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Awareness: the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness:

– Dictionary.com

Words related to Awareness:

alertness, appreciation, attention, consciousness, experience, information,recognition, understanding, perception, understanding, realization, acquaintance, acquaintanceship, aliveness, apprehension, attentiveness, cognizance, comprehension, discernment, enlightenment, familiarity 

We cannot change anything in our lives without awareness. With Awareness we make the Impossible Possible!

Sometimes it’s just a vague uneasiness; a knowing that something is not quite working, a determination to fit in, a knowing that you are struggling a bit too much. That is enough of a sign that we are ignoring something, that something is suppressed and needing a voice and a safe space. We can be happy, in an enmeshed-but-mostly-working relationship, successful from the outside, accomplished, but still have a part that is searching for more.

Some of us are less perfectionistic, have less belief in ourselves, hands over more of our lives to others, procrastinate more, and contract and isolate ourselves more. We may pass up opportunities, struggle with social anxiety and feeling inept. We have carefully constructed walls and are so careful about who we let in. 

We have very set beliefs. Control is a big thing. Feeling misunderstood happens a lot. We cling to our small inner circle of support. We ruminate, overthink and over-analyze. We squish our uncomfortableness by distracting ourselves.

Some of us will simply be satisfied with peace and feeling heard, feeling respected, feeling appreciated.

Let’s change that. It is possible to have that and more…

And this is what our experts are here to show you: 

How to be the self-empowered person who is effective, heard and balanced; deeply connected to yourself and others. Peace and joy, every day. 


Four New Sessions

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Episode 2

Howard J Rankin

Cynical psychologist…coach, podcast host, speaker, best-selling and award-winning author

Howard J Rankin

Associate professor U of London
Consultant to BBC, WHO, NIH
Best -selling and award-winning author, co-author and ghostwriter of more than 50 books in psychology, self-improvement and behavior change niche
Co-producer and consultant to an award-winning film on obesity
Consultant to a leading weight loss support group
TedX speaker on neuroscience of behavior change
Expert in communication
Author of 35 scientific articles and papers
Editor of leading psychological journal
Many appearances on major TV shows and networks
Expertise in addiction research and treatment
Opened a psychology practice that combined conventional therapy with neuroscience and neurofeedback
Host of the podcast ‘How Not to Think’
Ran one of the first studies using brain-mapping EEG for troubled elementary students in the US school system
Science Director at IntualityAI, a predictive analytics system that combines logic with intuition

Click on the icon below for Howard’s Amazon book:

Video -- Pirates of the Frontal Cortex: The Five Major Thinking Errors

Video that explains the five major thinking mistakes that peopler make and how to identify and avoid them

My book - I Think Therefore I Am Wrong

Sherman Daley

Restored Marriages

Sherman Daley

Sherman & Semise Daley
Sherman is an entrepreneur in the technology space and his wife Semise is a professor of Nursing working on her Ph.D.
They both have been in long-term marriages with children which ended up divorced.
They met online in 2011 where the sparks began to fly.
In 2012 they were happily married and started a new life in San Diego, but by 2016 due to conflicts, they separated.
In 2018 they Divorce.
Two years later in 2020 amongst all the turmoil, they were remarried and now are helping couples learn how to restore their relationships.
“Having walked the path we now know what went wrong and how to fix it. We can help you to begin a new journey in your relationships that will have lasting results.”

Tips for Love Languages - restoremarriages.net

The free gift is test to determine your love language and a tip sheet on how to use it.

Tom Milligan

Founder & CEO, Our Divorce, Inc.

Tom Milligan

Tom turned lemons to lemonade when he used his personal divorce experience to launch OurDivorce.com – an online divorce solution that helps divorcing couples save time, money, and the emotional trauma associated with divorce.

Perry Power

Coach, storyteller, speaker, and charity co-founder

Perry Power

Perry Power is a storyteller, author, coach, and charity co-founder. Perry’s mission of helping survivors of abuse and trauma to “own their story, own their life” has racked up over 130k followers on social media and led Perry to write a book and be been featured in The Sun, MTV, Sky, and TEDx.

Breakthrough session

If you have been keeping your story silent, or you have wounds surrounding your story which you know hold you back in life, then this gift will completely change your life. Currently, I only work with clients on a 1:1 basis over the course of 3-12 months. But what I will do is provide an action plan (condensed from 3 months coaching, which is a £4k minimum investment) that will help you not only own your story and own your life, but also know how to build a movement around your story and message. This will be a 90min call that will, once finished, give you complete clarity over what you need to do with the rest of your life. And that’s a promise.

Louise VN Liebenberg

Inner Child Healing

Grown-UP Empowerment


Louise’s passion is to help people create fast, effective solutions for the many confusing blocks to establishing lasting joy, peace and connection. As your Fearless Maginificence Coachelor she specializes in Self-Empowerment, Inner Child Healing, Self-Esteem Establishment, Relationship Re-Connection and Group Facilitation.

Drawing heavily on her professional experiences and her own transformational process, Louise VN Liebenberg, International Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Counsellor, Rescuer-Of-Abandoned-Cats and Road-Trip-Lover shares her no-nonsense, practical approach to mindful, constructive involvement in one’s own life through self-empowerment.
She started with a degree in Medical Technology but then became a well-known stained glass and ceramic artist who accidentally was the chef in her and her husband’s popular country restaurant. She reinvented her life when it became emotionally unbearable, and has since helped countless others through facilitating support groups.
She lays out a fresh approach to relationship building and shares the outlook-changing self-empowerment tools needed in a step by step way.
She combines her experience as an artist and entrepreneur with her passion for empowering others to achieve their goals by offering different ways to view challenges and approach life.
A multitude of rescued cats share their small-village-life with her and her husband.
At home she likes nothing better than writing her next book with three cats curled up on her legs.

As your “Fearless Magnificence Coach” she believes in your ability to shine, overcome and transform your life and relationships.


Transform Limiting Beliefs Worksheet

You know something is missing...
You have an uneasiness that sometimes stir - there could be more...
Yes, you are right!
How would it be if we could remove the invisible barriers keeping you from your best relationships, accomplishments, and your best self?
Complete the form and be one of the 10 lucky ones who will get a 30 minute conversation about what is holding you back, and your most effective ways to remove the barriers.

Live Talk with Louise

Just a quick overview of what you can expect when we talk about “Feeling our Feelings”

Find out more on:

  • Why we fear our feelings
  • Why we want to overcome the natural resistance to feel what we refuse to feel
  • What the real blockage is
  • Real life tips for getting acquainted with our feelings
  • What to be careful of
  • How to actually do it
  • Be empowered by what you can take action on

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Video — Pirates of the Frontal Cortex: The Five Major Thinking Errors


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