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Judgement Blog 15

It definitely sucks to feel judged.

It makes us feel

  • less
  • powerless
  • confused
  • not safe
  • misunderstood
  • excluded
  • not good enough
  • invisible
  • not heard
  • not acceptable
  • sad or angry or both

The great thing is that we can change all that by understanding that a lack of self esteem or deep seated shame makes us vulnerable to judgement.
Whether we are consciously feeling shame, or whether it has been unconsciously carried with us for a long time, it is worth looking into processing these feelings, even if the help of a professional is needed. Sometimes we need a neutral view from someone outside of us to regain our perspective.

Relentless self-love, self-acceptance and self forgiving! When we fill ourselves up to overflowing, we become immune to someone else’s opinion of us

And then there is the other side.
The aha moment…

What if we are doing the judging? Interesting enough, it is connected to exactly the same two things: A lack of self-esteem and unprocessed shame.
That thing about bringing someone else down in order to feel better about ourselves…

The solution?
Looking for the trigger behind the judgement. 
It is going to be one one of those things bulleted above. And once we discover the trigger, we can choose to work through our own issues rather.
Then we fix the problem by applying relentless self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiving.
And we choose not to judge again.

I am here if you want to talk about this issue.

Much love

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