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Being real is an asset

How to add value by being true to yourself Video Lesson by Louise VN Liebenberg
In this 15 minute video you learn about embracing who you are and becoming the creator of your life, not a follower. With kind approval by Angela Santi, Business & Lifestyle Coach, the queen of dolce vita, and you can reach her here:

Create your Life Vision

A One Day Vision Board Virtual Retreat with questionaires & workbooks to help you design your values based best life  Use the worksheets provided to gain clarity on what you REALLY want and need in your life. Then you will be provided with tools to create a step-by-step action plan. Video walk-throughs included, and follow along while you finally make your own fun but powerful VisionBoard. Code Coupon: MYGIFT100

Affirmations Audio/Video Series

Learn about the science of affirmations, get tips and examples of good affirmations. Best of all, teach your kids affirmations! Contains Audios or Videos and an ebook if you prefer reading

Create Your Legacy

Your copy of the Inspiring International Bestselling Journal Create Your Legacy, just published. Be inspired by a daily message from a different contributor every day.

Tapping away your negative emotions

A short, spontaneous tapping session to help you to change your negative emotions into feeling empowered. If you want to watch the full video on Dissociation, here it is

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Surround yourself with that which are statements of what you want to achieve. They are Screensavers for your cell phone, your desktop, you can print them, and use them everywhere!

Day 1 - You are not alone

Karen Casey

Author/Workshop Presenter

My journey into recovery from addiction began in 1974 when I attended my first Al-Anon meeting to address my severe codependency. However, alcohol was the undying condition so more sustained recovery actually began on May 24, 1976, when I went to my first AA meeting. My life has been on an uphill trajectory ever since. I wouldn’t say I lived in the pocket of peace and hope all of these 45 years but I have lived sober and learned very quickly that serenity in the rooms of recovery was enhanced by staying involved with others who shared the same path.

My writing was the impetus for connecting more securely to the God of my understanding which then opened the door to the many books I have written throughout my recovering journey. My first book: Each Day A New Beginning, in fact was written as a desperate attempt to find a secure link to God, who had always been very elusive throughout my life. Because writing brought me peace of mind and a sense of the closeness of God, I have continued to author multiple books to this day. My first book will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year and has sold more than 3 million copies.

Along with writing as a focus for my life, I have been offering workshops and lectures for more than 30 years. I have spoken throughout the US in Canada and Europe too. Speaking, like writing, feels like a conversation with God. I’m quite convinced that I am fulfilling my purpose in life through both of these avenues.

On a more personal note, I have been married to a man in recovery for the last 44 years. I was never able to have children but am quite convinced that God always had another plan for me so I have felt quite content to think of all 31 books to date as children I gave birth to.The love of our lives is Nellie, our six year old yellow lab. We live in Naples, Florida for most of the year but retreat to Minnesota for the hot summer months.

My days of riding my Harley have come to an end but life is still full of adventure and I truly am convinced that making up my mind to live a peaceful life is the greatest adventure of them all.

Tashni Nayager

Holistic Medical Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner

Dr Tashni Nayager is a holistic medical practitioner, Reiki practitioner and spiritual truth seeker.
For so many years I experienced life as a daily struggle. I was mentally and physically fatigued, hopeless, and helpless. I had reached a new rock bottom, numb and hardened to life, I was unable to appreciate or experience joy. Following the diagnosis of Bipolar mood disorder in 2012, my life spiraled into despair. Of course, the world saw ‘perfect’ Tashni, as I attempted to keep up the façade. Suffering ongoing chronic illnesses culminating in severe post-partum depression in 2018 I knew something had to change, my life depended on it. Finding the right help and tools I needed transformed my life. I am now creating the life I truly deserve.

Janine Naus

Grief and Trauma Relief Specialist

Janine Naus is an internationally recognized Grief and Trauma Relief Specialist, Certified Life, Spiritual and Energetic Coach; a Certified Calm, Accepting, Resilient & Empathetic (CARE) Trauma Practitioner and a multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author. She works with women who are suffering and stuck in grief due to trauma and supports them on their journey to a fulfilling and joyful life.
She is a featured expert in overcoming trauma in the #1 International Best-Selling book: “The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know.” She is the author of the Creating Heaven Wherever I Am® book series which focuses on self-help topics.

In addition to offering one-on-one coaching and online group programs, she is the founder of the Breaking the Silence Summit: Healing Childhood Sexual Trauma.

Elicia Millar

Founder of Core Emotional Healing

Elicia Miller, Founder of Core Emotional Healing® (CEH) and Candida Expert
As the culmination of 10 years of intensive healing with Experiential Therapy training and empathic psychological and intuitive gifts, Elicia created the CEH process to heal the wounded inner child, addressing the emotional root cause of Candida, autoimmune, disordered eating, perfectionism, codependency, and many other symptoms and problematic relationship patterns.

