You want it fixed fast, efficiently and with a fresh approach.

You are willing to invest in yourself.

You are willing to try new ideas.

If you are ready, I would like to work with you.


Vip Onboarding

What You're Going To Get

You get 1-on-1 coaching/problem-solving/planning with me for two full months while I do my absolute best to help you TRANSFORM your life.  We’ll start by defining what your end goal is, and we won’t stop working together until you hit that! I can help you with navigating relationship drama, coach you word for word the most effective way to communicate, help you neutralize your triggers, replace them with better tools and find your blindspots! These are what I do for my clients in deep trauma, in cricis mode, who have had enough and do not want to waste more time with yet another psychologist, who just let you talk without giving you fast acting tools!

Weekly Online Coaching Sessions

We’ll meet each week on Zoom or Whatsap to redesign your problem areas and elevate your strengths and coping skills. 

You’ll have assignments or challenges for each week and we’ll keep track of your progress

Custom Training - 100% Tailored To YOU

Any cutom challenges or worksheets or practical exercises you need, I’ll put something together just for you. I take very few VIP clients on, so I can give my energy to those who are all in to change their lives.

I cannot guarantee that you will be through the worst, or have made the huge headshifts (I will be honest with you, that you can be sure of!) but if you need another maybe lighter package after 2 months we can adjust according to your needs.

Weekly Goals and Tasks

I will send you specific tasks to perform in order to change negative habits and empower you with new habits. By pushing though and doing your practical assignments every week you will achieve your goals and your best life sso much faster.

Support & Motivation

You feel you need that extra kick in the butt to take massive action? Then I’ll make sure you get my honest, no b/s input when needed. 

VIP Email Support

Any questions you have, you’ll get my VIP email account where you can ask me right away. This passes my support team and goes straight to me. Plus, you’ll get priority when I am not in a counselling session or sleeping! That’s why I take so few VIP clients!

Your Custom Package

  • Determined by your time zone and your availability
  • Weekly 1 hour one-on-one, after initial 2-hour session
  • 2 x 20 minute emergency sessions available per week
  • 1 daily email response, 5 days a week
  • Whatsap responses within reason. No voice notes from your side, as that allows warbling and not focussing, and up to 3 short responses from me daily. When I am awake!
  • Customized tasks and challenges

Unparalleled Value

The cost of your investment today in your own emotional freedom is extremely low. I won’t charge you thousands of dollars upfront and then teach you outdated rubbish that never works.

For just $3840  $2970 (Now ALL TIME LOW) you get one-on-one shadow coaching with me, wherin I truly shadow you in your hardest interactions.

I can only tell you that emotional freedom exists. I can tell you it is the ultimate freedom. I can tell you it is possible. But until the day you get it, truly get it, it is unexplainable. But I do try to tell you about it in the video.

What I can tell you for sure is this – emotional freedom is an amazing bargain at this level of daily involvement from me, and a way of being you will never want to lose again.

Worth every cent you invest in yourself. And this is the fastest way I know how to help you!


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Our relationships with our fathers will have a significant influence on how we see men. It will determine whether we think they are trustworthy. It will influence whether we will be fearful of being abandoned by men. Through our father’s eyes we look at ourselves – this is how we imagine men will see us. Do we measure up? Or are we always going to over-compensate to make up for us not feeling worthy. And how much bad treatment will we take simply because we fear being abandoned?

If we are lucky enough to be treated by our dads like Princess Cheesecake, the One and Only, but with respect for our separateness, our entire view of ourselves changes. We expect more for ourselves, and we are faster to dismiss relationships that are toxic for us.

Wanting our father’s approval is a very normal desire for a little girl of any age. I remember how my father ridiculed people with normal fear, so at the age of six I decided I was not scared of his pack of ferocious Alsations. They did not eat me, so there must be some truth to the notion that dogs smell fear and will attack. But that experience of trying to impress my father meant that I could not connect to feeling fear. I did not know that I had fear of abandonment triggers, as I simply could not connect to any feelings of fear!

Leoni decided that she would have to be her two sisters’ caretaker. Her dad told her as the oldest they were her responsibility to make sure they were not bullied. So she built herself a bulletproof, tough attitude. ”It was very hard to make friends, as I did not let anyone see the real me. I was longing for a relationship in which I was accepted. I did not realise that my relationships kept failing because my bulletproof attitude meant I was pushing them out of my life. I had to learn all over how to let people see the real, soft me inside.”

Sandra’s dad died when she was very young. He was her hero. They had fun. He was one hundred percent on her side. She tried to recreate that relationship all her life. Problem was that …







Join us now, to start your journey to take back your life





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