Masterclass Series

A 3 Part Series to help us get out from under the burden of shame.

Do only one Masterclass or do them all - you choose!

Each with its own worksheet to help you find the hidden triggers and its appropriate healing mechanisms.

Are you kept prisoner by shame?
Are you feeling helpless and frustrated in your relationships?
Do you feel that no matter what you say, you are just not heard or validated?
Do you wonder if there is even a way out?

Let me assure you, there is a way out.
First, we start with understanding. Then we pinpoint the exact origins. And you may be surprised, because it is not about all the times you messed up.
Then we find solutions!
This is not only for our intimate relationships. This works in all our relationships, and even improves our work-life, and our prospects in life!

Why do we start with shame, you ask?

Because we don’t even know how much we are still carrying!

And because it influences everything we do. It influences our health, our communication, our outlooks and therefore our prospects in life and ALL our relationships!

Imagine what we can achieve when we start working as a team, instead of punishing each other!

Masterclass 2 helps us understand what went wrong and see out patterns!

Isn’t that an empowering concept? Now I can actively work on changing patterns and contribute to better relationships with a more objective understanding!

Once we understand how and why the fights/disagreements/misunderstandings and disconnection started, we can untangle ourselves and restart from a more peaceful, neutral place.

Once we are in the Hamster Wheel, it is inevitable… one day we will realize that the fun is gone, and we will wonder if this is all there is!

In these series of conversations I am having with you, I equip you with 4 powerful Worksheets that will help you gain great awareness, clarity and insights.

  • We will change outlooks from trapped to empowered.
  • We will help you from victimhood to finding your voice.
  • We will see a clear start to our dramas and a definite easier road forward.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it wasn’t always so messy.

And sometimes we need someone who will help us see our blind spots!

And very often we need to up our Communication Skills considerably!

Masterclass 3 is all about just that – our way of talking to each other.

And notice that I am not calling it ‘communication’!

True communication happens to need some skills most of us are sadly lacking. But I am so keen to help you find the fast track, and in this Masterclass I will help you empower yourself by helping you gain clarity on how much our daily interactions messes up our relationships, when it can just as well strengthen it each and very day!

This is such a common cause of the problems between us – one or both parties holding back their true feelings 🙁

But once you know HOW to say things, everything changes!

Get Access To All 3 Day's Recordings And All Worksheets

Day 1

Demystifying the Origins and Anatomy of Shame for Emotional Freedom

  • Our bodies are biologically wired to express shame
  • There is a reason why shame is important
  • But there is a kind of shame that our bodies are not designed for
shame webinar 1

Day 2

The reasons your relationships are unsatisfying, troublesome, disconnected or even abusive, and why you should not just leave

  • Find out why you stay, why you connected in the first place and why it is so hard
  • Find out why you should not just leave
  • Find better outlooks and tools
shame day 2

Day 3

Reclaim your voice, be heard, be effective and improve ALL your relationships

  • What does it mean to have a voice
  • Where did it go?
  • How to be heard and be effective across all our relationships

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Get Lifetime Access to following:

  • All 3 Day’s Masterclass Recordings
  • All 3 Day’s Worksheets
  • A 1 Hour Long, One to One session with Louise


Get Access To All 3 Day's Recordings And All Worksheets

Get Lifetime Access to following:

1. All 3 Day's Masterclass Recordings

2. All 3 Day's Worksheets

3. A 1 Hour Long, One to One session with Louise

What happens next?

You don’t have to do anything!

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Looking forward to keep connecting as we strive for more and more emotional freedom, peace and harmony in our lives.

Much love


Louise VN Liebenberg