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The Mother Wound

3 day Challenge

The Mother Wound

  1. Touch and connect
  2. Separate Little Birdie and Impinged-Upon Adults
  3. Taking responsibility for our caregivers

& Why we cannot talk about our hurts and needs – the REAL reason

We all have Mother Issues. And some of us have a Mother Wound.

Some of us have behaviors tied to our upbringing that we are totally not aware of, yet it influences our every interaction, how we are in this world.

Let us gently, with no judgment, free ourselves and live on our own terms

27, 28, 29 March 2023

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Membership intake 2022 now open!

Over the years I have amassed an astonishing amount of content as I was facilitating various support groups, but also for my clients and for my own healing and growth journey. Most of this was given out for free, just like the group sessions has always been free.The results of this purpose-filled growing are waiting in our membership portal, and available for you as long as you keep up your membership.

New content is added regularly. Some live training videos will only be available for a short time before they come here.

There is a 20% Members Only Discount for All Paid Programmes, no matter when you entered and at what level.

All Masterclasses are FREE to members.

At least one Monthly Live Group Meeting is included – Your questions are welcome, and we will read and discuss your burning questions from one of my books.

Members get one 50% off Counselling/Coaching session with me after every 6-month membership completed.

All of these benefits means your membership practically pays for itself, you have ongoing community, support, inspiration and expert guidance – and you soldify your forward growth momentum by putting your attention on where you want to go 

Unshakable Self Esteem One Day at a Time

Let me take you step by step through one manageable piece of Self-Esteem to fix at a time

  • You will find out why your self-esteem is shaky
  • You will recognize your amazing potential
  • And one week at a time, we will put in place a healthy, empowering self-esteem habit. 
  • You will learn that you can design your own unshakable self-esteem from scratch and live a fulfilled life!! 

If that sounds like something you want to achieve, watch this space… sign-up opening soon!

Available Now

SELF DRIVES - in your own time!

Join the 2 Hour Masterclass, with notes, worksheet and Q&A live. Replay available, but Q&A only available on live, so prioritize this to get your personal, burning questions answered

Self Drive co & counter dependence 650 × 375 px)

Co and Counter Dependency

We may not be aware that we are Codependent, as often we don’t really understand what it is.

But the other side of the coin is Counter Dependency, and we often flip between the two, or are in relationships with people who do.

Therefore I am offering these 2 masterclasses as a duo, for you to do in your own time.

disarming generational trauma self drive

Disarming Generational Trauma

Disarming Generational Trauma for yourself, your relationships, and your family.

How we don’t know that we are carrying it; why it is essential that we understand it and how to transform it into an asset.

Avoidance of Conflict

Are you the one Avoiding Conflict?

Are you living with a Conflict Avoider?

Let’s fix this with a simple reframe, better communication and by understanding the reasons why it is so important to change this dynamic.

People Pleasing

We know when we do it!

And we might have found huge affirmation in keeping others, in the beginning. But it gets tiresome, and soon we find the resentment building.

Let’s get you out of this self-destructive pattern!

Unlimiting Beliefs Challenge

Discover what are the invisible barriers in your life:

What is holding you back?

What is pushing you too hard?

What are you not aware of?

And find out how can it all become better, easier, and more connected.

Self worth

Define Your Worth, Find Your Voice

Day 1 – Discover your Worth

Day 2 – Find you Voice

Day 3 – Define your Wants & Needs

Day 4 – Step Into Your Own Power

Passion & Purpose self drive

3 days Passion & Purpose Challenge

Who am I even?

What is my passion?

My purpose?

Find your unexpected internal answers with the help of the worksheets, questions, self-investigating, and live support sessions

Inner child with Typologies self drive (2)

Inner Child Healing with Typologies

Hero or Scapegoat?

Where do you fit in?

How can you use your typology strengths to change your typology traits that are harming you?

Define your personalized plan for taking charge of your strengths and eliminating your drawbacks.

Young Adults - Ready for Life Program

Being ready for life, with all its opportunities, but also all of its challenges, is a sorely needed skill. We most definitely don’t want our generational trauma and fears being passed on, nor do we want our mistakes repeated. 

So many of us are just doing the best we can, and we may ask ourselves if there is anything else we can do to help our young people get ready for life, and have a clear path to uncomplicate their road in life. 

The answer is yes, and I have designed this program specifically for that.

Confidence building, goal-oriented outlooks, empowering communication skills and identifying unhelpful thinking styles help us become self-empowered adults, and the practical new tools get practiced in breakout rooms in the weekly live 2-hour sessions.

