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Anxiety, fear, sadness and regrets

These four things – anxiety, fear,  and regrets – are the most general symptoms of a life devoid of mindfulness.

The bigger problem, though, is that doctors and psychiatrists have mostly a “prescribe a mood altering pill” approach to naturally occurring feelings, which may temporarily help us through a dark spot, but in the end just exacerbate the problem. Now we are left with the inability to feel our feelings, and the possibility to be addicted to these “harmless” pills!

But how to deal with feelings we call “negative”, when we have never been given the tools? Well more of that later…

Just take a look at the array of feelings ( we could be experiencing, just because we spend so much time in the past;

And note the antonyms – where we actually want to be! But how!
It is actually very simple… We have to retrain our minds to stay in the now. I am not saying easy, as this is what we have been doing most of our lives – punishing ourselves by going between the past and the future, and seldom focusing on the power of JUST. THIS. MOMENT.
But it can be done. It takes practice. And paying attention to what our body is telling us. And refusing to give in to the urge to wander in the past or traipse all over the future.
Go ahead, try it.
And let me know what your biggest challenge is right now, or how applying this has improved your life.
I would love to hear from you…Much love