Everyone deserves to live a life filled with joy, purpose, contentment and the ability to form lasting and meaningful relationships!

Do you think it is really hard to change your life around?
Do you think there is some mystery ingredient others know about?
I used to think exactly that!
In a mere twelve weeks the step by step instructions will help you make attitude changes and put in place transforming actions that will help you build unshakable self-esteem on which you can keep building.
Sounds doable? Of course it is possible for you to have great self-esteem

What will I learn

Let me take you step by step through one manageable piece of Self-Esteem to fix at a time

  • You will find out why your self-esteem is shaky and how many behaviors are unknowingly affected by it.
  • You will recognize your amazing potential
  • And one week at a time, we will put in place a healthy, empowering self-esteem habit. 
  • You will learn that you can design your own unshakable self-esteem from scratch and live a fulfilled life!! 

If that sounds like something you want to achieve, read on…

Time Commitments and other Requirements

  • A twelve week course with live support and an interactive group setting
  • You can come back to it anytime, as long as you want, but some of the bonuses are time sensitive
  • Every week will need about an hour or two of your time to do the self-evaluation, read through the course material and watch the live video.
  • You unlock the next module in your own time by completing a short quiz at the end of each module.
  • The weekly Zoom live session will be maximum 1 hour long. It will remain available to watch in your own time. Bonus Q & A time afterwards is not recorded, and therefore live attendance is most beneficial.
  • The more determined you are, the faster results you will get!

Pre-Book this course as numbers will be limitted

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" - Tony Robbins
Thurs 8 Sept

Course Description

Every week you get:

  • A self-evaluating questionnaire to start with
  • Course Modules on the weekly topics
  • A Live Video session, with replay available to watch in your own time
  • A handy Tip to overcoming challenges associated with the week’s topic
  • An Empowering Communication Hack
  • A weekly Empowering Action
  • A quiz for evaluating your progress (no right or wrong answers!) You will also have a weekly opportunity to give your input on the course and ask for improvements or more explanation.


Week 1: Understanding Self-Esteem

This Week’s Topics:

  • External Self-Esteem

  • The Why of Low Self-esteem

  • What our childhood taught us, and ReParenting Ourselves

Week 2: The 4 Self-Esteem Commitments

This Week’s Topics

  • No More Self-Bashing

  • How you want others to see you and how we see ourselves

  • The Good Points List

  • Positive Affirmations

Week 3: Self -Worth

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I feel valuable and important?

  • Why Low Self-Worth happened

  • The How of High Self-Worth

Week 4: Self-Compassion

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I treat myself with compassion?

  • The Importance of Self-Compassion

  • The How of High Self-Compassion

Week 5: Self-Feeling

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I allow my feelings?

  • The Why of squishing feelings

  • The How of allowing real feelings

Week 6: Self-Acceptance

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I accept myself?

  • The Why of Low Self-Acceptance

  • The How of High Self-Acceptance

Week 7: Self-Focus

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I only focus on other people’s needs?

  • Why we need Self-Focus

  • The How of High Self-Focus

Week 8: Self-Guidance

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I feel capable of guiding myself?

  • Why do I have Low Self-Guidance

  • The How of High Self-Guidance

Week 9: Self-Care

This Week’s Topics:

  • Am I in my own queue?

  • Why Self-Care matters

  • The How of High Self-Care

Week 10: Self-Respect

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I feel I can respect myself?

  • What Low Self-Respect results in

  • The How of High Self-Respect

Week 11: Self-Determination

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I feel empowered to take charge of my life?

  • The Why of Low Self-Determination

  • The How of High Self-Determination

Week 12: Self-Love

This Week’s Topics:

  • Do I feel I am lovable?

  • The Low Self-Love Problem

  • The How of High Self-Love

Pre-Book this course as numbers will be limitted

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" - Tony Robbins
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"I worked on my self-esteem extensively and learned to love myself unconditionally... I didn't need to get this love from another human being anymore, it's right here inside of me. I became ready for the amazing job I now have. I was not ready for it before I did the self-esteem work."


I have done Louise’s self esteem course and it’s been a revelation to realise that I am allowed to have wants and needs as well as it helping with the negative self-talk  - even at a fairly advanced age J  Actually I could go on and on!!!!!!!

"There are a lot of people who are aware that they have self esteem problems, but don’t know how to fix them. After working on my self esteem I realise what a difference it has made to my life."
Louise vn Liebenberg

About the Course Presenter

Louise discovered her passion for coaching and counselling through being forced by trauma to find workable, practical solutions in her own life. She made a career as an artist and entrepreneur before obtaining a Diploma in Counselling and Life Skills Coaching. She has been leading groups in transformation for the last 14 years. This includes groups at Akeso Psychiatric Clinic, Adult Child Anonymous Groups and Self Esteem Development Groups.

Her client base is mostly referrals from those who have already achieved remarkable transforming results in their lives. She is highly skilled in helping you resolve childhood hurts and griefs and turning those with unconscious debilitating behaviors and limiting beliefs into empowered people with the ability to self-actualize their dreams.

As the founder of I-nfinitePotential she believes passionately in every human being’s ability to become self-empowered and self-actualizing.

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