Kim Quick

Catalyst to Breakthrough Results in Relationships

I was 40 years old… I’d never been married and had been single for over 15 years. I was trapped in a cycle of dating the wrong men, and afraid I’d be alone for the rest of my life. I knew I deserved a wonderful man, and I wanted it all… The chemistry, the commitment, and lasting love I’d always dreamed of. I knew I couldn’t give up hope, was determined to break this pattern, and discovered there were a few key reasons I wasn’t dating the right men, and hadn’t found my true love YET. I took action on what I found, and found my amazing true love, a man who adores me and loves me for me and we are have been married for over three years now.

To help other women trapped in the same disappointing cycle, I became a certified Dating and Relationship Coach, and launched Forever Love Formula, a proven system to find lasting love. Over the last 6 years I’ve worked with over 1000’s of women and helped them find their true love, too

Day 2 - Your story does not define you

Som Bathla

Bestselling Author & Author Freedom Coach

Som Bathla loves to research human psychology & behavior in order to get maximum out of life. He is always eager to learn, embody and then impart the fundamental of optimal living to help others lead a resourceful life.

He is deeply convinced about the vastness of the human potential and is dedicated to teaching the ways to overcome self-doubt and fears, unleash the true human potential and thus enable one to take massive action through principles backed by psychological research and scientific evidence.

He has written 20+ bestseller books on the above topics & now on a mission to help 10,000 people become authors so that they could spread their message and impact people worldwide

Norma Hollis


Norma Hollis is a change agent who impacts the world in multiple ways. She writes programs for human development, around the theme of ‘Authenticity’, and turns them into training processes to deepen self-awareness and expand consciousness. Norma and her programs are catalysts for people who are open to gaining new perspectives about self, life and living. She loves working with speakers, coaches, leaders and others who are committed to making a difference in the world.


The foundation of Norma’s work is awareness and integration of some of the polarities in life. One is integrating life’s tangible (the things you can feel and touch) and intangible (your thoughts, feelings and hunches). Her amazing process involves guiding the amplification of inner voice with daily life.


Prior to her work with authenticity, she was the first black woman to own a speaker bureau for black speakers. This along with her degree in Child and Family Life Sciences prepared her to study human nature for 30 years from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives. The result is her Authenticity Grid and Authenticity Assessment, foundations for her very successful ‘Be Authentic Method’.


Norma’s current projects include certifying:

  • Speakers who want to become more authentic about their message
  • Coaches who are interested in using the Authenticity Grid in their practice
  • Leaders who want who implement authentic processes to create more engaging teams


Her programs infuse concepts of authenticity into businesses in multiple ways. She’s a catalyst for marketing, sales, management and product development and has multiple tips to share with business owners. In addition to being the first black woman to own a speaker bureau for black speakers, Norma also operates a coaching business to help people find authentic paths to success in their personal and business life. She loves working with speakers, coaches, leaders and other solopreneurs who seek a unique way to corner their market. She believes all challenges can be overcome when the business and life are aligned in authentic ways.

Tammy Banks

Tammy Banks

Director and Founder

Tammy had a complex and abusive childhood, a combination of her personal history, academic achievements & work experience have driven her to develop creative, innovative solutions.
Tammy leads with passion and commitment. Her mission is to interrupt the generational cycle of abuse and neglect for as many people as possible whilst also influencing long term system change.
Tammy is Founder of the Training 4 Influence methodology and author of the book Transform your Training. Tammy will share with you her sotry and how services when delivered in expert – tailored – engaging and values-led way can transform lives.
Tammy is also a Lay Member on the Parliamentary Committee for Standards, assessing an adjudicating complaints made against UK Members of Parliament.
You can watch Tammy’s Tedx talk here Why Kindness makes all the difference – homeless to parliament

Angela Legh

Speaker, Author, Selfloveologist, TEDx Speaker & Mentor

Angela Legh is an empathic soul who sees the value of all people. Her motto has always been that “everyone deserves to feel loved.” Angela married a man comfortable with anger; she was not. She saw him as a villain, she was the victim. This energy persisted throughout the marriage. Few were aware of the quiet desperation and misery that marked her days.

Angela had a wake-up call in October of 2017, when the Tubbs wildfire roared through her community in the dark of the night, destroying over 5000 homes. Angela was awakened to her circumstances; she left her marriage, her job, and her community and began the search to find out who she really was.

Paul M

Financial Adviser

Born into a staunch Greek family, us kids were merely a reflection of our parents: “What will the people say” was our terrifying yardstick. Downstream to this, therefore, we suffered all manner of carrots, sticks, encouragements, beatings, challenges etc. In our adrenaline-filled world of great achievements, near misses were met with derision and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological retribution.

