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You are here, and that means you are ready to apply the tools that will bring into your life the blessings and treasures you need.

From Infidelity to Abundance: A Live Masterclass

From Infidelity to Abundance: A Live Masterclass is a one-hour masterclass on Zoom. We will briefly discuss what went into our infidelities, but then concentrate on the subsequent transformation to become better humans than we were before our indiscretions. The focus will be on next steps of this journey of self-discovery (spoiler alert: it’s about happiness and abundance). There will be a masterclass just for men, and one just for women.
Larry McInnes

Larry McInnes

Larry McInnes is a happiness researcher, transformation coach, and the creator of Ex To Excellent, a platform for discussing that topic that nobody wants to talk about: infidelity. Larry didn’t go to an Ivy League school and he has no extra initials after his name. Instead he has the boots-on-the-ground experience of his own infidelity and journey from a broken marriage to a life of abundance. Larry’s mission now is to teach men and women that their pasts do not define them and that life still has infinite potential.

Louise VN Liebenberg

Louise VN Liebenberg is an international bestselling author and transformational coach and counselor who specializes in Adult Child Syndrome, Self Esteem Development and Transforming Unresolved Grief. She loves taking long road trips with her husband, exploring new places on her motorbike. At home she likes nothing better than writing her next book with three cats curled up on her legs. She gets her creative outlet in doing stained glass and ceramics. As your “Fearless Magnificence Coachelor” she believes in your ability to shine, overcome and transform your life and relationships, and she has gathered some of her most inspring friends to help you redesign and realign your life for maximum growth and healing.

4 Day Self Worth Challenge

A 4-day Online Challenge that will change how you view yourself!
Self-Worth is the one area of how we view ourselves that is crucial to improve. When we have self-worth, all our relationships improve, our expectations are higher and we attract better opportunities, and are more succesful in all areas of our lives.
Live Challenge Dates 12 - 15 July

Attract Your Soulmate F.A.S.T. After 40 Virtual Retreat Process

"The Attract Your Soulmate F.A.S.T. After 40 Virtual Retreat Process is immediately available for download and includes: A How-to Guide with instructions and joyful suggestions Four (4) short put powerful video sessions: *Session 1: How Self-Love Activates Soulmate Love *Session 2: How Forgiveness Activates Soulmate Love *Session 3: How Self-Acceptance Activates Soulmate Love *Session 4: How Joy Activates Soulmate Love HomeFun assignments to help you activate Soulmate love Meditations on Self-Forgiveness for Relationship Success and Self-Love The Queen's Way: God Affirmation on Self-Love and Journal Prompts Song Playlist and Lyrics AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY
Beth McGuffin

Beth McGuffin

Beth McGuffin, M.Ed., CLAC, is a Certified Love Attraction Coach™ and Amazon bestselling author of various books and journals including Open Your Heart: How to Use Your Creative Superpowers to Attract Love. Her work as a Book Writing and Creativity Coach provides a unique perspective to her Self-Love and Soulmate Attraction Coaching and Mentoring. She loves to mentor women in discovering how to love themselves and attract the man the Divine designed for them. She met her soulmate and they married one year and one month after their first date! She lives and loves in Southern California with her husband and their two amazing kids. Her support includes books, courses, vision board playshops, and private and group coaching. Go to to book a free Love Breakthrough Session and download The Queen's Way: God Affirmations on Self-Love and Journal Prompts!

The Love After 40 Breakthrough Session is a private coaching conversation with Amazon best selling author and Certified Love Attraction Coach™ Beth McGuffin! During our time together you will:
*Identify what is holding you back (inner and outer) from attracting your Divine Soulmate
*Gain clarity on what you REALLY want in a partner
*Feel a greater sense of confidence and self-worth that love is for you
*Create a plan that will work for you no matter what you have tried in the past
*Be assured that can have the love you deserve and an amazing life with a partner that has the qualities you desire

Tobey Geise

Tobey Geise

"Tobey Geise is a lifelong student, always seeking and evolving. She began her personal growth path in 2004, diving deep into self-awareness and transformational work. Her growth path led her to spirituality, where she overcame a painful eating disorder and turned her attention to healing her mind, body, and soul. Tobey’s wound is her gift to the world and it is an honor to help others heal and release their struggle with food and body image. A certified Integrative NLP Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Mental and Emotional Release®, Reiki Master, and Breathwork Practitioner, Tobey is passionate about empowering others to find their own healing within."

Mirror of Love

You will Discover: • The proven 4-step system for breaking free from your food and body obsession once and for all...even if nothing else has worked (dieting, OA, workouts, restricting, etc.) • What most therapists, counselors, and weight loss programs don’t tell you about emotional eating, body shaming, etc....and why this keeps you STUCK • How to stay in control around your favorite foods, curb your cravings, and end overeating without relying on willpower or self-discipline • How to permanently let go of the negative self-talk and cherish your body without measuring yourself on the scale AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY

Live Interactive Masterclass

Are you ready NOW to… live a life of purpose and change your life and the lives of those around you for the better? To follow a step-by-step process that unearths your purpose, so you can step into it and live it more fully? To stop being overwhelmed or lost trying to figure out your life purpose on your own? The Ultimate Life Purpose Roadmap Mini-Masterclass is a most supportive program, helping women navigate their journey to reclaiming and living their life purpose. Sign up for your 45-minute mini-masterclass today. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY
Lily Quinn Cymber

Cymber Lily Quinn

"Cymber Lily Quinn is an international speaker on the topic of reclaiming, living and sharing life purpose. With 25 years of coaching, Cymber is an expert on guiding women to design and travel their own life purpose roadmaps. Cymber’s proprietary program, The Ultimate Life Purpose Roadmap, helps women who feel lost and overwhelmed from trying to figure out their life purpose on their own. The program provides a step-by-step supportive process that helps women navigate their journey to reclaiming and living their purpose. In the program, women will find a gentle environment of like-minded women, where life purpose goals feel achievable. "

Diya Selva

Summer Diya Selva

Summer is a digital marketing expert and has also been a business strategy and accountability coach since 2013. She has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and her background education is in Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition and Yogic Sciences. The caffeine dependant analog form of Summer enjoys bringing together people of all levels and all intellects. She thrives best in groups whether it is group classes and workshops, masterminds, networking meetings or summits. Summer has created and conducted numerous digital courses and workshops in the fields of personal development, social media, email marketing, business and sales strategy and communication skills. She looks forward to sharing love of building meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their skillsets that helps them become the best version of themselves.

