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Healing and Happiness Experts Bonanza

is the perfect way to introduce real buyers and people ready to invest in themselves to your Signature Course through offering a smaller course at a price they cannot refuse!

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There is so much value in aligning collaboration with likeminded coaches, therapists and other online entrepreneurs focussed on solving problems for real-life people. We reach our ideal market, we support each other (No one can be everything for the whole world, there are enough people needing help for all of us!) and we get to help more people! I am just loving collaboration, the connections I have made over these last few months, and the more engaged audience that result from these collaborations.

A "Giveaway" not for Freebie Hunters, but for people ready to invest in themselves:

Are you also frustrated by freebie hunters signing up, but not engaging or even worse, taking your gift and unsubscribing?

We all know that once someone have spent even a small amount they are more likely to use it, get to know you, and trust you for future bigger investments!

I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend my time on getting 10 signups who are committed to their self-growth, than collecting 50 people who are there because they can get it for free.

  • This “Giveaway” is for people who have a valuable program that you are willing to sell for $5. (not a high ticket program though – keep that for the upsell after you deliver your “Paid Giveaway Product”, which will be your real gain and aim – sell more higher-end programs or one-on-one coaching.)
  • Between 10 and 16 max people get to collaborate and promote each other
  • Deadline for having product link ready: 28 June
  • Your investment is $47. You complete your info form, give us the product link by the 26th of June (Please note that YOU have to have your signup form and method of payment ready on YOUR site) The leads you collect is yours!
  • You have the option of offering a freebie/lead magnet too if you want to collect extra emails. If you choose to do that, I will gladly share with you the method I am now using to give a better converting free gift.
  • You will be provided with email swipe files and social media graphics to share
  • Your signup numbers are as strong as your offer. I have tweaked and tweaked and tweaked to improve my signup rate, so my best advice is to focus on your audience’s big problem and use emotion-invoking language that offers them a relief from their pain-point.
  • You have to have a mailing list already! Everyone who takes part is vetted for mailing list size and quality of product.
  • It is extremely hard to consistently reach the people who are hungry for help, but when we work together, we can help more people and build our own influence.

What it entails/your commitment:

  • We need your pics, your bio, product description and your links in the online form we will supply on signup
  • Your contribution is $47. (We do not want anyone participating who flakes out last minute, is not professional and takes the spot from another committed expert.)
  • You will be asked to commit to at least 2 standalone emails over a 2 week promotional time frame, and to posting on your best social media channels. Swipe files of social media and emails will be provided to make it super easy for you.
  • I will do the rest with the help of my capable assistant, who may get a new job as Main Nagger!
  • You have to provide payment page link to process your own sales.
  • First finished goes to top of the page… yes, you know it is the best place to be! But I will highlight different products in my daily emails though so all get a turn.

Please click on the button below to Pay via Paypal:

What is next?

  • I will get a notification that you paid
  • You will get an email with a form for all your details: Photos, bio, a description of your program, your links, etc.
  •  WE will check everything, add your info to our Experts Bonanza page, and send you all the info you need.

Comments about my previous events

These are some remarks:

“I already gave away the 10 audiobooks I offered for the Giveaway, but I am adding more and growing my list!” – Elsa Mendoza

If you can maintain that quality of questions and participants, I’m sure your next two Summits will be equally superb.” – Neal Abramson

 “Louise, First of all, I’d like to say that you are an amazingly well organized, thoughtful and considerate summit host.” – Jacqui Olliver

“I think you did an AMAZING job putting this together so well done you!”  – Maria McMahon

The remarks from people finding healing is, however, what made it all worthwhile!

“I just love Tobey. My raffle prize was very valuable”

Hi Co-Creators

I am so excited about our collaboration!

One of the biggest perks of this collaboration is having our name associated with other experts of substance, who has incredible products and shares the same audience. Since I got out of the fear/competition mode, and realised that there are more than enough people needing our help, I have been moving my business into a much better place through collaboration. The people who resonate with us, will use our services. The ones who don’t may never do so, but can perhaps get help from you!

The second perk is that every product you have ready or upcoming can get attention once someone has experienced one of your offers.

The third perk is not so obvious if you are not a seasoned marketer, but it is this: events drive your capability to say something newsworthy. And this is an event, and moreover, it is a joint marketing effort. Therefore, it is up to you to use it to drive interest to your other projects. Be creative!

I just love the magic of collaboration!


Louise VN Liebenberg