"I want to feel great about myself, in all social circumstances, when challenged, inside relationships, and even when I mess up. 🤔"

You are so in the right place! Let me tell you more… 💃🕺

"I tried many, many different approaches...😓😥"🙏

I know. Me too. Lasting help is hard to find.🤗

I also got over feel-good-for-a-little-while-but-nothing-really-changed-deep-down plasters. This is different.👌

"I am ready, I am tired, I don't know where to next. I truly want to find the root causes. 🙏"

Hang in there, it is going to all become so clear… 🤗🤗🤗

"Can I hope? Trying to hold it down, look OK to the world, make sense of it all... It is exhausting and confusing ."

Oh, yes!!! All this looking OK-ness is going to be replaced by feeling peace deep inside, with having clear direction, and with those tools you didn’t even know you didn’t have. 😅😅😅

"Yes! I would love to make sense of so many things. And feeling ease... and understood... But I am not quite convinced yet. It is not easy to trust...🤔"

I think it is time to tell you a bit more of my story. Then you will know… 💗💗💗

Now that you know a bit more about me, how about I tell you what you can expect…

We can be very self-protecting, and we can sabotage our own healing because we fear judgment. And we often totally believe that we have to fix ourselves, sometimes even before we go for help – for fear of judgment.

But I am free from judgment, and you are welcome to arrive as is… warts and all. The sooner the better.

Accepting Ourselves, Embracing Ourselves + Empowering Ourselves is what the world needs, NOW more than ever.

Better communication, understanding our own patterns better and regulating our emotions better – that’s what the world needs in order to heal.

Is this not what YOU need?

The challenge we face is that most of what we have been taught opposes this truth. The struggle we meet is that our lives aren’t designed to find deep inner acceptance or knowledge.

Our belief systems, our habits, our outlooks, our culture and our survivalist lifestyles can keep us in a much smaller box than we want to be in.

Yet, you hear that voice deep inside saying:

 “There must be more than this.”

DISCOVER … A program built just for you!

Based on the live version of the Adult Child Survivalist Pattern Program I’ve been facilitating for the past 14 years, I made this super-accessible and practical for you to find what you are still carrying– often without knowing it – from your childhood, and to uncover past learned behaviors and carried over generational trauma, as well as healing your own unresolved traumas.

You will learn how to:

  • Safely feel your feelings, even the ones you are avoiding, in a safe space
  • How to reset and re-parent yourself
  • Identify what patterns you are unaware of, and therefore powerless over
  • Discover deep-seated limiting beliefs and outlooks that hold us back like an invisible string
  • Communicate effectively and be heard
  • Build connection and be supported
  • Truly step into a relaxed, connected, and fulfilled version of yourself.

Our unconscious mind is in charge of a very big part of our lives, but we take our power back once we become aware of everything that causes our reactions, our pull-backs, who we connect with, and even the opportunities that pass us by.

"OK, so what exactly can you help me with?🙋‍♀️"

Aaaah! Glad you asked…😁👏

I will show you, one step at a time… how to understand yourself in a way you have never been able to before. I will be your blind spot mirror. Together we will get to…
  • Emotional stability without the struggle
  • Healing without all the heaviness
  • Emotional clarity without overwhelm
  • A sense of safety without dependency

Can you afford NOT TO do this for yourself!

"Something deep inside always told me there was 'more'. I always kept coming back to hope, and I absolutely want 'more'! It is time🤞"

This is truly a call for “more”. I am inviting you to FEEL more empowered in your life, connect more fully and love wholeheartedly – to feel so good about yourself that you can show up to your life with more fullness, clarity and expression of your true self. 

This can be challenging, I know. Living with the awareness that you have an I-nfinite Potential within you, but finding yourself in quiet desperation, feeling like you don’t quite fit, that you are often misunderstood, that there is more for you, but not quite knowing just how to get it OUT or where to START! 

"How can I be successful in so many things, but still somehow believe that I'm going to be found out, that I don't belong, that I am not ever enough?🙋‍♀️

I know this confusion, even bewilderment, too.

I’ve always been a fiercely passionate, independent and determined woman, who has fought for my place with determination and fire. But I became ready for something which would give me flow, and attract opportunities and my true tribe into my life with more ease and grace. 

I found that I am designed for connection and expression of my true inner self, and I will do what is needed to help you find who you were always supposed to be too!

