Trauma to Triumph

Book Collaboration

Our book project

I hope you are all writing away and enjoying the creative process.

Please submit as soon as you are done, so the next round of compiling, editing and formatting can begin.

Deadline: 16 May if possible, 31 May at the latest. (see to do next regarding deadline if you are desperate for an extension)

To do next

1. Make sure we have a high res image of you for the back cover

2. Vote on cover concept below before it goes to the designer

3. The sub-title is super important. Choose and/or suggest  a subtitle

4. Did you complete your contract? No contract, no book!

5. I have had a request for word a count increase. I am a writer too… I understand! Here is the fairest for everyone deal: 3000 words $97 or 4000 words $111

6. We do not need to be rigid! Our deadline can be extended if it means that more of us can join. I know how incredibly busy all of you are, me included. Amazon allows for pre-order up to a year before, but we do not want to lose too much momentum after the summit. Please vote below.

7 Scroll down for Back Cover concept. The designer may switch things up though! But the basic idea is there. (But some of your back page images are grainy because they are not high res.)

Cover Concepts for Designer

Choice A

Choice B

Choice C

Choice D

Choice E


1. Real and Vulnerable Stories from 14 Warrior Women for Living Your Best Life

2. Real and Vulnerable Stories from 14 Brave Women so You Too can Heal, Overcome & Shine

3. How to not let your story, your history, your hurts, your inherited outlooks hold you back

4. How to not dim your vision for what you can have, who you can be, what you can overcome, and where you can go

5. Overcome, transform and reframe challenges into learning moments, tools and shining examples of what you too can achieve with expert help

6. 14 Experts share their stories, their strategies and best tools to help you overcome abuse, narcissism, unresolved childhood griefs, addiction, loss and abandonment. They will help you turn these adversities into your biggest strengths.

7. Turn your adversities into your biggest strengths with real-life examples of women who overcame and thrive


Choice 1:

Email me for your Credit Card Payment link.

Choice 2: Paypal:

For Word count 3000, Pay $97 with Paypal:

For Word count 4000, Pay $111 with Paypal:

Contact me should you need to make arrangements for 2 or 3 payments.

Hi Co-Authors

I am so excited about our book project, and looking forward to getting your chapters.

One of the biggest perks of this collaboration is having our name associated with other women of substance, who has incredible stories, who are brave and who are going into the world, making change happen.

The second perk is that every book in your name brings attention to your other books, those published or about to come out soon.

The third perk is not so obvious if you are not a seasoned marketer, but it is this: events drive your capability to say something newsworthy. And this is an event, not just a book, and moreover, it is a joint marketing effort. Therefore, it is up to you to use it to drive interest to your other projects. Be creative!

I just love the magic of collaboration!


Louise VN Liebenberg

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