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DAY 1: Monday, June 21st

Topic : You are not alone

Karen Casey

Our Conversation Highlights

I am only sharing the first 5 minutes! Watch for the rest!

  • 45 years in AA
  • Went to Alanon because she was desperate to change the people around her.
  • A sense of hope and wellbeing that “I have never known before”
  • Traumatic childhood, tiptoe…
  • Discovered alcohol at 13
  • Primary illness codependency. Always looking to others for the assurance that I was OK
  • What she never told publicly before
  • “Every Day A New Beginning”
  • Detachment, not withdrawing
  • Control
  • Being authentic
  • And the Harley!

Tashni Nayager

Our Conversation Highlights

  • I just can’t live like this one more day
  • I decided to get help, AGAIN. For the 100th time.
  • I did not know how to live. It looked so easy for everyone else. They seemed to know who they were, their purpose in life
  • It was hard work keeping up the ‘perfect life’ image
  • Thinking about suicide was my daily companion
  • Maybe “you will snap out of it.”
  • I just did not like myself. I was waiting to be found out. “Something is wrong with me.”
  • “You have so much going for you, what more do you want?”
  • You feel and ignore and you feel and ignore and then you cannot anymore
  • You have to re-learn who you really are
  • Finding the right help and tools I needed transformed my life. I am now creating the life I truly deserve.

Janine Naus

Our Conversation Highlights

  • A scared, hurt little girl never told her secrets
  • Throughout humiliation, abuse, neglect, hurt and rejection, she never told
  • She still wanted attention, she still wanted to be part of something 
  • Abusive, neglectful relationship with mother
  • She made it; she took back her power, she stood up for herself and others
  • How to move from how we are affected to expanding
  • Workaholic
  • Help women stuck in grief

Elicia Millar

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Rageholic dad, emotionally suppressed mom
  • Shamed for being emotional. Shut down
  • Being perfect and hiding the rest
  • Bulimia, binging, purge, shame and disgust
  • Having control over achieving
  • Addicted to everything
  • Our patterns are not what they seem
  • Anger releasing
  • Learning how to connect to our emotional needs, to our inner child
  • Destructive relationship patterns
  • Surrounded by healers but searching
  • Finding herself and finding love

Kim Quick

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Relationship & Dating Coach
  • Found loving relationship at 40
  • Dad preferred sister
  • Mom’s lesson: “Be independent, don’t depend on a man.”
  • Her parents as role models
  • Not important, abandoned
  • Cared for brothers and sisters
  • “I am the common denominator”
  • Have the wrong standards
  • How does he treat me: supportive, available, integrity, honesty, commitment ready
  • All cards on table – like me or not
  • Communication skills are crucial

DAY 2: Tuesday, June 22nd

Topic : Your story does not define you

Som Bathla

Our Conversation Highlights

  • From corporate to 20+ bestselling author
  • Neuroscience, psychology as tool to reprogram our brains
  • More productive, smarter and build a happier brain
  • Healing inner child improves all areas of our life
  • Values determination for finding our real selves
  • Awareness; mindfulness
  • delayed gratification as a measure of emotional maturity
  • Asking the right questions

Tammy Banks

Tammy Banks

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Baking a lemon meringue would have made all the difference!
  • Losing the unconditional love that kept you going
  • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Rejection and abandonment
  • Her developing identity interrupted
  • The welfare system that failed her.
  • Surviving on your own at 15
  • Getting closure with a parent by asking the right questions
  • Passionate about fixing the system for others

Angela Legh

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Fairy tales for kids which make hard subjects accessible and teach them life skills.
  • Married to angry narcissist.
  • Looked and acted the perfect wife and partner
  • Blame and blindspots
  • Our own participation
  • Reframing our feelings
  • Consequences of suppressing feelings

Paul M

Our Conversation Highlights

  • My father was an overbearing, insecure, angry person who used his children as a reflection of his own success or failure
  • Never a discussion on how we felt, never measured on who we were, never differentiated from one another
  • We had to be perfect and shiny and happy all the time
  • I new which boxes to tick to survive
  • No idea what boundaries were and did not know myself or what I liked or disliked.
  • On autopilot till 57
  • Hypervigilance
  • “What will people think?”
  • Super compliant. Slave to his methods until 57. I knew no other way.
  • You cannot do this recovery work alone. How do you know what you do not know!?
  • Groups are safe, accepting place to practice life. It take pressure off you to come up with all the answers.