The 5 Pillars of Healing, Growing & Thriving

Creating Awareness and Presence in our Own Lives

Transforming Limiting Beliefs into Rocket Fuel for Thriving

Freedom from Self-Destructive Hamster Wheel Patterns

Healing (often hidden) Unresolved Traumas that Direct our Everyday Behaviors

Discover Outlooks and Behavior Adjustments for Self-Empowered Living

It’s time to find the new version of you, that exists dormant within you so that you can become the change your family, your community and the world need.

A budding flower ready to push through the shell,

out of the darkness and into the brilliance of the light.

The version of you that is yearning to be accepted unconditionally, liked for who you are inside,

fueled by passion and ready for taking on the world.

To live without the hope of reaching this state of MORE should be unthinkable!

There are a lot of opinions out there in the world on how to actually finally get emotional freedom, leave our scars behind and step out… fully expecting that the best is reserved specially for you.

There is something most gurus & emotional well-being teachers won’t share with you;

We so easily fall into the trap of ‘fitting in’ or focussing on the ‘act happy’ plasters we are offered, without understanding and neutralizing the root causes…

But the only way through is by finding real life tools and a deep insight into your own subconscious patterns, outlooks and behaviors.

Not all gurus and teachers have been through the process themselves, have overcome the very same challenges you struggle with, have a deep insight into your struggles and have real-life techniques that worked in their own lives. 

We begin from within. And you are guided & supported every step of the way.

Your life changes & improves forever… from Week 1!


Not in the Feel-Good distractions.

Not in Another Relationship or Achievement.

Not even in the Personal Development Courses.

I tried everything.

I wasted years and a lot of money looking for real transformative help, while relationships were ever more deteriorating despite all the help sought.

I did not even have a name for what I needed, but I knew that ‘uncomfortable within myself’ was not a way of living. I knew relationships could be better. I knew there was something I missed, but how do you name that which no one taught you? 

How do you ask for it, if you don’t know that it has a name?

You don’t know what you don’t know!!!

You may know that you need to become present in your life. You may know that something needs to change.

But how?

What is going to make you infinitely successful at this “Life Business” is a step-by-step system of Awareness Building, complete with the Tools you did not realize you were not issued with! 

All is revealed as you go within and do the inside work, and I will be your Aha Moments facilitator that will help you find those hidden triggers and the invisible strings holding you back. And it will not be as hard as you imagine.

Because I’ve been there. 

I can’t hand you the light.

  • Yet, I can take you on a journey that will teach you powerful language skills,
  • Help you step-by-step to embrace and regulate your emotional life,
  • Be aware of your own patterns,
  • Be in charge of your thinking patterns
  • Get support and true connection
  • And match your upgraded outlooks with a new set of skills

I can give you the map that I created as I woke up to More… I learned how to find self-empowerment, and purpose, and the fire for helping others uncover the same… that has become my fuel.

I will help you activate your transformation so that you can do what you came here to do, and be who you came here to be, without having to constantly offer yourself, or whip yourself with a burning drive for perfection. It can be so much easier when you find your voice and learn how to attract your people; your tribe; your support system. 

There are some instant shifts, many I-am-never-doing-that-again’s, and plenty of slow-but-sure adjustments available. There is healing of trauma, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic. That is when we call it emotional freedom, grace even.

I’ve mentored and counselled many who thought they had to fight their way forward, trying to push their way through forces that seemed to be pushing back against them, or just be resigned to their labels and their lot in life. But, once we understand our own power, and how we trip ourselves up, it becomes so much easier!


No level of money, success, endlessly serving others or 7 more Masters degrees will bring us deep fulfillment.

(not even meditating every day, mastering all the yoga poses, or following yet another guru will give you as deep peace)

What will do it is feeling aligned, accepted and wanted for you – without the successes the world uses as a yardstick.

When you’re able to be with yourself, and others, in peace, you have arrived. 

This inner alignment and acceptance is the only way to evolve into who you were always supposed to be!

I know that when I started out finding ‘more’ of me, I was desperate for direction, insight, and real-life actionable steps and techniques, so I decided I was going to turn what I’ve discovered into a step-by-step, supported system (with accountability built in!) that I guide and lead you through so you don’t have to stay stuck, and can enter your next dimension with joy, purpose and being truly self-empowered.

After all, it worked with astonishing success in the in-person groups I’ve been facilitating, and I knew that this opportunity must be shared with the bigger world – and you!

Through this…

Sort Your Sh*t

was born.


Sort Your Shit is a 42-week, small and safe container of people who are on a transformational path, just like you, because they became fed-up with where they were stuck.  

The program will take you through the 12-step inner rewiring process to help you:

• Clear the unconscious blocks you can’t see and achieve what you were always meant to.

