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Straight from the pages of International Bestseller Hamster Wheel Relationships For Women: The Self-Esteem Chapter FREE for you!

Use the 4 cheat hacks and discover how to break down your self-esteem growth into doable chunks, with practical, logical exercises. 

Your Printable Choice of DESKTOP COVERS

The best way for us to achieve our dreams and our best version of ourselves is by shifting our attention into a growth mode.

We focus on where we want to go, surround ourselves with positivite energy and people and the curate resources that will help us focus on our goal.

Choose all or just one of 35 covers! You can use it as a slideshow screensaver or as a static or rolling desktop background.


Your 'Habits to Drop' Book

A short book with 9 habits to drop, plus the outlooks and habits to install in their place.

Easy to follow, practical and logical.


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These are areas that I had to change in my own life, and it had miraculous effects. My ADD husband is now my biggest supporter and totally dependable and (mostly) very responsible!

Follow along with my talk and you will totally get the need for these 3 very powerful worksheets

50% off my bestselling book!

Just for you for 3 days only!

There was a time when I was bewildered by the lack of love and support I was getting, no matter what I tried, no matter how many places I looked for help. This is step-by-step how I changed my own life and those of my clients. It works!

50% off plus awesome bonuses for 12 week course

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I truly believed that I would never have support and that I had to do it all myself. My perfectionist ways lead to burnout and very little contentment. I want you to have the same joy, support and balance (WIP!) I have now.

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Louise VN Liebenberg