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The Introverts Worksheet
for conquering Social Media

Where are you on the Introvert/Extrovert Scale?

  • Are you an Introvert or are you Shy? Or both?
  • Best qualities list
  • Action plan to help you own who you are and
  • Show up in a way that will help you connect to your audience better.

Several worksheets, diagrams and exercises in this short e-book will help you focus quickly on your core strategies for Social Media success

Your free guide to designing and maintaining a winning support team

We can mess up the best idea in the world if we do not choose our support team wisely, and even the best team needs expert managing.

Can you Redesign your outlook on your worthiness and on your support system by reading 9 short pages? Yes you can, because this little e-book is packed with super-information!

You are guaranteed several Aha Moments.

  • Neutralizing Limiting Beliefs for Entrepreneurs
  • Self-Esteem: External or Internal?
  • Setting Expectations for your Team
  • Choosing and Maintaining your Team
  • The Magic Bullet: Self-Respect

Free 4-day Self-Worth Messenger Challenge

This is for you if

  • You are tired of people pleasing
  • Your ‘No’ only produce results if you blow up
  • You are ultra hard on yourself
  • You are desperate to be valued for you
  • You feel unnoticed and unsupported
  • You are tired and just want it to be easier
  • You know there are invisible barriers that are keeping you stuck
  • What you have been trying is not working and you know something has to change

Hi and Welcome!

I am looking forward to meeting you!

I truly believed that I would never have support and that I had to do it all myself. My perfectionist ways lead to burnout and very little contentment. I want you to have the same joy, support and balance (WIP!) I have now.

I had to go through all the challenges of becoming more visible, with my introvert side kicking back strongly. But here I am! We can get over ourselves!

Reach out, connect. I will not be sending you 3 emails daily, more as in when inspiration strike and when I have exciting news to share. But I do want you to join our next free 4-day self-worth challenge, so expect some reminders and more free stuff!

Remember, there is a real person on the other side if you want to connect!

With much love


Louise VN Liebenberg