• Stop your self-defeating Hamster Wheels and turning what held you back into superpowers.

• Learn better practices and outlooks so you don’t spend days spinning in confusion or disconnection.

• Reveal your unique mastery so that you can create the liberating experience of being self-directed and sure of yourself.

• Identify the gifts of your life, deepening your purpose, and stepping into your unique contribution to the world.

• Find a community with others like you so you don’t have to do this alone.  None of us are meant to do it alone. Even if we are apprehensive of healing inside a tribe, it is truly the way to fitting into the outside world. I will guide and safeguard the tribe and it will be transformational.

"Wait!!!! I am not ready!🙋‍♀️"

Ready is a lie. There, I said it.

What we need when we want to change our life is simply a decision to do better for ourselves.👌 Not when I am perfect. No, when I realize I need more. A decision.



Are you ready to commit yourself to your own emotional freedom and live a self-empowered life on your terms?

The Power Elements

of this program


This offers you the spiritual practice, the mental shifts, the practical real-life practices, self-investigating worksheets and embodied practices in this 6-Month Immersion Practice Program – all in the support of a live program and in a safe container that fosters potent transformation and immediately actionable guidance to change your life from DAY ONE.


We will meet weekly through a live Zoom to explore the self-awareness, teachings and practices that will be the beginning of your initiation into a new way of doing, creating and being. The intention of these sessions is not just to teach you something new, but to activate your transformation, and to give you actionable, real-life tools from day one. Replays will be available if you aren’t able to make the live sessions.


  • Not feeling heard or respected
  • Feeling powerless
  • Feeling like you don't fit in
  • Not getting the love and care you crave
  • No more pushing away those you want most in your life
  • Neutralizing generational trauma
  • Stopping toxic habits
  • Making better choices for ourselves
  • Cancel deep-seated fears

    Each week there is a workbook asking you the right questions; questions with the power to help you see what you've been missing all along. With thoughtful journaling questions and weekly practical and doable small challenges to help you maximize the entire experience and keep you accountable, you will start experiencing the benefits of these catalysts for change in a very brief time.
    We will do ourselves better, not think ourselves better!


    You may be very tired.
    At the end of your rope.
    You may have tried many things.
    You may be near giving up.
    I am very aware of the effects of PTSD and Shock and Burnout in our lives and on our bodies, and we will make it our mission to take better care of ourselves.


    We will be gentle with our inner child.
    We will heal our wounds.
    Our unresolved griefs will no longer direct our daily lives.
    The monsters in our head will find other places to inhabit...
    You will be guided gently but honestly through the experience of re-parenting yourself, and discover the power of getting what you've always wanted, but didn't know how to find.


    We will use any and all the techniques I know to help you reach your goals faster, including neuropsychology techniques.
    Awareness will bring huge emotional freedom to you, and gift you with immediate breakthroughs and tools to build better pathways into Emotional Mastery and truly being in charge of your own life.


  • Break patterns
  • Recognize which beliefs are limiting you
  • Upgrade all your relationships
  • Stop tiptoeing in fear
  • Neutralize over-control
  • Take thoughful action in place of over-reaction or shutdown
  • Rewire your subconscious mind for effective living
  • Release stress, anxiety and fear
  • Get great tools like Effortless Boundary Setting and Transformative Self-Love

    Throughout the 24 weeks, we will be in contact through a WhatsApp group dedicated to this journey. You will gain much emotional freedom, learn different ways of finding safety in the world, and grow exponentially through hearing other's stories and observing their journeys.
    You will realize you are not the only one, that others share this adventure, and that you can be covered in a blanket of love and support. And you'll have a place to share your triumphs and ask questions. And we will be accountability buddies for your most successful transformation.


    Every week I will facilitate a live group meeting, share new information and understanding, discuss the week's challenges and answer your questions in the chat portion afterwards.
    Should you hit a speed bump, I will be available on WhatsApp to help you through (within reason, of course).
    But also, once a month you will get an hour-long session with me in which we will give your triggers, your relationships, your communication styles and any traumas you want to overcome the spotlight you need with personal attention, so that we can personalize your experience with laser focused exercises just for you, and increase your transformation.


    21st February 2022


    ***Everyone receives a bonus one-on-one session with me once a month. That will help you pinpoint your personal sticky points or challenges. We will…

    • Solve some of your most pressing issues
    • Go deep into your triggers and neutralize them
    • Elevate your personal communication so that you can immediately start being effective and be heard
    • Safely support and guide you through deep trauma
    • Receive customized tips, steps and actions

    ***Bonus resources will be available through an exclusive online membership portal that you will have immediate access to:

    • Extra reading
    • Videos
    • Exercises
    • Individualized assessments
    • Lifelong access to all new resources as it is added!