Goal Setting 101 and the only secret way to achieve all those goals

"We all set goals, yet not even 20% of us achieve what we set out to do. Reason? Most of us lack efficient ways of following through with the goals. At the end of the year, we haven't taken our business from point A to B. In this one hour workshop you will realize your true potential and unleash it. Determine what your real goals are in every aspect of business and life. Analyze your thoughts and beliefs. Get total clarity. Eliminate roadblocks. Create a fail proof action plan and learn to achieve them all."

A social media audit to review your social media profiles, assessing your performance, and looking for opportunities to improve. By conducting a social media audit you gain key insights that can be used to refine future campaigns and tactics. $149 value, offering for free.

Start Small. Achieve Better

Enjoy this small course to understand how to overcome bad habits, weak boundaries, procrastination, and burnout.
Heidi Aderman

Heidi Aderman

"Heidi Aderman is a habits and accountability coach with Heidzalyn Coaching. She helps people overcome the overwhelm of creating, by providing a process for building small productive habits that free up more head space for creation. It's important that the journey is fun, so she does it with a game called AchieveBET. Place a bet, get a partner, work on planned tasks, collect data, and your action could win you cash. Heidi also is building a collaboration mentorship community called Mentor Magic. The purpose is to provide mentorship, inspiration, networking, and education to those experiencing a transition in life. The weekly online networking meeting is held Tuesday's 3PM Est weekly where regular attendees are held accountable to one small habit and we feature a lesson from a guest expert. "

We are connecting people to mentorship, inspiration, networking, and education while having as much fun as possible. Be accountable. Be inspired. Get connected. Meet us at 3:00pm Est as we work Mentor Magic. You will receive the Zoom meeting link your email and a link to our Facebook group so you can watch past episodes.

Tammy Davis

Tammy Davis

Fueled by curiosity, Tammy Davis has uncovered the secret to all dis-ease. With a background in pharmacology, epigenetics, and plant chemicals, she has devoted her life to deciphering the nature of nature. However, after years of living the recommended 'healthy' lifestyles and still developing chronic pain and cancer, her passion for knowledge turned into a movement for change. As a word connoisseur and activist for clarity, Tammy is here to create ease and teach people how to live an honestly healthy life, no matter what.

The Guts to Be Remarkably Healthy

A mind-blowing wealth of information, revealing the science to being honestly healthy. We get into the health-giving nature of genuine essential oils and why they are necessary on a daily basis. We talk about the importance to partnering with our body and how to do this outside the conventional model of control. There are 5 live discussions that take place in our private Facebook community which includes handouts, plenty of opportunities to discuss, support and ask questions as well as receive guidance on the best steps for you to take now.

A comprehensive list identifying how and when to use genuine essential oils with a variety of skin conditions as well as details on how they support the entire body. This 5 page PDF also includes a recipe for a sunblock / skin repair salve along with a surprise for using them with and around our pets.

Chuck Groot

Chuck Groot

Chuck Groot’s CPA, MPA, MBA credentials as an author, teacher, business coach and entrepreneur are noteworthy. His clients credit their success to his uncanny ability to get right to the root of any challenge that they put in front of him. He credits his success to his clients and their willingness to being open to new ideas and desire in pursuit of excellence. As an entrepreneur, his enthusiasm and innovative approach have garnered him both professional success and the recognition of his peers. But his greatest delight is being able to share these skills with others and enabling them to be successful on their own.

From Scratch with Scratch Your new business, 30 days from idea to launch

Need extra cash or want to work at something you are passionate about? You have an unlimited source in the palm of your hand – literally. You can take anything that you enjoy doing and make it into a paying side business as long as it is legal, moral, and acceptable. Literally anything you like doing can be turned into a paying activity with a little creativity. You can spend 4 hours, 8 hours, any amount of time on it that you like. There are no rules.

This is your road map to success. Years of study, practice, refinement, and the great minds of many successful entrepreneurs and individuals of all genders, races, religions, backgrounds, and experiences are combined here to help you succeed in any endeavor you set your mind to.

Richard Morden

Richard Morden

Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (Tapping) Practitioner Certified Emotional Success Coach. Body Talk Access. By using EFT (Tapping) guided sessions to bring healing to clients from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, anger, self-sabotage and other deep-rooted issues that often-traditional therapy cannot resolve. he provides a practice of safe progress with a tender approach to remove the barriers and heaviness that surround personal trauma. He understands the complicated emotions of a breakthrough; the new breath that comes with new life, as well as the tension to hold on to pieces of the past. Helping help clients walk through the process of looking at the hard facts surrounding their experiences while acknowledging the feelings attached. And though virtual or in-person sessions I teach the tools to provide self-care to empower clients in daily life.

Introduction to EFT

"Quantum Approach helps you discover and empower who you are within your journey. I do this by guiding you in clearing and releasing your past, to allow room for self acceptance. I work to improve communications where they’re lacking, teaching my clients how to be self-full (as opposed to self-less), and helping you clear energy so that others can see the new you"

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