Hamster Wheel Relationships for Women

A Step by Step Process to Escape Unfulfilling Relationship Patterns

If you are caught in pointless spirals in which you repeat the same arguments and the same relationship disasters over and over, you will love this book.

I wrote this book for the desperate “me” from 14 years ago, who did not know what else to try, where to get help and indeed that there was another way to happiness. 

For me, I now know that it is possible to really change your life from the inside out, that great relationships do exist, that they look different from what I thought, and that all I needed was better information. 

This book is in workbook style. You do it in your own time, at your own pace, but with support always near in the form of a Free Facebook Support Group, where you can post your questions.  Answers are posted once a week in the weekly Live Videos, but available to access in your own time.

I would love for you to have these tools and knowledge too!

Accompanied by a Free, Downloadable Workbook!

If you are struggling to retain connection and acceptance in relationships...
Repeatedly find yourself Lonely and Unsupported...
And want to Break Free from Codependence
This book is for you...

If you are
  • are tired of the same communication patterns with the same outcomes
  • are so over relationship drama
  • find it hard to voice your wants and needs in a relationship.
  • feel trapped in a relationship in which you feel lonely, unheard and without support:
  • tumble from relationship to relationship and eventually suspect that you are repeating one key mistake
  • Or if you are in a very long, dysfunctional relationship, based on repeating the same mistake over and over
  • The step by step process empowers women to
  • decipher and decode what the root cause is
  • change their own limiting beliefs
  • work through their unresolved grieves
  • learn healthier outlooks and to acquire life-changing tools
  • work through learning the early warning signs
  • making better choices
  • learn effective communication processes, and
  • find out how to dial down your own overly emotional responses.
  • Whether you want to change the patterns that occur in relationship after relationship or in a long-term relationship, you will be empowered to address your pain points skilfully

…saved, improved and be happy. 

You can create connection, support and joy in your life by stepping off the cycle.

When you change your own outlook, behaviour and coping tools, everyone around us changes in response to your healthier ways.

The book is accompanied by a FREE printable PDF that serves as a powerful workbook for transformation.

Throughout the book you will also find links to BONUS checklists and “HOW TO” sheets.

Susan Quaite, author

Hamster Wheel is a very well written book that contains material every women needs to read. If you have been in multiple relationships or in just one long term relationship this is material you need to read. Read it by yourself, read with your daughters, and your daughters in law. Just read it. (Might not be bad to read with your sons too)

Shanda K Miller: writer, trainer, and consultant. www.shandakmiller.com

This book was both brutally eye-opening and honest, and encouraging and insightful at the same time.  The thing I found most valuable was that no matter how I got to this place, and no matter my childhood upbringing, it’s now up to me. I alone am responsible for my happiness and my actions.

Lyn Cikara, Leadership Development Professional, Author of: Stronger than Cancer

I am always interested in what makes women’s relationships more successful, at work and in private. This book is spot on for women to learn from even if intimate relationships aren’t the problem! I see application for the wisdom shared in this book being applicable in leadership, when women face great career obstacles as well as attitudes towards taking charge when diagnosed with serious illness.