    THE BIGGEST BONUS OF ALL! 50% off Certification!😲👏🏆

    If you have been drawn to helping others all your life, but need a really impactful way to make a lasting difference, then the Sort Your Se!f Certification Course is just what you need to make a lasting, effective and fast change in the lives of others. You can start your own practice, and have all the extra tools that you need to be self-sufficient and make a difference.

    So many of the exceptional people who have completed group-work and other self-work with me are already able to efficiently help others, mostly because they now have the insight and tools that turned around their own lives. Therefore, I recognise the need for a certification process in my unique program, so that more people can be empowered in their own lives.

    Here is your bonus, only ever available here: YOU get the 24-weeks certification program that follows on this (in the second half of the year) for 50% off, just for completing the Sort Your Sh*t program successfully. You get to improve your life drastically, and you get the chance to make a living applying your new skills, at a massive 50% off!

    The Sort Your Sh*t Certification program will run in exactly the same way with extra exercises: A monthly one-on-one meeting, Assessments of your skills, Weekly Group Teaching, Real Life Coaching opportunities, Worksheets which you can use with your clients, and Supervision included for 6 months after the finish of the Certification (Supervision is monthly call for you to debrief, assess your skills, and work through typical problems such as Transference. A place for you to reassure yourself that you are on the right path, and get support for troublesome cases!)

    If you are a professional who wants to upskill yourself so that you can have a fast and effective way to help your desperate clients with something infinitely more than the Humanistic approach, or want more than the regular Coaching Courses (most of them following the same template) this is for you: 

    Certification in Sort Your Sh*t for Professionals.

    Unfortunately, most professionals do not understand that 70 – 80% of the world population suffers needlessly under the yoke of Adult Child Syndrome (Unresolved Grief And Trauma) because of a little known glitch which removed this training from professionals 40 years ago. With our world in increasing turmoil and many clients being misdiagnosed because of this lack of training, there is an urgent need to right this oversight and to do better for our clients. This will exponentially increase your effectiveness in dealing with relationships, anxiety, depression, addiction and specifically BPD, as well as other misdiagnosed labels. This new knowledge will specifically help you with: 

    • Generational Trauma
    • Other Unresolved Grief
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Re-Parenting ourselves
    • Updated Traits and Personality types
    • The many practical tools our clients need 
    • And at 50% off on completion of your own healing journey, what a bonus for you and your clients! (Yes, I have had many psychologists and psychiatrists quietly coming to me for much needed help with their own problems – we sort ourselves first!)

    And all you have to do is to sign up here, complete your own liberating and healing journey, and then get 50% off to be an even more exceptional coach/counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist.


    “Hi Louise, to answer your questions re the course .

    1. What changed / what did I overcome?
    I was able to state my needs and feelings in an emotionally mature way to my mom and our relationship is better than its ever been. I did get triggered quite often still, but was able to behave in an adult way instead of reverting to being the child.
    2. What did the interaction add?
    I have learnt that group dynamics can be so supportive and also motivated me to have courage to express myself, plus learn from how others are overcoming challenges. I really appreciated being able to be vulnerable in the group and be loved, even though I was feeling so unlovable in that moment. In the past, allowing myself to be vulnerable has back fired badly so I find it difficult to let my guard down. I found the group dynamics so encouraging and supportive … one is not in this alone.”
    3. What would you change / add?
    I found it an amazing experience …. can’t think of anything I would add.

    – Linda Bodgers

    Your Investment

    Total Value with Bonuses: $8497

    Your Investment for 6 months of support, 6 One-on-one monthly Individual Appointments, all 24 Weekly Live Sessions, Worksheets, Tasks and Evaluations, plus the Group Experience - to own forever!


    for the entire 6 months program!

    Plus, if you pay in full, you get totally free:
    4-Day Self Worth Challenge
    The new 3-month long Grow Your Self-Esteem One Week at a Time program!!


    All of this included for full payment for a limited time, early bird special only!


    “I had debated with myself whether to join the challenge or not because it terrified me. Not only would I have to talk to complete strangers, but I would also be talking about not feeling worthy. Definitely not first date conversation material! 

    You realise that everyone is on their own path, learning more about themselves. The course ignited something inside me that has since stayed. I am more aware of myself, my thoughts and decisions that I make. I can say that from having no self-worth’ I am on a journey to discover more about myself and all that makes me worthy.