Day 3 - Real tools and taking the positive

Sandy Geyer



Richard Morden

Quantum Appraoch Life Transformation Coach

Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (Tapping) Practitioner Certified Emotional Success Coach. Body Talk Access.
By using EFT (Tapping) guided sessions to bring healing to clients from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, anger, self-sabotage and other deep-rooted issues that often-traditional therapy cannot resolve. I provide a practice of safe progress with a tender approach to remove the barriers and heaviness that surround personal trauma. I understand the complicated emotions of a breakthrough; the new breath that comes with new life, as well as the tension to hold onto pieces of the past. Helping help clients walk through the process of looking at the hard facts surrounding their experiences while acknowledging the feelings attached. And though virtual or in-person sessions I teach the tools to provide self-care to empower clients in daily life.

Lisa King

Light Within – Healing from the inside out

Lisa King is a transformational speaker, leader, international best selling author, TEDx speaker, mentor and trainer who has a gift for guiding others to find their solutions in the most challenging of circumstances.

Her fun, love for life attitude combined with her unstoppable leadership, drive and passion to help others has seen Lisa create multiple businesses and brands that have created a huge ripple effect for so many.

Choosing to reconnect with the Lisa under the masks she had worn throughout her life to cope with childhood traumas has changed everything, her journey of self love and self discovery has led to Lisa speaking in schools, running bespoke events, doing a TEDx and creating and co-authoring a series of books to help others.

Judith Quin

Your Whole Voice - Vocal Confidence Specialist and Voice-Vibration Sound & Chakra Healer

Liberate Your Voice to Liberate Your Life.

Your voice is a reflection of every emotion or experience you have ever had. Those experiences create restrictions in your subconscious brain and body’s cell memory, as well as communication challenges in your personal and professional lives.

Judith combines her experience as a voice vibration sound healer, qualified coach and classically trained actor to transform lives by liberating voices.

Reconnect to the pure essence of who you are, recognise and release your physical, mental, emotional and energetic restrictions to express yourself with more clarity, confidence and conviction, no matter the situation.

Judith is an international public speaker, author, oracle card deck creator, and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You.

Lynn Erasmus

Resilience & Change Keynote Speaker

Lynn Erasmus is a vibrant, serial entrepreneur and an authority on culture, resilience, and mindset change. From being a waitress to a multi-award-winning entrepreneur & journalist, to publisher, coach, author, and speaker.
She has designed, worn, and burned most of the t-shirts, but she says you don’t need to.
Lynn is energetic, engaging, and intertwining humour and wit throughout her talk – underscoring her ethos of the importance of having; “More Fun and Less Glum” throughout.

Day 4 - New outlooks will change your life

Bruce Anderson

Hypnotist, Author, Coach

Bruce Anderson is a hypnotist specializing in resolving emotional blocks. He retired from a career in project management in 2006. He believes that each and every person has the right and the obligation to live up to their full potential. He regularly challenges conventional wisdom. He goes to great lengths to help clients expand the range of choice available to themselves. He believes progress and growth come from owning and living our choices.
He has a near magical power of accepting people for who they are and who they want to be. He has been guiding people to better lives through workshops and one on one hypnosis for over a decade. He is currently writing his first book: “Beyond Good Enough”.

Renee Lighton

Invitation at LightOn Education

#WTF!!! What To Fix?!!!

Why To Fix?!!!

Join us for the Playful, Practical, Engaging conversation our parents and teachers didn’t or couldn’t have!

Stephanie Duffey

Personal Transformation Coach

Twenty plus years ago I embarked on a self-discovery exploration to better understand who I was and how I fit into a world that didn’t make sense to me. There had to be more to life than struggle, pain, and sacrifice.

One of my greatest transformational insights was to recognize that I had been living my life for others and disregarded my own thoughts. I allowed other people’s programs and society’s expectations of how I “should be” to dictate my life.

With this great insight, I began to examine my own beliefs and values and release the influence of other people’s conditioning.

Acknowledging and appreciating that I am the hero of my own journey has been the most exciting and profound adventure thus far and is my mission for you to experience as well.

Christopher Moss

Author and Mentor

My name is Christopher Moss I am a 6-times bestselling author and mentor. I am passionate about helping others find what their calling and become successful.

Sherry Brier

CEO Women Rock Project

Sherry Brier is founder and director of, the largest online video library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and motivate women to reach their highest potential. As creator/director of Inner Rhythm Movement Arts Institute for 30 years she is dance instructor, choreographer, company director and concert producer. As a No.1 best selling author she launched her latest book, DARING, DAZZLING, DIVINE: Secrets to Rock Your Life in the Fall 2020. She travels around the world to learn about the cultures, dances, and lives of women around the globe.