The 4 one-on-one sessions give a safe space for individual unresolved traumas, interpersonal problems, and a neutral space in which to work through problems.

Each week comes with a questionnaire and practical exercises. Take a look at the program:

Plus 4 one-on-one sessions included.

Week 1

  • Confidence Building 1
  • Fitting in
  • Being my real self
  • Liking myself
  • Wanting to be liked

Week 2

  • Confidence building 2
  • Self-Talk
  • Toxic shame
  • People pleasing
  • Bully proof
  • Affirmations

Week 3

  • Taking responsibility 
  • Consequences
  • Choices
  • Self-Directed

Week 4

  • My outlooks and thought patterns
  • Toxic or Empowering?
  • Habits to drop 

Week 5

  • Communication
  • Wants and needs
  • Withdrawing 
  • Listening skills

Week 6

  • Boundaries
  • How to do it, and how not to do it
  • Assertiveness
  • Negotiation skills

Week 7

  • Making friends and the basis of good relationships

Week 8

  • Goal setting
  • Results oriented / Solution focused 
  • Self-propelled

Thurs 13 April to Thurs 8 June Thursdays

8 week Challenge

Dry Drunk Syndrome

Dry drunk syndrome is described as cunning and baffling and indeed it is. Often when somebody stops drinking on has the expectations that one is going to be well only for the now sober alcoholic to retreat into the dry drunk syndrome. Dry drunk syndrome also has a lot in common with other dissociative disorders and the better we are prepared for it, the better we can deal with it. So if you have experienced cunning, crazy making behavior or huge disappointment after somebody is dry, then this is the masterclass you don’t want to miss.

Join this 2 Hour Masterclass, with notes, worksheet and Q&A live. Replay available, but Q&A only available on live, so prioritize this to get your personal, burning questions answered

15 May, 2023

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

A 4 Days Challenge

What if some internal self-sabotaging systems kept you locked in your current patterns?

We are mostly living directed by subconscious belief systems, by childhood ingrained patterns and by the lessons we internalized through experiencing trauma.

What if you could live free from these invisible influencers, and be available to live fully and in awareness of what used to influence you without even knowing the power it held over you?

Thurs 15 – Sat 17 June, 2023

Living with ADHD Masterclass

Anyone living with ADD or ADHD will know how much strain it puts on a partner and this one is specifically aimed at the partner. If you do have ADD or ADHD it is not going to be bad for you to listen and to understand how the other side feels, but this is really mainly aimed at people that have to live with it. I have been living with someone with ADD for a very long time and a very big part of the problem is that a lot of the behavior is unexplainable to us if it is undiagnosed.

But there are other things that present themselves as ADD or ADHD in the end it doesn’t matter what the other things are. The same set of behaviors is what confuses us and disappoints us and makes us feel completely and utterly powerless. If this sounds like you please make sure that you dial into the next masterclass.

Monday 17 July, 2023

Self Talk Challenge

Self Talk Challenge

2 Mondays over 2 weeks

Find one of the most powerful ways to feel better about yourself, build confidence and achieve more.

2 Mondays over 2 weeks.

To be announced

Stress & Anxiety

Find awareness of unexpected causes of anxiety, tools to handle anxiety with, and outlook changes that can empower you through anxiety-provoking situations

Join this 2 Hour Masterclass, with notes, worksheet and Q&A live. Replay available, but Q&A only available on live, so prioritize this to get your personal, burning questions answered

to be announced

Belief System Reboot

Belief System Reboot

Myth… “Everything you believe is true”

Find enormous freedom in shattering beliefs that are keeping you stuck, create outlooks that fit who you are now

Be supported as you take a fearless inventory of your beliefs and create a belief system that supports the life you want to create.

Day 1 Money Beliefs

Day 2 Religion, politics, Gender Bias and other unspeakables!

Day 3 “Who am I” beliefs

Day 4 Interpersonal beliefs

4 Day Challenge date to be announced

Self Empowerment 202

Who is responsible for us?

What we focus on.

The ways in which we are controlled.

Claiming our own selves.

Finding our middle line / strong place to come back to.

Date to be announced

Other Immersive Courses

Limiting Beliefs

Transform Your Limiting Beliefs Challenge

Adult Child Syndrome

Adult Child Syndrome for Professionals -An Interactive Program

Self Esteem 101 for Everyone

Who and what these Courses, Workshops and Immersive Experiences are for:

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