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Being real is an asset

How to add value by being true to yourself Video Lesson by Louise VN Liebenberg
In this 15 minute video you learn about embracing who you are and becoming the creator of your life, not a follower. With kind approval by Angela Santi, Business & Lifestyle Coach, the queen of dolce vita, and you can reach her here:

Create your Life Vision

A One Day Vision Board Virtual Retreat with questionaires & workbooks to help you design your values based best life  Use the worksheets provided to gain clarity on what you REALLY want and need in your life. Then you will be provided with tools to create a step-by-step action plan. Video walk-throughs included, and follow along while you finally make your own fun but powerful VisionBoard. Code Coupon: MYGIFT100

Affirmations Audio/Video Series

Learn about the science of affirmations, get tips and examples of good affirmations. Best of all, teach your kids affirmations! Contains Audios or Videos and an ebook if you prefer reading

Create Your Legacy

Your copy of the Inspiring International Bestselling Journal Create Your Legacy, just published. Be inspired by a daily message from a different contributor every day.

Tapping away your negative emotions

A short, spontaneous tapping session to help you to change your negative emotions into feeling empowered. If you want to watch the full video on Dissociation, here it is

Inspiring Screensavers

Surround yourself with that which are statements of what you want to achieve. They are Screensavers for your cell phone, your desktop, you can print them, and use them everywhere!

Day 1 - My Trauma was my Biggest Blessing

Rosie Aiello

Women’s Life and Transformation Coach

Rosie Aiello lost the accomplished, confident woman she once was inside the marriage with the man she trusted and followed around the world. She was not even aware that the pain, embarrassment and despair was because she was systematically broken down in an abusive relationship. After 18 years she could finally make her escape. Now she lives a life where she regained her confidence, left the fear behind and has the ‘kind love’ she wants everyone to have.

Jenetta Barry

The Epiphany Process – Founder/Specialist

Jenetta Barry’s found her daughter when she committed suicide at 16-years old. That led to her losing everything, living a ‘life of hell’  and ultimately knowing she could not live like that. She knew she had to find ways out of living aimlessly, in overwhelming pain, and finally made the decision not to staying stuck in her grief. We discuss her journey through cancer, honoring your grief, being willing to self-investigate, being very real with our own imperfections, and so many more insights.

Francesca Fondse

Sustainable Impact Specialist; Trauma Specialist

We examine epigenetics and generational trauma and talked about altering the future by breaking the negative energy, interacting with each other’s energy, the memory of the mind and the memory of the heart and the ability to live in your own core.
“What is meant for you will always feel easy.

Sara Gibbons

Help Your Cellves – health, wellbeing, personal and spiritual development

Sara Gibbons was plucked out of her safe life when her husband exchanged her for another. Through her eyes, learn about her devastation and despair, but also find out how to rebuild yourself a rock solid, peaceful and fulfilled life! Her aim is to guide people to help themselves to the life and freedom they really want in the most effective and powerful way possible.

Tobey Geise

Tobey Geise

Body Liberation Coach

Tobey Geise started her first diet at 9, which led to her ‘living a life in hiding”. We talk about her journey through discovering bulimia, smoking, drinking and drugs, not knowing how to fulfil her mother’s image of how she should be. “Settling” in dating, suicide attempts, using martial art and investing in yourself in personal development, peer pressure, and not even realizing about ‘eating disorder’: binging, purging and self-loathing… and sexual abuse linked to eating disorders…

Day 2 - From Challenged to Biggest Life Lesson

Victoria Lorient

Therapist, Kickass Keynote Speaker, Author of 2 game changing books

Victoria Lorient-Faibish talks about normalising an abnormal childhood, inherited culture and belief systems, not having children, how we need a Hero’s journey into establishing your own belief system, how our upbringing chisels away at our self-esteem, overcoming our fears, developing resilience, combating the brain’s natural negativity bias. A bountiful content delivery, you will want to listen again!

Elsa Mendoza

Life Coach, Award-winning author, poet, and a certified life coach

Elsa Mendoza had her turning point when she found herself with a blue eye at age twenty-one. That was the day she turned her back on physical and mental abuse. Key takeaways include “you have to take responsibility for yourself” and “focus on the lessons, not the hurt” and “it is about starting to love yourself”.

Jill Young Rogers

Pier 7 Healing House

Jill Young Rogers first 3 marriages to the same addict taught her valuable life lessons. We discuss being raped at knifepoint, living with addiction in a marriage, an unaffectionate mother, grieving for healing and welcoming feelings. We also talked about Alanon and the 12 steps. And her big journey into fully accepting her gay daughter’s life choices.

Janelle Anderson

Emerging Life Coaching, LLC

Janelle Anderson’s rape at 19 directed her life choices from then onwards. No I am not going to tell you, as I want you to hear it from Janelle, but we talked about being broken down to the point you cannot imagine, carrying shame, and then loving yourself out of shame until you can see the ‘real me’. And that your healing is complete when you can help others.

