From Trauma to Triumph

Real life stories from 12 powerful women to help you overcome your history and to thrive.

We all experience trauma sooner or later. It can be small, repeated events, or life-changing in-your-face events. Sometimes it is visible, and people can empathize, but so often it is hidden away, and we feel all alone and overwhelmed.

A lot of our childhood trauma is ignored, normalized or wiped from our memory. It does not mean it did not happen, nor does it mean you were unaffected. Every trauma, whether you were still small, or whether it happened in our adult years, leaves an impact on us. It is our solemn duty to ourselves to become free from what directs our lives with invisible strings, and to empower ourselves by being fully aware of our own part to play in transforming our challenges into a stepping stone that will take us towards thriving.

 Some of us are more resilient, seemingly getting through trauma easier than others. That is not how it really is. It is just that some of us have learned better tools with which to navigate this unpredictable world we live in.

This book is your doorway to finding support, getting to know others who have been through the same as you, and to start using the tools and insights that moved everyone of our authors to new outlooks and abilities. 

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What people are saying...

Jill Rogers, author

I love this book, it’s so needed❣️

I love the way all of these authors courageously shared their hearts, lives, and stories. These stories give hope to a troubled world. There is much wisdom to be taken from these chapters.

Phil Harvey

Amazing Read

A fantastic book written by amazingly insightful women. Helpful and comforting. Great stories told in relatable voices. Loved it. Will be reading it again when needing comfort, wisdom, and insight.

Robert Doran

Incredible Book by Inspiring Women

Easy to read, and easy to relate to. Lessons that everyone needs to know, with both real-life origins & application. Highly recommend!

Amazon Customer

Real, raw, vulnerable . . . and hope-filled

These 12 stories are full of pain, trauma, heartache, and heartbreak; yet, they also exude courage, resilience, hope, overcoming . . . and triumph!

Each story gutted me, but also helped me reflect on some of my own trials, mistakes, and choices I’ve made, and make peace with them—and myself. This is a good book to read when you have somewhere quiet to take some time for introspection. We all have our hurts. It’s wonderful to celebrate that these 12 women overcame theirs!

Monica Rubombora

Raw, Honest & Inspirational

The stories themselves are raw in their honesty. There is a golden thread running through them: they all tried to go into a savior mode: they tried to fix others or continued to focus on comforting themselves or went into denial about instead of dealing with the traumas in their lives. For example, there is the story of Amanda, who had health issues throughout her life & it was only later that she discovered that there was a direct link between her ill health & the food that she was eating. Or Louise, that introduces the reader to something called “Dry Drunk Syndrome.” Or Toby, who, from an early age, was constantly being told to stop feeling sorry for herself because she was “fat.”

Amazon Customer

Authentic stories told from a place of authenticity and power

What a gift! The stories from these 12 incredible authors were authentic, wise, and powerful. Louise has skillfully woven together these narratives and connected them from different people who have celebrated their journey trauma to TRIUMPH!

Each story spoke to me in a different way and left me with food for thought and reflection.

I highly recommend this very special book!

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