIFT. 

Self Love – The Greatest Gift of All’

Tammy Banks

Tammy Banks

Tammy’s complex childhood, personal history, academic achievements & work experience have driven her to develop creative, innovative solutions. Tammy is Founder of the Training 4 Influence methodology and author of the book Transform your Training. Tammy will share with you her story and how services when delivered in expert – tailored – engaging and values-led way can transform lives.

Richard Morden

Richard Morden

Are you aware of Self-Sabotage, is life a constant up and down cycle no matter how hard you try? Richard helps you discover these unacknowledged emotions of Rage, Disgust, Betrayal & Disappointment and guide you to create from a safe place peace and love.

Renee Lighton

As an Educator, Keynote Speaker, Consultant and lifelong learner, Renee uses creative and playful methods to release those challenges that keep us stuck in the suck!  

Her coaching, workshops and personally designed programmes, makes her one of SA’s top facilitators. Join us on this Summit to experience her out-of-the-box approach.

Norma Hollis

Norma Hollis is a change agent who impacts the world in multiple ways. She writes programs for human development, around the theme of ‘Authenticity’, to deepen self-awareness and expand consciousness. Her programs are catalysts for people open to gaining new perspectives about self, life and living. She loves working with those who are committed to making a difference in the world.

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