Hamster Wheel Relationships for Women:

A Step by Step Process to Transform Unfulfilling Relationship Patterns

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  • International Bestseller
  • Described as “powerful”, “vulnerable”, “transforming”, “no-nonsense”, “effective”.
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What others have to say:

This book is one of the best I’ve read when it comes to finding the root cause of relationship problems you might have had in the past or are currently experiencing. It's filled with exercises to bring awareness to damaging thoughts and behaviors, as well as powerful exercises for personal growth. Also, I found a great dose of empowerment in the book
Cloris Kylie
Author, Coach, Podcaster
The real case studies are great anchors for the concepts presented, the images are cute, the workbook is a must, and ... the most important: this book is a powerful roadmap from understanding if you are in a toxic relationship to a step by step process required to build a better life for yourself!
Gabriela Casineanu
Award Winning Author and Coach
This book blew my mind as I began to read it. To see how it all starts, what I can do differently and how I can have the life I truly deserve all so succinctly outlined in the book as well as the workbook. The lessons are so simple, yet so powerful. This incredible book is a must read for any woman who seeks mindfulness in her relationship.
Arthie Moore
Founder of Ki Leadership Institute
Hamster Wheel Relationships for Women provides a sound opportunity for one to stop and look deeply into those limiting coping mechanisms blindly adopted during one’s informative years that have left one compromised in dealing with present daily challenges. Louise’s vulnerability gives one permission to feel safe in stepping into one’s own fragility without judgment.
Jenetta Barry
International Speaker and Founder of The Epiphany Process

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