Learn to respond, not react

​5 steps to becoming a more effective communicator: Reactivity in ourselves and other causes wars. The all out anger ones. The endless bickering about everything kind. The vengeful, I-will-get-you-back-how-dare-you kind. The three week silent treatment standoffs. The let's-pretend-it-never-happened ones. The passive aggressive, "I do not even realize I am actually angry under my seemingly friendly facade" wars Reactivity is a hard…

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Anxiety, fear, sadness and regrets

These four things - anxiety, fear,  and regrets - are the most general symptoms of a life devoid of mindfulness. The bigger problem, though, is that doctors and psychiatrists have mostly a "prescribe a mood altering pill" approach to naturally occurring feelings, which may temporarily help us through a dark spot, but in the end just exacerbate the problem. Now…

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Real Communication

When it comes to the human race and human nature, there is one thing that is true for everyone. EVERYONE. Even those of us who have not tuned into ourselves for so long, that we have forgotten it. And this is it, the leveling-the-playing-field thing: We all want to be heard. That is what let us give up on our parents (caregivers/spouses/friends), way back, originally. We did not feel heard. Or seen. Or accepted. Or loved. or supported. Or worthwhile.

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