    Thank you to Louise for creating this course and platform for people. It will change lives. I know because you have changed mine, infinitely for the better!”

    – Dr Tashni Nayager

    “This 11 day intensive course with Louise VN Liebenberg was one of the best gifts I  have ever  given myself.  It transported me into a deep understanding of myself and of life. It turned out to be a powerhouse of knowledge that exceeded all expectations. 

     I always felt that being transparent and vulnerable in a group setting and exposing parts of myself that I would rather keep hidden would be like walking down a path to self destruction and would surely have the men in white coats come knocking on my door.  This experience proved to be quite the contrary. Louise held the space for all of us with absolute integrity and love through her own life experience.

     The ‘live’ classes, combined with structured homework, enabled amazing peer-to-peer discourse and wonderful teamwork. I was amazed that a conscious unity with other wonderful women could be initiated or even felt through an online course. 

    Finally, learning to Grow Up and have adult conversations has been liberating – although still very much a work in progress. Learning to embrace oneself no matter what has been a giant leap forward – learning to show up for oneself is half the battle won.  As Louise keeps saying, time to “put on your Big girl panties” – a daunting but do-able task.

    Louise provides incredible tools and support to overcome your darkest shadows in such a way that I actually still wake up every morning with a spring in my step and knowing “Yes I can do this”. This course encourages and inspires life.

    I am so look forward to continuing learning and growing with this wonderful coach/Human Being.

    Thank you Louise.

    Alex Anderson (for 11-day Limiting Beliefs Challenge)”

    “The third and another important turnaround was “accidentally” finding an Adult-Child Syndrome coach, Louise VN Liebenberg. The value in the six coaching sessions I had with her was life- changing. She was able to shine a light on why I was not OK – by revisiting my childhood, past trauma, and conditioning. Not to stay stuck in it, but to understand how and why I had got to this point in my life. She also showed me my role in what was not working in my life and why. I had no idea until then just how co-dependency, people pleasing, passive aggressiveness, rescuing, lack of boundaries and low self-esteem were running my show. The homework and tools she offered, together with my existing practice, had me well on the path to self-healing.” 

    – Antoinette McInness

    PROGRAM LAUNCHES 21 February 2021 at a One Time Inaugural Price with Early Bird Only Bonuses!

    The Weekly Sessions are 90 minutes and are held every Monday at 4 pm GMT (6 pm South Africa, 8 am PT).
    All calls are available as a replay and you will receive access to a curated WhatsApp Group for the extended resources, guided practices and bonuses.

    Enrolments limited for Individual Attention

    Next Steps

    The next steps are very simple.

    I want to ensure you feel this program fits your body and soul.

    Honestly, it’s a very reasonably priced offer and places are limited (for greatest contact with each participant) so it’s critically important to me that if you accept the invitation, you’ll receive the highest potential from this journey.

    This means that I can BOTH serve you and really help you get the changes your life is asking for AND you’re able and ready to make the stretch and really say “yes” to that version of you that’s asking to come through.

    There are two ways you can do this;

    Explore this page, follow the breadcrumbs to the inherent yes and claim your place below.


    Connect with me for a friendly ‘let’s chat’ call to explore whether this feels aligned for you.

    On that call I can also answer all the other questions I’m sure you have about schedule, time and financial investment. 

    If you’ve made it this far down on the page,

    I want to thank you. 


    Thank you for investing this time, and thank you for being someone who is obviously invested enough in your own emotional mastery to be here. 


    I’m honoured to be on this journey with you. 


    And for those of you ready to take their next big step,

    I’m here for you and so excited to watch you shine.

    Much love



    What if I miss a live weekly session?

    No problem, if it is not too often. A big chuck of learning will be from the questions and sharing of other participants though, and that will not be recorded. I do recommend that you make a commitment to yourself to be available on Mondays for the live sessions.

    Do I get downloadable materials?

    Lots! Every exercise, all reading materials, everything you keep forever. I suggest you make a file, as this is a life-journey you never look back from

    What is your refund policy?

    I do not offer a refund on this or any of my workshops or courses as I am so confident in the results you will get if you participate fully, show up, and complete your course successfully. And because I am so dedicated to the success of everyone who signs up, I only want people who are all in. Participation is limited so I can give personal attention, and I don’t want to take an opportunity away from someone who is serious about transformation for someone who is not totally committed. I rather want anyone who will not contribute fully to wait until they are ready to immerse themselves in self-empowerment and self-growth. If you are still not sure I invite you watch my YouTube videos, read my book, look at more testimonials or talk to me. You will be able to see if this is what you need.