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Baby steps to Better – Learn from my lessons.  Day 1


Yes, that is right…
(I may have lost my mind!!!)

Seriously though… I do know I have an authentic voice – so do you, incidentally! – but the challenge has been to find a way  I can call “my thing”. I am a bit new to this blogging, social media thing.
But we all have to start somewhere, so I am going to give this a good shot…, and probably learn a lot along the way:)

I have decided to call this 30 day series “Baby Steps” – see that is what I am doing too, learning about blogging and those things using baby steps… – as we so often place big expectations on ourselves to do things perfectly the first time round.
I have learned the lesson the hard way. By not knowing when good enough is good enough, I ended up with burnout and adrenal failure. Big mess, I can tell you…
So, just know this one thing today:
Sometimes life will be tough. That is just how it is. But when we learn to tap into our own resilience, we are going to find that we have so much more to ourselves than we knew.
We are going to find that we can feel our feelings and survive it.
We will learn that, even if we do not like the tough times (perfectly fine if you do not like tough times), we can DECIDE to accept what we cannot change.
And we can learn to look for a way to get through it, as the only thing we can control is our response!
We can learn to ask for help and support…
​And to appreciate the lesson. Because there always is a lesson. And even happiness!
Much love

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  1. Michele Bedser

    I for one know this too well. Always thinking that you have to get to where you want to be quickly, this used to be my thing. Now I have learnt to accept the things I cannot change. In accepting that I have learnt that everything I do is good enough, this is not saying that I bow to the people who say you can do better. But to know that it is good enough for me. And for those who don’t like it well, that’s your problem for it is only in letting go and letting God that you learn to accept that you are good enough.

  2. Louise

    So true, Michele.
    Much love

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