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Welcome Precious!

You made it here! Whatever led you here, I am delighted to invite you to making the self-healing journey together.

Whether you are here because you’re healing from childhood trauma or current trauma, a broken heart or loss of a loved one, reeling from depression, anxiety, addiction, or PTSD… I want you to have hope

To help orient you, I’ve laid out some options based on what you might need. Feel free to contact me directly for personalized options.

Much love 🤍


Life is too short to be unhappy, to just look OK and try to fit in

So make every day count! I know what it feels like if you cannot find real help, so everything here is designed to give measurable results.

I hope that you will get a real sense of who I am, what I can help you with and all the different ways I came up with to build a comprehensive healing system with varying price points… keep reading and if you still need clarity, scroll down to the bottom and book a complimentary discovery call with me.

If these are why you are here…

  • My relationship/s sucks. Please tell me why!
  • I overthink and ruminate and feel stuck
  • I am lonely
  • I carry so much hurt inside me
  • I have tried everything
  • I cannot do this anymore (whatever ‘this’ is)
  • I have never felt like I fitted in
  • People use me but I don’t get support
  • I do not feel good about myself
  • I am tired of people pleasing.
  • I want to learn how to communicate so I can be effective.
  • I am angry. 
  • I will be happy as soon as… 
  • I have been hurt too many times/too much
  • I have to take care of everything. Everything is mine to fix. And it is too much.
Yes, you are in the right place. Have a short chat with me, watch some videos, check out the testimonials, sign up for something so you can be on my mailing list, buy my book, join the community… even just one of these is a step in the right direction! 😉💡🎇

 What I am creating to support you! 

  • Short, bite sized 3 or 4 day challenges, so you can make big moves fast 💗
  • 10 day to 2 week online masterminds in which you get the chance to deeply change self-limiting behaviors and outlooks with high quality support💗 
  • 1 to 6 month Deep-Dive Online Courses. We did not get where we are in a week or two. Some work takes time. There are self-drive options, group options or luxury options for those wanting fully customized and fast results 💗
  • My book is easily 30 to 60 sessions with me. Use it as an additional tool 💗
  • Free weekly online coaching sessions 💗

This is my recommendation: go all in for the best package you can afford. The packages below are the best value for money, give you the opportunity for consistent growth, have accountability built in, and use a variety of ways to get the best results. The more you commit, the faster your life improves. Combine one-on-on sessions with these support systems (I will recommend them to you during our sessions anyway, as we progress, as they are designed in a progressive way. Everyone needs to start at their own place, as we are all different, with our own unique problems.)

Online Coaching Solutions

  • In your own time, from anywhere in the world!
  • With or without personal interaction (look out for low-cost Self Drive options if you want to work through challenges by yourself)
  • Own it forever and return anytime
  • Your comments keep improving the experience for everyone
  • Short or longer online challenges for focussing on one problem area or for in-depth self development and growth.

Keep scrolling for one-on-one solutions ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Weekly Live

Livestream, real, vulnerable, empowering…

Whether it is a specific question answered or a live interview, you are sure to find benefit.

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You can also watch some videos on YouTube, with a new one added weekly, so go over and follow to be notified.


Online Challenges for focussed and fast results

It is done in a small group with others in the same leaky boat, with the same challenges. Mutual support and cheering-on adds to the accountability factor.

Challenges designed especially for you help you find the hidden blind spots and equip you with practical steps, improved outlooks and great tools. 

All are interactive & come with my expert support and guidance


Highly Recommended!

This is your chance to get:

  • Weekly Live coaching
  • All my Blogs & Published Articles
  • Videos not available elsewhere
  • Discount on One-on-One & on  Online Challenges 
  • Being a part of something bigger: Being able to help others by keeping the programs affordable, creating sponsoring opportunities, and being able to support others as you yourself grow
  • You choose how much you want to pay!

Sort Your Sh*t School

Best Results, Tested System

What if you could have a Step-By-Step weekly group system that could help you sort your life systematically?

Well you can! This 6 month program is the exact program I have been using with amazing results for the groups I have been facilitating, my private clients, and most importantly, myself! Read the reviews!

Weekly coaching with group sessions, one-on-one sessions, challenges and worksheets.

One on One & Premium Fastest Results

Are we a fit?

I think the best way for you to get to know me is to watch the unedited livestreams I do weekly. I love doing them!. They are real. There are deep truths and new understanding and aha moments. And if you gel with my message, then great! I am…

  • direct
  • supportive
  • passionate about your progress
  • down to earth
  • practical

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One on One

The structure and direction of counselling sessions are determined by your needs.

We start off by getting a good idea of what your biggest problems are and by determining what you would like to achieve in a session.

I like to get as much as possible background information, and in order to save a bit of your precious time, you complete the questionnare I send you.

Counselling is completely confidential and non-judgmental.

I find a two hour session for the first appointment to be of the most value, and therefore I offer a first appointment special of R1800/ 2 hour.

Rates: Apply for 6-week or 3 month package if you have a tight budget.
All sessions: 

$120 / £95 / R1200 per 55 minutes 

Couples Counselling

Most couples only seek counselling once there are already serious differences of opinion and big hurt experienced in the relationship. 