Maria McMahon

NLP/Hypnotherapist specializing in Narcissistic Abuse, Childhood Trauma

Maria McMahon spends a lot of her time helping people whose lives has been decimated by a narcissist. She knows the signs, the patterns and how to help you rebuild your life. We talked about the effects of being in a narcissist’s claws, recovering your sense of self, escaping, rebuilding yourself and ‘The Fear”.

Day 3 - My Body surprised me with Big Lessons!

Dr. Gillian Lockitch

Founder of The GOLY Project

Dr Gill Lockitch had to lose her entire very comfortable existence, experience despair, go into deep depression, put on weight uncontrollably, but still managed to pull out of self-medicating through over-eating and escape the dark hole she found herself in, in order to find the solution to ageing youthfully!

Amanda Elize Love

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Amanda Love cannot remember a childhood without being ‘sickly’. Through her journey of getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia, to find healing and thriving, she learned how to help others who are still struggling. We talk about the importance of persevering, healing through nutrition, but also how important healing your mind is.

Antoinette McInnes

Light Within – Healing from the inside out

Antoinette McInnes looked like she had the perfect, successful life on the outside, the life that others aspire to, but inside her absolutism, self-sabotaging, over-analyzing, constant unconscious dissatisfunction, chaotic relationships, people pleasing, striving to be zen, following so many coaches, refusing to feeling ‘negative’ emotions, increasing anxiety was playing out constantly. Then a fast moving, deadly cancer brought her to psychneuroimmunology, and the realization the she needed to rewire her brain from unconsciously faulty childhood programming. Letting the butterflies land… and it is more than OK to be imperfect. Choosing the right therapist, BPD and Adult Child Syndrome lack of self-confidence.

GI Jane

I’m here to teach you how to love yourself and your body again

Jane Killian was teased as a child, started hating her body, did not fit in, learned to make friends with her body, healing through self-love.

Jacqui Oliver

Psychosexual Relationship Specialist

Jacqui Olliver is a Psychosexual Therapist, discussing intimacy in the bedroom She went from seeing herself as ‘failing as a human’ to being sexually fulfilled by becoming connected and in sync with oneself. We talked about, oh so many things… both partners taking responsibility for themselves, being in alignment…

Warning – if you are sensitive to the O-word or V-word, please do not watch. We talk about normal sexual relationships as something positive. ‘Lubrication and moisture seeking missiles’ may have been mentioned…

Day 4 - Traumatized Childhood to Adult Strength

Rosie Moore

Founder of Celebrating Humanity International

Arthie’s Journey started with her earliest memory at 3 years old of being sexually abused by her father. The horrors did not end then, but although she felt unsupported, not good enough, used, unseen and unsafe, she managed to get from being rebellious to self-empowered. She talks about being blamed, feeling alone, unsafe, but how people outside her family circle ’saw her’, and became the spark she needed. And let her tell you why she wears dresses now!

Charmaine Barber​

Life and Confidence Coach

Charmaine Barber’s family lost all their possessions, her mother became an alcoholic, her father died, she put herself into a children’s home, then ran away to her mother. Working through the guilt, being your parents’ parents, scanning, being in inherited victim mode, adrenal fatigue, deep depression, attempted suicide, boundaries, and getting to a place of thriving all gets a turn.

Kelly Walk Hines​

Hope in the Darkness (HOPE COACH)

Kelly Walk Hines lost her mother to domestic abuse at 3. She experienced compound PTSD, being invisible and not feeling good enough. She talks about the journey of learning to love oneself, to be spontaneous, to be able to express anger and being a good mom. How finding faith helped, finding hope and light, finding self-acceptance and learning straight-talking.

Layne Smith-Brown

I help people to stop sabotaging their lives

Sara Gibbons was plucked out of her safe life when her husband exchanged her for another. Through her eyes, learn about her devastation and despair, but also find out how to rebuild yourself a rock solid, peaceful and fulfilled life! Her aim is to guide people to help themselves to the life and freedom they really want in the most effective and powerful way possible.

Louise VN Liebenberg

Layne Smith-Brown

Self-Esteem Coach, Adult Child Syndrome Specialist, Your Fearless Magnificence Coachelor

Louise experienced an alcoholic father and abandonment as a child. Then when she was 19 she married someone who was an undercover alcoholic, and undiagnosed with ADD. Her years in a codependent relationship led her to burnout, PTSD and being in helpless-and-hopeless for 2 years. It is possible for an intelligent, accomplished, well educated woman to completely lose herself if she has been brought up without self-empowerment tools. It is also possible to rebuild relationships scarred this deeply if 2 partners are dedicated.