Young Adults - Ready for Life Program

Do you think it is really hard to change your life around?

Do you think there is some mystery ingredient others know about?

I used to think exactly that!

In a mere twelve weeks, the step-by-step instructions will help you make attitude changes and put in place transforming actions that will help you build unshakable self-esteem on which you can keep building.

Sounds doable? Of course, it is possible for you to have great self-esteem

An 8-week program starting from 13 April

Sessions on every Thursday at 6pm SA

(9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm GMT – replays available)

What will I learn

Let me take you step by step through one manageable piece of Self-Esteem to fix at a time

  • You will find out why your self-esteem is shaky and how many behaviors are unknowingly affected by it.
  • You will recognize your amazing potential
  • And one week at a time, we will put in place a healthy, empowering self-esteem habit. 
  • You will learn that you can design your own unshakable self-esteem from scratch and live a fulfilled life!! 

If that sounds like something you want to achieve, read on…

Time Commitments and other Requirements

  • An eight week course with live support and an interactive group setting
  • You can come back to it anytime, as long as you want, but some of the bonuses are time sensitive
  • Every week will need about an hour or two of your time to do the self-evaluation, read through the course material and watch the live video.
  • You unlock the next module in your own time by completing a short quiz at the end of each module.
  • The weekly Zoom live session will be maximum 1 hour long. It will remain available to watch in your own time. Bonus Q & A time afterwards is not recorded, and therefore live attendance is most beneficial.
  • The more determined you are, the faster results you will get!

Pre-Book this course as numbers will be limitted

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" - Tony Robbins
Thurs 8 Sept

Course Description

Every week you get:

  • A self-evaluating questionnaire to start with
  • Course Modules on the weekly topics
  • A Live Video session, with replay available to watch in your own time
  • A handy Tip to overcoming challenges associated with the week’s topic
  • An Empowering Communication Hack
  • A weekly Empowering Action
  • A quiz for evaluating your progress (no right or wrong answers!) You will also have a weekly opportunity to give your input on the course and ask for improvements or more explanation.

Being ready for life, with all its opportunities, but also all of its challenges, is a sorely needed skill. We most definitely don’t want our generational trauma and fears being passed on, nor do we want our mistakes repeated.

So many of us are just doing the best we can, and we may ask ourselves if there is anything else we can do to help our young people get ready for life, and have a clear path to uncomplicate their road in life.

The answer is yes, and I have designed this program specifically for that.

Confidence building, goal-oriented outlooks, empowering communication skills and identifying unhelpful thinking styles help us become self-empowered adults, and the practical new tools get practiced in breakout rooms in the weekly live 2-hour sessions.

The 4 one-on-one sessions give a safe space for individual unresolved traumas, interpersonal problems, and a neutral space in which to work through problems.

Each week comes with a questionnaire and practical exercises.

Plus 4 one-on-one sessions included.

Take a look at the program:


Week 1:

  • Confidence Building 1
  • Fitting in
  • Being my real self
  • Liking myself
  • Wanting to be liked

Week 2:

  • Confidence building 2
  • Self-Talk
  • Toxic shame
  • People pleasing
  • Bully proof
  • Affirmations

Week 3:

  • Taking responsibility 
  • Consequences
  • Choices
  • Self-Directed

Week 4:

  • My outlooks and thought patterns
  • Toxic or Empowering?
  • Habits to drop

Week 5:

  • Communication
  • Wants and needs
  • Withdrawing 
  • Listening skills

Week 6:

  • Boundaries
  • How to do it, and how not to do it
  • Assertiveness
  • Negotiation skills

Week 7:

  • Making friends and the basis of good relationships

Week 8:

  • Goal setting
  • Results-oriented / Solution focused 
  • Self-propelled