Norma Hollis

Our Conversation Highlights

  • My spiritual connection was squished
  • My opinion was ridiculed, squished and invalidated
  • I was a happy little girl until a burst eardrum and 2 years of excruciating pain changed me.
  • My connection to my mother was very strong and I wanted to please her.
  • I lost me
  • At 28 I found out that I turned into my mother’s expectation of who a young black woman in America should be: Go to Historical Black College to find a wealthy man.
  • I did. Then I divorced him.
  • I had to find out what I really wanted; who I am.
  • What a healthy family looked like
  • I had to get that little girl back.
  • Authenticity is the answer

DAY 3: Wednesday, June 23rd

Topic : Real tools and taking the positive

Sandy Geyer

Our Conversation Highlights

  • The positives of hard upbringing
  • What makes certain people successfull?
  • Resillience and ability to pivot
  • This is my responsibility and I will look after you
  • Control of your own circumstances
  • Absent parents, abusive parents, alcoholic parents
  • I am alone and no one is looking after me and those in my care
  • Thrive through this pattern
  • Where do you refill?
  • Trauma happens but what happens inside us, is critical.
  • Trauma can be a small event
  • Infants just want connect

Richard Morden

Richard Morden

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Supporting others through hypnosis, EFT, NLP
  • You learn early on not to acknowledge your emotions
  • The physical work was always there
  • Woke up at age 9 and mom was gone
  • You absorb energy over time
  • Low-grade life-long PTSD
  • There is what you show to the world, but the inside story is another story
  • The saving example of normalcy
  • “My voice was taken from me very young”
  • Been married to alcoholic wife
  • Don’t focus on the problem
  • We repeat our problems
  • Write the desription of the relationship you want
  • Awareness of what children carry

Lisa King

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Dad looked charismatic & sociable – very violent womanizer with multiple affairs. Generational trauma
  • Saw, felt and heard every horrible thing he did to my mom &  became fierce protector of my mother and brother
  • My mom was sweetest, kindest people pleaser.
  • Double life, good in sport, academics, lots of friends. No one knew!
  • 5 year-old created all these masks. I was the funny one, and did the outrageous things
  • Rebel who lived a life of performing but escaping into overworking, drinking, drugs and casual sex.
  • Reconnected with inner self after partner’s suicide.
  • Self-compassion

Judith Quin

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Being super-responsible & becoming a little adult
  • Taking responsibility for mother’s feelings
  • The effects of an angry father
  • I vowed not to let any man come near me
  • Rock chick saved by Heavy Metal 
  • Don’t carry the cloth of the martyr
  • From “I hate my dad” to “I asked for what I needed”
  • Who is running your show?

Lynn Erasmus

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Post-Natal Depression
  • Functioning alcoholic
  • Felt abandoned, not worthy
  • Mother committed suicide
  • Shut out people to prevent rejection
  • “See through people”
  • First drink at 10 years old. Immediately loved it
  • Being important
  • “I am not a nice person”
  • Narcissistic, manipulation
  •  Getting to know yourself
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Coping skills

DAY 4: Thursday, June 24th

Topic : New outlooks will change your life

Bruce Anderson

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Hypnosis for trauma  and limiting beliefs resetting
  • Sceptisism for formal diagnosis
  • Nobody is broken
  • Learning lessons from past to guide us to a better future
  • “You don’t need to feel bad anymore. What do you want?”
  • Deep rooted beliefs like “I am not loved, I am not lovable, I can’t receive love” 
  • Have a vivid positive experience
  • Victim Triangle, persecutor, rescuer
  • A perceptual filter can be adjusted.
  • You are not trapped, you always have choices

Renee Lighton

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Natural educator
  • Children don’t have language to explain their feelings
  • Parents often don’t have the skills either – we need to work on our own hurts
  • WIN What’s Important Now
  • Where am I blaming, justifying?
  • What am I creating
  • Words or Sword
  • ABC: Attitude, Behavior, Choosing
  • Labelling ourselves
  • WTF Where is the Fear
  • Educating our educators and parents

Stephanie Duffey

Our Conversation Highlights

  • Who am I?
  • Fighting for your identity
  • Became aware through paying attention to what your body is saying
  • No one else has the answers for you
  • Free spirit, value differences, I had to conform
  • Honoring myself
  • Inner peace 

Christopher Moss

Our Conversation Highlights

  • 30+ years of living with anxiety
  • I believed I caused my brother’s death
  • I was a normal, happy boy before that.
  • Constant analysis, fear of rejection
  • My parents were so wrapped in their grief that I kept my guilt to myself
  • I had to face losing my life in a robbery to decide that I could not live like that.
  • Poor me, sorry for myself. I hated me.
  • Enough. No more!
  • My relationship was already suffering by that time
  • Getting a life coach was the best thing I did
  • I wrote a book about my anxiety initially just to work through it.
  • Meditation
  • We all make mistakes

Sherry Brier

Our Conversation Highlights

  • My biggest problem was my family. I just wanted to get out!
  • 5 when twin sisters were born and became a “little mom”
  • Father had PTSD from World War 2, mentally unstable, paranoid, phobic. “Be quiet and don’t upset daddy” Very critical of me.
  • Dad died when 13.
  • Bullied. Moved a lot
  • I could not take my problems to anyone. I became very self-reliant.
  • “I was a wild thing”
  • Runaway bride, did not want to get married
  • Don’t dwell on negative
  • Dance teacher noticed me, dance became way of healing and providing a space for others.
  • I am still catastrophy-conscious.
  • Women Rock Project

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