"Can you really help me?"

Of course! If you are ready, if you are willing to push through your current belief set and do things differently, I would love to work with you!

"Why are you so confident you can help?"

I fixed me, I walk the walk, I really know the way and I am willing to show you and encourage you and keep you accountable. If you want real life-changing help, I’m your girl!

"What about Healing Myself?"

It’s one of our traumatic childhood leftovers to not let others in easily, to keep control, and to only show the polished side to the world. When you find someone who will help you see your blind spots, and who will help you with the missing tools and outlooks (which we only learn in homes where children are not falling through the cracks), then your self-empowerment is on steroids! “Healing myself first” is so important, though, so just a slight adjustment in viewpoint…

"How do I know this is for me?"

It is important that you decide to trust the person you work with, so look at a few of my free YouTube videos, sign up for my mailing list, and if you connect with what you see, let’s set up an appointment to talk. There is nothing like talking to a real person. 

I have effective solutions and experience in solving a wide range of our problems that show up in the discomforts in our lives, so hang in, real help is on the way!

"What are some areas you specialize in"

  • Confidence
  • Finding Happiness after Breakup
  • Relationship Rescue and Better Communication
  • Social anxiety Treatment
  • Childhood Trauma and Healing
  • Emotional Abuse Recovery Programs
  • Rewiring your brain for Joy and Confidence
Mostly I cn tell you that I never felt that I fitted in, and making friends was hard, and now I not only have confidence, but I am deeply happy, and have amazing support and friends and opportunities. I want the same for you!

"Where do I start?"

I don’t want to overwhelm you, and there are a vast variety of pretty buttons you can click on… but do scroll through a bit, look at the videos and testimonials and free gifts, and if you feel you finally have found your tribe, then I am going to encourage you to sign up, take part in the challenges, and join the FB group to get free weekly coaching.

Below is what’s happening right now, and some of your immediate resources for real, supported help and support.

Feel free to reach out, an actual person answers your emails!

Louise, big hug! Yes, I’m a hugger 🙂

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"Online or in person?"

Both! If you are nearby, great. If not Zoom or Whatsap work just fine

"How do the online workshops and courses work?"

Oooh I love facilitating them! There is the self-drive options, which are very cost-effective, and has all the same exercises that will help you get to deep self-examining and reset.

But when we do it live, something magical happens! You get extra attention, you get the wake-me-up questions you need, and you are held accountable in a gentle but persistent way, which is so important to cement real progress, and you get support and a tribe, for many the first time in their lives ever. Your growth is on steroids and your solutions become crystal clear.

I do wish for you to join the workshops, courses and challenges, as I know how transformative and supported the experience is. And when you combine it with some one-on-one sessions with me, your individualized solutions put you on the healing road of self-empowerment and self-actualization.

Use my Online Transformational Courses as a genius way to move

from Procrastination to Peace!  

Use my Online Transformational Courses as a genius way to move

from Procrastination to Peace! 

Self-Worth is always the first step in Self-Esteem Building Lifetime access, don’t give away one more day of your life!

1 day Virtual Retreat

Exclusive ‘YOU’ time.

Deeply Transformative and

Illuminating Worksheets

The ultimate Inner Child Self-Empowerment Transformational Course. Real time support, one-on-one’s, workbooks & challenges

Transform your Limiting

Beliefs on your own schedule.

Lifetime access.

Deeply immersive, emotional reset & self-empowering experience in the most inspiring surroundings!

"What do other people say about the experience of working with you?"

Glad you asked! Take a look for yourself:

"Louise is an Oasis in the desert, and just like any Oasis she appeared out of nowhere. I do not recall how our paths crossed but they crossed when I was at the lowest point of my 63 years on this planet and for that I will always be grateful. Her love for her Beautiful Souls and her heartfelt desire to help each and every one who crosses her path is easily and sincerely reflected in everything she says and does. I have had the pleasure of working with her on multiple occasions and am looking forward to our next sharing opportunity. I have studied some of the Great Ones to include Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Louise Hayes, Stephen Covey and Wayne Dyer. They each started small before they attained their level of expertise and the benefit of working with Louise at this point is the availability to ask her direct questions face to face whenever and concerning whatever. Now is the best time to encounter her because as her work expands and more people access her gifts her time will have to be shared among the many. For now she is available to each of us and therein lies the real beauty and benefit of her courses, classes, masterminds and whatever else she has to offer whenever she has a chance. Check out her youtube videos or facebook page to get an example of what she has to offer. Read one of the books she has written. I promise this will be one decision you will not regret."
Mitchell Brice

About me... a little video for you


Louise here!

I am an irrepressible optimist dedicated to helping you become who you want to be!

OK, that’s not the full story, but as I am a visual kinda girl I thought I would tell you more about myself in pictures.

Get the popcorn and enjoy the video. Less than 2 minutes!


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