This is where a skilled counsellor comes in handy. A relationship in distress often needs an impartial but mutually supportive person who can help both parties to feel heard. A better understanding of the inter-couple dynamics is helpful, and negative habits which impact on the relationship can be addressed.

Couples counselling is not about one person being right and the other wrong. It is about two people who have decided that they have a relationship worth working on.

You are very welcome to have a short call to determine if it feels like a fit. Most of my couples counselling clients come to me though because one person started working on themself. And then the other become willing. Whichever way you want to do it, there is hope.

  • 1st appointment special: R2000/2 hr
  • All sessions: R1200/1 hour($120/£95)

Premier Package

  • You want the fastest possible individualized results💪 
  • You want someone who is available, as your days are packed with appointments and responsibilities👍 
  • You want custom solutions that will work fast 👍

Now, let’s be real! I cannot guarantee how fast you will resolve what you need resolved fast. I don’t know you. I don’t know that you will make the space in your life to put in the work… after all, what is ever achieved without effort?

But if you are ready, I will be straight with you, and the sky is the limit! Let’s do this!

Love a good deal? Check out our bundles.

More Options


The Best Life Retreat

2 Full days or 4 half days of life-changing intervention that will leave you with

  • Better understanding of your conditioned and automated reactions
  • Self-Empowering outlooks
  • Great communication skills
  • Emotional Intelligence upgrade

If you are tired, at a place of “I just can’t anymore”, need more connection and self-care in your life, and you just want to fit in easier and and reach your potential, then this is for you. 

Next dates: South Africa & France

3-Month Package

Commitment to the counselling process results in a strong growth curve. In order to assist you in your growth process, try out this offer as an incentive for investing in yourself:

BEST VALUE Package plus Bonuses:

  • First Session Free Extra Hour
  • A weekly hour long session
  • 2 Weekly bonus e mails/messages for crisis management
  • Personalized action points weekly
  • Customized Workbook and exercises
  • Self Worth Self Drive Challenge
  • Un-Limiting Beliefs Self Drive Challenge included
  • Access to Membership site and all its information included
W0RTH over R16 200/ WORTH over $1667


 *** 3 easy monthly payments available through Paypal $575/month

Payment options includes Paypal.

Online, in person or on WhatsApp available


YES!!!! It is here, your professional coaching certification as an I-nfinitePotential Facilitator! 😍😍😍

A custom solution for professionals who are noticing the gap in their education. There is not a single professional program as yet that covers Adult Child Syndrome, yet 70% to 80% of the world suffer from it! UNTIL NOW!👏👍👌  Now you can get certified from the inside out. You will go through the healing process yourself, find a lot of unexpected growth and healing, and become more skillful in your own practice. The time for it is NOW!

Workplace Workshop



“What contributes to Staff Engagement, Happiness and Productivity?”

There are 4 specific areas that teams, managers & leaders must master to optimize performance & results that actually have REAL impact.

We assist people and teams to understand and use this vital information to achieve outstanding results…Rapidly.

Get the workshop flyer here

Another option:

Creative workshops

Stress Relief through Art

1 Day Workshop

A daylong  art experience – a gift to yourself!

Experience the restorative power of art through painting and pottery.

No art experience or artistic talent needed.For complete beginners or artists

All materials supplied

Presented by two skilled and emphatic therapeutic art practitioners.

Therapeutic Art

3 Day Workshop

Three days of making art, healing, exploring!

Through the mediums of paint, clay and mixed media mosaics a safe space is created for growth and re-alignment.

One on one session included.

All art materialls supplied.

Presented by two skilled and emphatic threareutic art practitioners.

Healing Pottery

1 or 2 Hours

Book for a private pottery session with Louise – a potter with 30 years experience, but also a skilled and insightful counselor.

“Clay is a healing medium. It relaxes one and transports one back to seven years old: the magical age. Clay does not lie. It is the ideal media for those who are hesitant about counselling, who may find it hard to open up.”

Cost R850/hour. All materials and 2 firings included.

So, which modalities do I follow? What do I really do in order to help you?

Short answer: whatever it takes. 

The 12-step approach to Adult Child Syndrome saved me, and I have managed to turn my entire life around because of it. But I added research, and designed highly successful programs for the groups I facilitated. I almost accidentally use a lot of NLP, as we are reprogramming our brains, together with Transacional Analysis and Psychoanalysis. Trauma Release, Somatic experiencing, Reframing, Neuropsychology principles… All of it, based on Adult Child Syndrome. Because near everyone will benefit hugely from this self-empowering work that puts you in the driver seat of your own life.

Much of it is intuitive, and I feel greatly led in the process. A lot of it is experience. I went through most of the processes myself, had to push through fear, overcome limiting beliefs, and build my self-esteem and become self-empowered. I have zero judgement, totally belief we can overcome our past and our history, and be who we were always supposed to be.

But one thing I know. You must be ready. You must commit, you must find someone you trust enough to let you show you a different way. 

Because you would not be on the bottom of this page if your way worked…

Let’s chat